A week where absolutely nothing goes right & the xx

Wah a couple days late. I'm just really busy these days >__>

Saturday the 13th
I love CVS and I buy stuff from there a lot especially cause it's right down the street. I had $11.50 extrabucks and a 25% off coupon so I had to go out and buy more useless stuff. One of those was:
All for myself. They were very disappointing especially cause they're Lindt and I had high expectations! Their chocolates are so good but these were so meh!

Sunday the 14th
Started my second job. This came at a really good time because I can only work one day at the Sauna now that rehearsals have begun. It's a Korean makeup shop. I'm really just the cleaning/garbage/errand/sometimes register girl cause I don't know much about makeup and I definitely don't have the vocabulary to explain anything to the ajummas.
The unni I really enjoyed working with even though we didn't really talk until after we sat down and had lunch. Too bad she only worked that day!

Adorable free bread and bitter coffee.

Had boneless spicy chicken from the food court for dinner.

Monday the 15th
Went to Goodwill after class before rehearsal and bought a ton of stuff again for a small price. Found this little treasure:
50 cents!! I frikkin love this musical! I remember in stagecraft or something in high school, we had to "stage manage" cues to a song from this and my classmates would lip sync to it on stage! XD

Rehearsal that night was held in Claire's apartment! She's our very good stage manager.
Oh god damn it I don't know how but this picture I took of these really pretty vases that her room mate made for the paper roses her room mate also made is gone! Whyyyyyy D: I wanted to share awesomenesssss >[
0ur fabulous director and the rest of the cast minus Megan. I think she was in the bathroom.

Bogart! Claire's room mate's doggy! He's so friendly! And heavy too. He walked over me and it really hurt lmao.

Omg his face should be a meme. We were listening to some sad Alanis Morriset song and I just kept looking at Bogart's face and I couldn't stop laughing!

Carolyn trying to turn his face so he looks at the camera but makes it look like she's choking him instead.

Tuesday the 16th
This is my schedule for this month.
After the 11th, I've not really had a day of rest and I won't until the end of November. I really like filling in my calendar and I like feeling busy but I am definitely not used to it! I've never put work, school, and theatre on my plate at once. It was always either school + work or school + theatre and it has been pretty tiring especially since I need a lot of sleep to function as well as overwhelming cause I'm not used to this kind of load. Living an hour and a half away and having an 8:30 class after getting home at like 12 sure doesn't help that. Not that I'm complaining cause I chose to commit to this.

So honestly, a class like African dance is last on my list of priorities while the other classes are higher because they all pertain to my major. Here is where the week starts to crumble. I went to my dance class super sleep deprived and super sensitive cause that's what lack of sleep does to me. It is no mystery that I am the absolute worst one in the class, even among the girls who aren't dance majors. I just have absolutely no sense of rhythm and I just cannot follow especially if someone doesn't break it down step by step for me. So like usual, I am really having trouble and the teacher says out loud: "You know what will really help you, Jin? If you just practice." Now I know he meant it to be helpful, but like I said, I was really sensitive and it just struck something in me. Cause honestly, before I got really busy, I would practice the things we learned at home. I did. And so I'm just thinking 'When the heck am I supposed to practice this??? I do not have the time! And did he have to say that out in front of the whole class??' I mean, I really do want to do well in the class! I really really do! I don't like looking like an idiot in front of these dance majors either! But I'm sorry I suck at anything physical and now I don't really have the time anymore. I just really felt overwhelmed and tears just started coming so I finished the sequence we were doing and then had to excuse myself to just let it all out in the bathroom. After I calmed down, I went back and of course that day would be the day when the teacher is making everyone do solos. -_- I could not do it. I just could not bring myself to dance after that meltdown yet he still called me up even though it was obvious that I was super upset. I shook my head no and it made me cry again, this time with the whole class watching yet he wouldn't let up! That went on for a couple minutes and finally he moved on to the other girls and I just sat there crying. I don't know why but I couldn't stop. And then he came back to me and made me walk up to him and wouldn't leave me be until I said the exact words "Can I talk you after." So after class I did talk to him and while I was already telling him about what was going on, I also brought up the fact that I couldn't get better when he was ignoring me. This class was really fun until he started completely ignoring my existence. He'll correct the dance majors on their technique or the pretty non dance majors but he doesn't even look my way even though I'm standing next to a girl he's helping to learn as well. His reply was that "maybe I don't say anything because I see that you have a big load" which is bullshit because I just told him that. -__________- Of course I didn't say that to him but come on. Gawd I cried so hard I got hiccups. Baby need sleep or baby is baby.

But food and good company makes everything better. I've been getting to know Maya from that class and we went to eat together for the first time.
Her veggie burger, my bacon mac n cheese, and red velvet cake slice. Turns out we've got lots in common! Especially in regards to food!

Rehearsal after. Rehearsal always makes me happy cause everyone is so freaking hilarious.
*taken from Claire's instagram*
Making vignettes.

