Fail L.A. & 2NE1

*Jessica blogged about our trip as well so you can read from her viewpoint here: http://eeunssun.blogspot.com/ She's a much better writer than I am ^^*
Wednesday the 22nd
Went out with my dad to gather the last few things I needed to pack before leaving for my flight that night! One of those things was:
Aw yehhh~ Need a good book to accompany you on a flight! I finished Feast for Crows so I needed to get the next one! I'm both a little happy and sad that I could only get the hard cover. The hard cover is gorgeous and I love it but I don't think I've ever paid $25+ for a book since Harry Potter and all the other books I have of these series are paperback so I'm like >___> It was also so heavy to lug around on the plane and such. But it's mine so whatevs~ 

Dad tried Corner Bakery for the first time 

I got back home and just bummed around for a few hours. I've recently started watching Tobygames play Dead Island on youtube >___> I want to play myself but I'll never be able to so I'm just watching instead. So stupid but the guy is hilarious! 
I realized I had less than an hour until the time we all decided to gather at my house so I stopped and packed. I always pack last minute XD

Said bye to my mum and her boyfriend's brother drove us off to the airport!

The airport! I got so excited when I saw the airplanes flying so close! I hadn't been to an airport in like 15 years! Exciting!
Lulz airport bathroom picture

Cheap flight = cheap view

Got McDonalds while waiting. 

Learned that cheap flight also ='s fucking unreliable flight. Our flight coming from Las Vegas was originally supposed to leave at 8:20 but got delayed to 9:10 due to weather (which I checked and it was just cloudy). We were a little bummed because that meant we couldn't get In N' Out once we got to LA but it was ok. We waited only to find out the plane was delayed again to 10 something. We were a little annoyed but as long as we got there, it would be ok so we waited patiently again just for our flight to get cancelled cause of mechanical reasons! Then we were like "wtf are you serious." -____- 
We had to rebook our flight and the next one to LA for that airline was at 8:20PM the next night because this airline only has one fight to LA a day -_______- That's what we get for trying to save money and picking the cheapest, shittiest airline. Don't ever fly with Spirit Airlines, guys!! Just don't do it no matter how much money it'll save you! It's not worth the trouble! But we were given two executive rooms at the Hyatt as well as meal vouchers for $7 a meal for each person thanks to the nice airline attendant guy (always be nice to people who are servicing you!) so yay...kinda. We were really bummed to  have lost a day in LA (it was so vital to do all the things we planned!). 

Got our luggage back, took the Hyatt shuttle, checked in, left our luggage in our nice rooms, and went to dinner. 
Bought a round of drinks for the girls and myself after a tiring night.

Jessica's huge ass plate of nachos which were actually quite good.

My bbq chicken pizza. 

Tina's buffalo wangs

Sandy's chicken wrap

Watched the second half of What's Your Number? cause it was on TV in Sandy and Jessica's room while trying to replan what we were going to do for the next couple days since we lost one. Tina went back to our room to sleep while I stayed and finished the movie.
I love Hyatt's pillows. So soft and plushy! I want to steal! 

I was tired and lazy so I just went to sleep in my clothes without washing up. Yes I am dirty lmao. 

Thursday the 23rd
In the morning, I sleepily opened my luggage to get my washing stuff to realize that...it wasn't my freaking luggage!! Some man had grabbed mine first and this one was right next to Tina and Sandy's so I assumed it was mine. It also looks almost identical to mine and is also the same brand! Luckily his bag had his contact info and he was actually already back at the baggage claim area waiting. We all took the shuttle back to the airport and switched back bags. >__> My luck is amazing. I should have figured it out when I suddenly discovered "my" luggage could wheel sideways lmao.
Had to take a picture lulz. Almost identical! Thumbs up to getting our luggage back! Too bad it was no "Away We Happened" XD

Missed breakfast thanks to me so we just had an early lunch
The best crab cakes I've ever had so far. So fluffy and the sauce was really good! I kept getting the most expensive things cause of the vouchers XD

Tina's something chicken salad

Sandy's plain ol' caesar salad

Jessica's salmon caesar salad. Ooh~ Her light is so nice!

