Nothing much

has happened at all this week.
Which contrasts to all the exciting things that are supposed to happen next week. I feel like all the exciting things happen in the same week/end and the week before turns out to be the most boring one ever. But yeah I'm a little embarrassed to post about nothing happening but it's Thursday so~

Friday the 14th
Bul go gi before work.

I suddenly had a craving for cake so I yelped and came across the Swedish Bakery in Andersonville.
Got cake, creme puff, and macarons. Woops. 

Sunday the 16th
I finally opened the snacks I got from LA last month.
The packaging for the panda pocky is so adorable!
I finally realized I had these cravings for sweets because of my period I got the next morning. I skipped class on Monday cause I get the worst cramps.

Tuesday the 18th
Went to the dunkin on the other end of the street where all my classes are this semester. Their bagels are better than the other dunkin I used to frequent (perfectly toasted as opposed to burnt) but the hot chocolate is worse. Boo.
I asked for a plain bagel but I got an everything bagel. It was first time I've had it but it was pretty good.

Waited for my mum to get home from work so I could go to hmart and get a binder and possibly dinner.
Got crappy sushi. I don't know why but this crappy sushi is addictive. And it's buy 1, get 2 free after 6PM. I ate one box in the car cause I was so hungry ~_~

I was only supposed to get a binder but.... 
Oh and for that strange person who keeps asking me SNSD questions, there's Yuri on the cover for ya.

Dunkin for lunch again this time at the one I used to always go to cause I had to go to the library. You can see more of my school buildings.
That day I got the right bagel but the wrong cream cheese. I also asked for extra but they gave me the packet instead of putting it on the bagel. The blueberry hot chocolate was perfect though so~

Had my mum's cooking for the first time in a really long time for dinner.
Jae yook bokkeum/spicy pork yee!

Was all brown and beige today. 
Only one outfit picture this week because believe it or not I dressed worse than this all week >_> Hate cold weather!

I end with showing you my cave where I napped today and dreamed about being in a club and then a cake shop.

And Joie watching Dexter in the cave.



Friday the 7th
Woke up early to go get my hair trimmed. This was posted up on the window of the salon:
Eeee~~ So Excited to see them next month!!!!

I was suddenly hit by a craving for ice cream so I made a quick stop at McDonalds. 
I don't know why I just realized that the strawberry sundae is the best! I would get the fudge ones if I didn't get a cone but I'd never finish cause it gets too chocolate-y for me. The strawberry one is so sweet and refreshing!

Was like four hours early to work so I just napped those hours.

Sunday the 9th
So my mum left for LA last Saturday so I've been filling my belly with even more junk food than usual. I don't cook so... Well, my mum doesn't make food at home either so I guess I've been eating the same... Anyways, I tired a new ramen!
It's fire chicken fry flavor. It is the spiciest ramen I have ever had! And I tolerate spiciness really well! The sauce was making me tear!! But it was good so I kept suffering and enjoying at the same time.

Monday the 10th
Lazy outfit woo
I only have one class before I have to change for body movement and then go home after it so I'm not very motivated to put clothes on on Mondays/Wednesdays.

Being vain waiting for the train.
I wish I could live life filtered in some pretty lighting.

I was walking to work and noticed this on the ground:
Heart rock!

Went to my new favorite Chinese place for dinner.
It's very small. This one booth and two tables one table is all the dining area there is. Everyone orders take out from here so it's good.

I tried their orange chicken and it was really good! The second best I've ever had actually! :D Ooh and they only have bubble teas in the large size and it's only $3! :D
I ordered their special combination fried rice to-go to survive off of it for the week along with the Sarpino's and ramen. 

Wednesday the 12th
The last day of summer weather before the temperature drops thirty degrees D:
Back in high school in I think like sophomore year, Janet, Sandy, and I were at H-mart and I found this headband. I think it was Janet who noticed that there were other colors and we each wanted one so we each bought one so it was an unofficial "friendship" headband thing. But we never wore it together and we can't now cause Janet left us and Sandy doesn't know where hers is lmao.

I eat before my last class alone so I like to go to this little section under my school's theatre where it's dim and quiet to eat while reading. I call it the cave. People always go there to sleep too XD 
I was using the bathroom that's next to the cave and I looked up while doing my business and noticed for the first time how pretty the light fixtures in there are!
They need a clean but still pretty~ 
Oh my school made some renovations over the summer! The soap dispenser is automatic and we don't have shitty paper towel dispensers where you have to wind a handle lmao

Being vain again after getting home after taking a picture of what I wore.

My unbelievable stupidity never fails to amaze me. On Tuesday, I slept through my first class and for some reason thought my second class started at 12:30 so I took my sweet time getting ready and got to school. I opened the door to an empty class and was like O.O "Are we having class in another room today?" So I turned back and saw my teacher and then I realized that the class starts right after my first one and ends at 12:30! -___________________________________________- So I just had African dance and went back home.
Well, today, I thought my first class started at 9 for some reason and I was already running late. Halfway through the train ride I realize that it actually starts at 8:30. OTL I'm such a fail. Five minutes later, I realize that I forgot my dance clothes.... T_____T So I didn't go to my first class again and took that time to buy some >_> Mannnn I already have two absences in that class now and I only have one left or else I fail. It's only the second week of school! I need to pull it together forreals.

