School starts tomorrow

This is what I did during my last week of freedom:
August the 26th
Not long after getting home from LA, I packed again for the week in Champaign. I hitched a ride with Tina. It was a quick ride with all the fun chit chat. 
After getting some groceries, we had a classy ass dinner.
Seoul pizza, RC Cola, and Avatar! I want this to be a ritual. I love kimchi in my pizza.

Since my hair is dead I've been trying not to kill it even further with hot tools. I'm trying to style it heat free the night before but it usually ends up in disaster.
I accidentally french twisted the reverse way but it looked surprisingly nice as an updo.

Monday the 27th
The first day of school for Champaign-ers! I slept in while Tina went to school. When she came back we finished up some stuff for the cookout she and her friends set up.
Tomatillos for green sauce we made.

Seasoned skirt steak

I didn't make the guacamole but I mashed and mixed it. It was way too plain for my taste!
At Jelly's place

Peeling tiny onions that ended up being forgotten! They were so hard to peel and no one ate them! :(

Killed that watermelon


Heart steak!

I claimed it for myself. It was sad when I had to cut it up to put in my bean taco but it was yummy.

I always go to sleep way later than Tina and I'm always hungry real late. I wasn't sure what I could and couldn't touch and what food in the fridge was Tina's so this was all I could eat. I didn't know what to do about water so...flat cola in the wine glass I knew I could use. I wasn't even sure if I could use that plate. It was so sad because I don't eat vegetables but that was all I could have T_____T

Tuesday the 28th
I think I slept all day until Tina came back home. She prepared pho
Mine never has vegetables

Wednesday the 29th
Chick Fil A & Coco Mero before getting ready for the bar crawl that night!
Pile of sauces because we had to make our own Chick Fil A sauce cause they ran out!

Tina and I like sitting by the window :)

Went back to Tina's to get ready. I convinced Tina to put makeup on for once because she had won the shadows from my giveaway awhile back. She pulled out some of the stuff she already had:
Kat Von D, Smashbox, Dior, Amazing Cosmetics, more Dior, and Benefit in a Juicy Couture makeup bag she got all for free from her cousin that she never uses!!! Writhing in pain.

The crawl theme was Pokemon so she wore her awesome squirtle backpack that she made herself. So cute!

This was the shirt

Each bar was a gym and they each had a themed drink. We left early so we didn't try them all.

*taken from Kevin*
Met Kevin's friend, Alex. Three blondes woo! And the huge pitcher of whatever we drank.

Had a late dinner with the best pizza in the world (even better than Sarpino's!) at Kevin's and spent the night. The good thing about University campuses is that everyone lives near everything!

Friday the 31st
Slept in until Tina came back (poor people who had to go to school after a night of drinking!)

We spent the whole day/night talking in bed and then napping.
We were waiting for Kevin to get off work at midnight to grab dinner. I was craving Korean so we went to some place off campus but it turned out that they only stay open till late on weekends or something. I had pizza for the third time I was there lulz. Not complaining!

UGH SO GOOD! Why are the best pizza places all the way in Champaign!? T___T

Saturday the 1st
Took the bus back to Chicago. My dad got me from the station and since we were already downtown, I stopped by school to get my U-pass.
The best things  about being back at school! ^_^ Wahaha this is the most decent school picture I have ever taken!

I was originally supposed to work but I changed my mind on the way back up XD Instead, I took up one of the ajushi's shifts Sunday morning since he had to go somewhere. I slept an hour and then went to work at 6AM. I was relieved at 10:30 by the oppa who works after the ajushi but I still slept ALL day and night until 12:20PM today! I wasted a whole day! T___T Work today was nothing special but I did notice that my roots have grown out already!
I want to hurry up and bleach it again. I'm so tired of this ugly yellow!