Wednesday the 17th
There's no rehearsal on Wednesdays but my teacher asked me to do a TV department shoot that day so I did.
Had Pita Belly before the shoot. I honestly felt like it was a waste of time because it's really just used for the first year directing majors to try out filming their shots first hand so there's like no real work for the people who are cast for the parts cause they're not paying attention to the acting. No feedback, no real direction, etc. The director also interpreted the script exactly how it was written which was dull and I am quite sure it doesn't look good at all. Definitely not putting this on my reel. At least I got like $16 out of it cause the teacher signed for two hours even though it was done in like not even one. My first paid "acting" gig! Ha!
I did get to go home early though. It felt soooo nice getting home before 11!
OK day, until I got in the car and my mum said "I was really sad today." Something about the way she said it just broke my heart. Chester died that day. Some lady was speeding down the street while he was coming back home for a walk and she hit him.
He was a really good dog.

My mum's friend came over to see my mum before leaving for Korea. She had just come from visiting Canada so she gave us these:

When my mum told me about Chester in the car, I was just silent and cried a little. When I tried to go to bed I was tossing and turning for so long. It wasn't until after I bawled a bit over him that I finally fell asleep. Sometimes you just have to take some time to cry.

Thursday the 18th
Went to Burnham Mart again for food.
This is where my week really took a turn for the worst. I usually sit with my back to the wall so that I'm facing the door or I put my backpack on the table in front of me. I was pretty spent from the last two days so I guess my mind was muddled but I sat with my back to the door and I hung my backpack on the back of my chair. While I was reading/eating, someone went through my backpack and stole my wallet and pencil case. I had absolutely no idea! And everything was in my wallet. EVERYTHING. Every piece of information that a person needs to steal my identity was in there, including my social security card. I kept forgetting to take it out even though three different people told me. -______- Hopefully the person isn't smart enough to do that shit. And the pencil case I had since like third grade and all the super colorful/cute and nice Asian pens and pencils I've collected my whole life. Wahhh my ice cream pens that I didn't even get to use uppppp. The worst part is the thief throwing all my stuff out after discovering that they're useless to them. UGHHHH.
But I'm really thankful to the snacks I bought. If I didn't open my backpack to put them in my bag, I would have had no idea until the end of the day after rehearsal. I went to the bank next door and got everything canceled and made new accounts and stuff in time before the thief tried to use $100 something at the CTA stop. GAH I'm a frikkin dumbass. I hadn't even deposited my pay from that Sunday yet either. And I had just gotten my replacement upass the week before and I can't get another one cause yer only allowed one replacement per semester. After an hour and a half at the bank, my dad came to get me so I could file a police report where the police lady who was "helping" me would talk to the other officers about their upcoming party the entire time. She'd ask me a question and then interrupt me in the middle to talk about the party! Like wtf. We went around getting things like a monthly train pass for $86 that my dad had to pay for cause I had nothing. -________________- Fuck. I hate making him pay for unnecessary things. I should have gotten hit by a bus for my stupidity.
Then I went to rehearsal. Oh, and my planner string snapped. And I got my period.

Friday the 19th
Slept in and then spent most of the afternoon getting a new ID and permit. UGH so much money going to replace things. I hope the thief falls in a hole D<

Rushed back to rehearsal. Kyle and I decided ourselves that every Friday would be a potluck. This was our first potluck:
Fail. Everyone forgot besides me so Megan went out and bought animal crackers and grapes from Trader Joe's on our break ha ha ha ha! I didn't have time to make anything so I just bought krispy kremes >.<

Saturday the 20th
The day I'd been waiting for the whole week. Finally something that had to cheer me up after the worst week of my life; the xx concert!!
Tina (a different Tina, not the usual Tina) kindly drove us to the venue! Ah thank you so much again, Tina! You made it much more enjoyable!
Went to a Thai/Asian place called Blue Sprout. I finally forced myself to get pad thai after constantly getting pad see ewe but it was bad. Eva's pad see ewe tasted more like pad thai! Her's had so much sauce while mine had none. Tina enjoyed her fried rice. And we were all gonna get pad thai! Everyone escaped but me.

*from Tina*
Ha ha ha my eyebrows disappeared. And yes, I know, my roots are freaking disgusting. I am getting my hurr did this Friday!!
I love how when she first sent this to me, it was a white background and then she sent it to me a second time with a nicer background XD

Ha ha ha Waka Flaka is so random. And UGH I WANNA SEE JUSTICE SO BAD!!!! BUT I CAN'T!!! CRYING!!!!

The theater they were playing at was soooo cool. It really must have been something back in it's heyday.
Oh I think I've dropped my phone so much to the point where the camera is taking awful pictures now so yeah here are some awful pictures.