So while I was looking around in Forever21 for a tank and leggings, I found this:
So I had to have it. Now I have three awesome Simpsons clothing items! :D If you don't know that I absolutely LOVE The Simpsons, you don't know me at all!

After scene study I walked to the library to meet someone. I pass the Hilton on the way and all the news stations were outside of it waiting.
Random person walks past as I take a picture -_- So many cameras and crew and vans waiting! The satellite dishes that come out of the vans are crazy tall!

At the library I met with Brad! Haven't seen him in like a year or two since we took Japanese together freshman year!
I finally gave him the Captain America bobble head figurine + mini letter that I was supposed send him over the summer. >_>

I checked out a couple Murakami's while I was there. All the buildings I have class in this year are far from the library so I don't even go anymore.
I also received three more plays to read in scene study in addition to the one from text analysis! I love having things to read lined up! Exciting! Except really classic stuff like Shakespeare or Greek tragedies/comedies. UGH

Since the dance building is right across from Jewels...or is it a Dominicks? I stopped by to grab dinner.
Two dinners. 
I freaking love their honey wings. I freaking love fried chicken. Best food in the entire world!!!


First week of school

Tuesday the 4th
Finally the first day of school! D: This summer felt quite long (in a good way) so when it was suddenly time to start school again, it didn't seem real. Got to get back into working mode noooooooo
Oh my gosh my dark circles >_> From as far back as I can remember, I'm always unable to get any sleep at all cause of the nervousness and excitement and then I'm trying to put and outfit together in my head and blah blah blah. I tried really hard to fall asleep and failed but the first day adrenaline kept me up and going all day.

I was waiting for the swift and while it was stopping, my eyes met with one of the passengers and we both went O.O I love how the first thing I see on the first day of school is this bitch.
Ha ha ha ha! He was on his way to work.

My first class is stagecraft and the group I got separated into starts with the costume section. The teacher is nice and it's easygoing for now cause we're just going through the basics. What sucks is that it's at 8:30 in the morning. OTL I had purposely not taken it last semester cause it was at 9AM and this semester it's earlier! T___T My commute is an hour and a half so now I have to wake up at or around 5 on Mondays and Wednesdays. DEATH

Second class is scene study. The teacher is so nice! She gave us juice boxes!
But it tasted like watered down apple juice. Reduced anything = bad tasting.

My last class of the day is African dance. I was sooooo scared because I thought that it was going to be all dance majors in the class. Being someone who can't even keep a beat and is stiff as a brick, I was afraid I'd be laughed at. I don't even know what dancers wear! After talking to the dancers I asked directions from who had also taken the class before, I felt a lot more at ease because they said that most of the people taking the class wouldn't be dance majors and the teacher understands that we're just beginning. There were only about four other non dance majors in my class and they all had at least some kind of dance or athletic background so I started dreading it again. 
I ended up having a lot of fun though! Dancing to live drummers is so different from dancing to recorded music! It's SO much better!! I look like such an idiot flailing around especially around dance majors that I don't know but I still really like it! It's also such a tough workout. The "warm ups" we do before we start dancing are intense! Even the dancers who have been fit for so long were sweating like crazy! Imagine how much trouble I had! The only exercise I do is walking to the refrigerator and back to my sofa. Hopefully this class will get me somewhat close to being in shape! I may be more active this semester but my diet ain't changing!

This is my favorite lazy outfit because the suspenders still make it seem somewhat put together. I should have worn this on the first day because it was pretty chilly for me with the sun not out and the day before was really hot and I wore long sleeves! I wore shorts because the temperature was supposed to go back up to like 86 degrees after the storm but it never really did.

First class is text analysis. Boring so far and I don't think that will change but the ratings on ratemyprofessor said that this teacher was easy as long as you do the work. So much papers to write this semester!! And not only in this writing intensive class! D:

I packed lunch that day cause I had macaroni that I didn't eat from the KFC I had from the night before.
SO healthy.

My last class of the day is body movement. It was kinda fun. We worked with viewpoints. Hopefully this class will also help me get into better shape since this teacher actually makes us move unlike my teacher from freshman year XD I'm being active 4 days a week guys! :D This hasn't happened since I was like 12 or something!
Waiting for the class to start on the windowsill. That building with the "Co" and blue emergency stairs is the theatre building.

Being by the window = nice lighting! Woo breakouts -___-

Ran into Jennifer and her little sister at the swift in the morning! It was pleasant :)

Getting familiar with the sewing machines. Haven't used one in so long!

After scene study, I ran into Paco! We walked together to get his upass and then had lunch at the new mediteranean place that just opened where Pizza Hut/KFC used to be. It's called Pita Belly.
They have these cute fan lights. You can't see but the lighting fixture is painted like the Earth!

