A week where everything goes right :D

So this week was quite enjoyable as well like the week before. What I really liked about this week was that everything went as planned in my planner as well as some extra things I didn't expect!
October: Monday the 29th
I usually eat before rehearsal alone but that day, I had dinner with one of my classmates from body movement who was my partner that day!
John! We were both waiting for rehearsals to start so we talked while he was having a cigarette and somehow came to the topic of chicken so we went to Harold's.
He shared his calamari with me cause we had talked about it before the chicken ha ha ha! We spent like two hours just eating and talking about ghosts and games and stuff. It was the first time I really talked to him in or out of class.

Tuesday the 30th
I finally bought my lapa for class. This is what I look like in African dance:
I was really tired that day so I just rushed out after. I was also hot so I decided to stop by starbucks on the way to my new spot where I stay before rehearsal.
Their talls get smaller every time I get something! And it's an iced drink so there's only like three gulps D: Ohh and don't get their banana chocolate chip coffee cake. It's not yummy at all.
I read and ate/drank and when I got sleepy I slept. XD

I was suuuuper hungry after rehearsal so I made a glorious trip to Mcdonalds.
Nom nom nom

I was suuuuuuuper tired and mindlessly walked into the elevator to find:
She really surprised me! I first noticed that it was really dark in the elevator so I looked up and was like "Wha..? Cool.." and then I noticed her and said something in Korean. Then I just stared at her and admired her gorgeous dress while waiting for my phone to turn on so I could take a picture but I only had five floors. It was only when I was getting off that I noticed that she was a real person! Ha ha ha ha I thought "Woah the eyes follow you too?....Wait..." Yeah, I was tired.

Which is why I rushed to my new spot to take a nice long nap before class!
I no longer go to my cave downstairs of the theatre buidling anymore. It's just way too cold down there. So I've claimed a new spot in the game design/dance/body movement building!
My couch!

I love how people see me sleeping and decide to shout anyways =_=

After body, I rushed home to get ready for the Sonar Tour I got a free ticket to!
I was just going to wear all black but I couldn't find the top I was planning to wear for my life! So I just decided to do a last minute half assed Halloween thingy.
Ha ha ha the transformation!
Thank goodness I still had this old blouse and ears that Andrea gave to Kevin years ago!
Was too lazy to put falsies on. I'd probably have sweat them off anyways. Gah I wish I could do cut crease eye looks but I just don't have enough lid space! D:

I don't know why but I thought the show started at 8 when it actually started at 7 -_____-
I missed most of the first act and was sad about it cause I quite like Gesaffelstein!
He is quite the pretty man as well. Mm dat facial hair. XD

My top two:

Seth Troxler after!
It was the first time I heard him and he was really dang good!
He is adorable as well! Watch his interview to see this adorableness:

Azari & III!
They threw pixi stix to the crowd. One slipped my fingers.

They are such amazing performers live! Flawless dancing and flawless singing!
Couldn't get a good picture cause I was too busy dancing! XD They are soooo fun!
Not only is this song absolutely amazing but I think it also promotes safe sex?

The main attraction! DIE ANTWOORD!!!
I could not for my life get a good picture. I started in the third row and then got mauled. I had spent the night before cleaning the old blood under my toenails from lolla only to be stomped on again lmao. I had been lucky at lolla because it wasn't violent at the front despite being Die Antwoord but this time... omgosh so much pain. I also forgot to bring a hair tie so my hair was getting pulled from several different directions.
Half these people! Trying to push to the front! OH! And the tallest man on earth stood next to me and his elbow was where my head was because he was holding a briefcase the entire time. No thank you. I couldn't handle it so I just moved to the middle. I couldn't see them well anymore so I just concentrated on dancing. Oh, I was asked to dance by a stranger for the first time in my life. That was new and interesting and awkward >_> I don't even know how to dance not-awkwardly by myself. How the heck am I gonna dance with someone else?!? I kinda ran away half the time ha ha ha ha
The best I could do before giving up my awesome spot.
Absolutely amazing again.
They're so frikkin crazy. I LOVE IT!

It was already past 12 and I had class at 9 so I unfortunately left after Die Antwoord finished. There were still three more performers! Paul Kalkbrenner, Nic Fanciulli, and Tiga. The first two I've never heard of.
The set for the next person looked cool! I was really sad I was missing Tiga. I'm sure everyone has heard the "Sunglasses at Night" song? That's him. This is my favorite of his:
Gah maybe I should have stayed!! >______<

Thursday the 1st
Spent my train ride trying to memorize my lines which I should have been doing the night before but hey, it was Die Antwoord!
Gah I have no idea how I'm going to make this funny. I'm the least funny person in the world. OTL

After warming up in scene study, we spent the rest of the class playing!
We were able to plead our case as to why any of the cards should be picked in this version. It was hilarious.

After finishing all classes, I convinced Kyle to have Chipotle.
Mm~~ It's been so long.

He has the most gorgeous eyes!
We spent hours eating while panicking about our lines and disagreeing about guys we find attractive. Hahahaha

Friday the 2nd
Finally! A successful potluck! Kyle and I decided that every Friday rehearsal would be a potluck but we've failed until now.
Mm mm mm~ All cheesy things. I felt so bad though cause I didn't realize I didn't have eggs until too late and the worst traffic I ever encountered kept me from buying something on the way D: I will bring two things next time!

Saturday the 3rd
I woke up to the sound of some twinkling bell and my mum telling someone "Unni is sleeping." I was so confused and got up and found this little angel running around!

Minnie, the new pup! She's the mini version of Chester's breed! She is so incredibly adorable and friendly. She wants everyone to hold her! Ahhhhhhh <3

Got up to finally get my hurr did before work.
I walked in to be greeted with Bohemian Rhapsody playing and this classic movie playing on the wall. Um, hell yes.
Another snap of the inside.

Kept myself busy with these the whole five hours. Yes. I got my hair done for five hours.

Yay! My hair is way less crappy! But my hair is stupid and stubborn so only some of the top is silver/white and there's this big mysterious streak that has refused to lighten since I first bleached it. And I was only charged $70 because it didn't come out to the goal the stylist set! Salon Tress in Irving Park everyone!! Make your appointment with Sara!! She is wonderful!! Gah I wish I found this place way sooner. I would have been perfectly platinum by now! 

Work. I added sample girl to my list of duties. I hate handing out samples cause I have to talk to people and say the same thing a thousand times.
Had kim bap again. Kim bap is my least favorite Korean food.