Opening acts:
2:54 or 2:45. I forget which. They were alright. Wasn't really paying attention to them to be honest >.<
This lady kept talking while they were playing and complaining how this young generation doesn't move to music anymore and how they don't appreciate it. How it's now the cool thing not to move blah blah and how she feels music. Deep. Um.. She did not dance the entire time. She just talked. -_- 

John Talbot. They were actually really good! I likey!
Somehow Eva and I always happen to stand by the worst people. We were behind these two couples and one of them, lets call them the stupid couple because they were seriously so stupid, had so much room in front of them. I kept eyeing it and kept telling Tina that we should move up there because it obviously wasn't being saved for this couple's friends or anything. So the first act ends and the lesbian couple that was in front left so Tina whispers "Go, go!" to me so I rush through, hear "are you serious?" in the middle of it, and somehow end up in front of the stupid couple. I have no idea how it happened but it did. I'm usually the one who follows the person who pushes through but I was the one in front while Tina and Eva are stuck behind the stupid couple because the lady, who was a complete bitch btw, wouldn't let them through. The guy was going to let Eva through but the lady was like "No, we have to stand our ground." BUT THERE WAS STILL SO MUCH ROOM!! Like we could have put four more people in the space but the lady was not letting that happen. Like wtf I do not understand! They could either move up and fill the space or frikkin let people in front. There should be no open space! So then there's this girl who I'm now standing behind who has been drunk since the first act and is getting even more drunk, turns around to talk to the lady and she then notices me and is like "Who are you? Why are you here? How did you get here?" So I just shrug and tell her that I honestly don't know cause I don't. But then the bitch lady is like "She's leaving soon." -_- I ignore her and her boyfriend who is obviously her lackey says "I don't think so" for her to reply with "We'll make her." Uhhhhhh excuse me?? You are not gonna make me do anything. Do you not have any sense? If you took a step forward you would be standing next to me, not behind me. Omg Y U SO STUPID. So I listened to the second act while this drunk girl is being annoying and drinking more and pushing the girl next to her and walking in and out of the crowd to pee or get another beer which she obviously did not need. She was in the first row by the way. Like omg, if you walk out of your spot, that spot is fair game. Luckily her friends were sensible and took her to the balcony. Not without trouble though cause the girl kept refusing to go. Oh and I love how the bitch lady felt entitled to their spot even though the friend was going to give it to the couple next to them.

Yay reunited in time for the xx!
I love how we went to eat so we wouldn't wait in line and were like meh we don't have to go to the front and then end up in the third row.

The awesome scrim.
Grr stupid phone ruining my nice shot.

I love that they don't tease and do their encore right away.

So we thought we were done with the stupid people. Nope. We ended up next to these three Asians. One of them decided to be stupid and bring a big ass backpack. WHY WOULD YOU BRING A BIG ASS BACKPACK TO A SHOW. The guys who happened to be the tallest Asian guy ever kept bending down to it like every ten minutes to check on it or something. -_____- Two people could have stood on the spot. But that's not it. They kept talking during the songs!!! REALLY LOUD. Like not only in between the end and start of a song but in the middle of it too. Again, REALLY LOUD. I kept looking back at Eva and we kept giving each other the "are you fucking serious" face. Like Eva said, what are they even saying!!!!??? Every frikkin song!?!?!?! I was already annoyed because the Asian guy standing in front of me happened to have the biggest head in the world. And his "dancing" was only moving his head!! His head was shaved yet it covered the whole stage. -_- For a good twenty minutes all I could see was his head. And he was talking loud as fuck. Omgoodness I wanted to punch the back of his head so bad. So my anger is rising and rising and then the xx come back out for their encore and the first encore song is the intro which I had been waiting for all night and is my favorite favorite favorite! It's so beautiful and I'm getting emotional and tearing up because it's been such a shitty week and then 看噢俄嚄围棋!! so I just snap and yell at them to talk after before they even finish.  So the big head guy is like "Yeah sure." and turns back around. Oh my god. I have never snapped at strangers but no one was going to ruin this for me. They talked through the whole show! And they would lean back in my face to talk!! And either the tall guy would try to get in front of me or the big head guy would try to move the girl closer to him cause they thought I was trying to get in front of them when I was trying to see around this basketball head! And it shouldn't even matter if I got in front cause the guy is so tall and would be able to see the same. -____- There was a time when he turned to the girl to say something and then turned right back lmao. Gawd they're lucky that's all I said. -______-
The show was still amazing. THEY ARE AMAZING!!! 
I didn't know the guy's voice was exactly how he sings when he talks and omg it was so sexy.
I first heard of them in I think my writing and rhetoric 1 class in first year cause the teacher gave us an article to read and it was about their concert. I wasn't in to them at first but after I heard 'Intro', and listened again, I was all for it. UGHH TOO GOOD!!!

Winking breakfast! The coffee was super bitter though.

Lunch. Omg do not drink melon Milkis. It is disgusting.

Goodies from work. Finally got a big version of my Anna Sui mirror! This one is a knock off dough.
We're having a buy 1 get 1 free sale so if you like lashes and know where I work, pop in with yer mum, say hi and pick up some stuff! It's mostly older women stuff but there's racks with some handy things! *cough* Jessica *cough* :D

Went to Hmart after I finished to pick up some stuff.
More maki for dinner. I think I prefer the hmart one.

I have such a habit of reaching for my pencil case. It drove me crazy that it wasn't there anymore so I finally got a replacement. Realized after I got home that it wast mostly blue. And I forgot to get an eraser. -_-

Oh and this happened. I don't know how or when. 
This better be the last bad thing that happens to me!!!! Gah till the very end of the week!!