Chicken shwarma sandwich. It was yummy! I also love their hot sauce. I accidentally got mineral water. I don't know how people drink it. It's so bitter! Oh! They even have a freezer with the Mexican fruit bars! X) I'd be a regular there if it wasn't so far from my classes.

Upgraded Paco. In a summer he got a girlfriend and an iphone!

The lunch session was a little vexing though. He was totally engrossed in his phone and texting his girlfriend the entire time so I was pretty much talking to a wall. We were talking fine while we were walking though. He even left first so he could meet up with her girlfriend before her class started which is fine but I had walked all the way down there with him for his errand and ate at a place that was far from my class so I was even late. If we had good conversation and whatever I would have been fine and it would have been worth it but he kinda ignored me the whole time. Petty I know but things like that irk me! >_> Less on the annoying side but more on the sad/disappointed side.  

African dance really kicked my butt today.  My legs were shaking! And I have absolutely no core muscles. That's why my movement is so gloppy and unbalanced. I never engage my core! We also had to tumble forward on the hard floor. I kept rolling on the back of my neck cause I have no arm strength to hold myself up so I think it's bruised now x.x I should really start working out so I can actually do some of the things we do in class!

Outfit pitchur I took after I got home. This is after dance so I'm a mess.
Living room is also a big mess.

Woops. Most of the pictures in this post are me. Will fix that next post!


School starts tomorrow

This is what I did during my last week of freedom:
August the 26th
Not long after getting home from LA, I packed again for the week in Champaign. I hitched a ride with Tina. It was a quick ride with all the fun chit chat. 
After getting some groceries, we had a classy ass dinner.
Seoul pizza, RC Cola, and Avatar! I want this to be a ritual. I love kimchi in my pizza.

Since my hair is dead I've been trying not to kill it even further with hot tools. I'm trying to style it heat free the night before but it usually ends up in disaster.
I accidentally french twisted the reverse way but it looked surprisingly nice as an updo.

Monday the 27th
The first day of school for Champaign-ers! I slept in while Tina went to school. When she came back we finished up some stuff for the cookout she and her friends set up.
Tomatillos for green sauce we made.

Seasoned skirt steak

I didn't make the guacamole but I mashed and mixed it. It was way too plain for my taste!
At Jelly's place

Peeling tiny onions that ended up being forgotten! They were so hard to peel and no one ate them! :(

Killed that watermelon


Heart steak!

I claimed it for myself. It was sad when I had to cut it up to put in my bean taco but it was yummy.

I always go to sleep way later than Tina and I'm always hungry real late. I wasn't sure what I could and couldn't touch and what food in the fridge was Tina's so this was all I could eat. I didn't know what to do about water so...flat cola in the wine glass I knew I could use. I wasn't even sure if I could use that plate. It was so sad because I don't eat vegetables but that was all I could have T_____T

Tuesday the 28th
I think I slept all day until Tina came back home. She prepared pho
Mine never has vegetables

Wednesday the 29th
Chick Fil A & Coco Mero before getting ready for the bar crawl that night!
Pile of sauces because we had to make our own Chick Fil A sauce cause they ran out!

Tina and I like sitting by the window :)

Went back to Tina's to get ready. I convinced Tina to put makeup on for once because she had won the shadows from my giveaway awhile back. She pulled out some of the stuff she already had:
Kat Von D, Smashbox, Dior, Amazing Cosmetics, more Dior, and Benefit in a Juicy Couture makeup bag she got all for free from her cousin that she never uses!!! Writhing in pain.

The crawl theme was Pokemon so she wore her awesome squirtle backpack that she made herself. So cute!

This was the shirt

Each bar was a gym and they each had a themed drink. We left early so we didn't try them all.

*taken from Kevin*
Met Kevin's friend, Alex. Three blondes woo! And the huge pitcher of whatever we drank.

Had a late dinner with the best pizza in the world (even better than Sarpino's!) at Kevin's and spent the night. The good thing about University campuses is that everyone lives near everything!

Friday the 31st
Slept in until Tina came back (poor people who had to go to school after a night of drinking!)

We spent the whole day/night talking in bed and then napping.
We were waiting for Kevin to get off work at midnight to grab dinner. I was craving Korean so we went to some place off campus but it turned out that they only stay open till late on weekends or something. I had pizza for the third time I was there lulz. Not complaining!

UGH SO GOOD! Why are the best pizza places all the way in Champaign!? T___T

Saturday the 1st
Took the bus back to Chicago. My dad got me from the station and since we were already downtown, I stopped by school to get my U-pass.
The best things  about being back at school! ^_^ Wahaha this is the most decent school picture I have ever taken!

I was originally supposed to work but I changed my mind on the way back up XD Instead, I took up one of the ajushi's shifts Sunday morning since he had to go somewhere. I slept an hour and then went to work at 6AM. I was relieved at 10:30 by the oppa who works after the ajushi but I still slept ALL day and night until 12:20PM today! I wasted a whole day! T___T Work today was nothing special but I did notice that my roots have grown out already!
I want to hurry up and bleach it again. I'm so tired of this ugly yellow!