We had to wait like 4 hours until dinner and we had nothing to do. The hotel is by the airport which is near nothing and we didn't want to risk anything happening if we took the train to downtown so we just sat in one of the areas the entire time lulz. I read and then slept. I can fall sleep anywhere besides in a bed ahaha
*taken by Jessica cause she wanted me to have pictures from different angles lulz*
*taken by Jessica*

*taken by Jessica* 
Tina is angelic while I'm all dark ha ha ha

Random shot to compare my shutter's click and Jessica's because she said she liked the sound of mine's better lulz

Finally it was dinner time!
Sandy's cheese panini

Jessica's chicken fajita

Tina's spicy tuna roll

My kobe maki. The kobe beef was really strange and made the whole things taste strange. Waste of money even with the voucher!

After dinner we left for the airport again. Our flight got delayed yet again. But this time we actually got on the plane and it actually took off and got us to LA. 
*taken by Tina*
I sat next to this guy and girl who were actually moving to L.A. to pursue acting. They had just met on the plane and they talked the entire 4 hour flight >______>+ I learned so much about them from overhearing while trying to read/sleep. 

Finally! OTL
Our hotel in the shady area of Koreatown.

We were starving so we went to this soup place called Keun Gama that was down the block from our hotel for our first meal there. It's open 24 hours! Wish we had that here.
Jessica's gook bap

Sandy's sullung tang

Tina and I both got gamja tang. Their radish kimchi is really good. I really liked everything!

Sadness. This day was supposed to have been spent going to/enjoying Santa Monica :(

Friday the 24th
Spent half the day walking around K-Town. We saw that not a lot of people walk there and soon learned why. Everything is so far from everything! Public transportation here isn't very good either. We pretty much spent half the trip walking. >_> The soreness in my legs isn't completely gone yet! Going crazy at the concert  probably contributes to that a little too but still! I like walking but something about walking in LA was really tiring!
*taken by Tina*
The only outfit picture cause there was no time after that or we were all just too tired XD
First thing on our schedule was going to Goodwill cause it was one of the main things I wanted to do when we got there. Luckily there was one that was a twenty minute walk away!
It was hot on the way so we grabbed bubble tea from a small shop we were passing by.

I couldn't spend that much time there so I just took a look through the records and small jewelry section. There were so many records I wanted to buy but only bought half cause it would be hard to carry back in my luggage. I also bought a cool gold choker. I love goodwill T_T

Walked back towards the hotel.
We noticed that you could see the Hollywood sign in the mountains from here! Can you see it??

On the way to the hotel is a Korean mall/mart so we stopped by there. We all bought useless/cute stuff & gifts for family.
Went back to the hotel to change for the concert and then headed to the Boiling Crab for dinner. The wait was 45 minutes to an hour. We didn't have time so we just ate a place next to it which turned out to be one of the places Sandy wanted to go to! Wako Donkasu!
I didn't take my camera in case it wasn't allowed so thanks to Tina again for letting me use her camera!
The place was really cute. All the interior of places in LA are way nicer than Chicago's.

Crushing sesame seeds for the donkasu sauce
*taken by Tina*

I got curry donkasu while Tina got regular donkasu and Jessica and Sandy got steak kassu. Yes, steak!

Walked another 20 minutes to get to some little bubble tea place and then took the subway to get as close to  the Nokia Live Theatre as it went.
It's HUGE!!! The train itself is really spacious too! It was funny cause it was also red and purple line here but in reverse with the purple line under the red line. <- Something CTA riders will get

The walk was still really long from the station 
*taken by Tina*
Finally there!!

*taken by Jessica*
While I was sitting and waiting for Tina to come back from the bathroom, Jessica suddenly dragged me over to these girls and told me that I was going to do an interview for Mnet USA or whatever. >_> This moment will forever haunt me because I was so stupid even if they never used it. They asked me if I would ever shave half my head like Dara to meet my favorite Kpop idol and I said definitely. They asked me who and I said Tablo... Facepalm, headdesk, fliptable. WRONG CONCERT, DUMBASS. LMAO I don't know if it was cause I'm used to being asked who my favorite group or whatever is or if I was tired or what but yeah. I'm sooo stupid. I'm hoping it wasn't used. What I wanted to say was "I WOULD SHAVE MY WHOLE HEAD TO MEET CL BECAUSE SHE IS MY IDOL AND EVERYTHING I WANT TO BE. IF I CAN'T BE HER I WOULD AT LEAST LIKE TO BE THE CHAIR IN THE I LOVE YOU MUSIC VIDEO THAT SHE SEDUCES WHILE DANCING."

Flash mob

Ha ha ha ha Tina! She said she made a face cause she was scared of looking bad in the picture that was just taken. The girl kept taking more cause she wasn't satisfied with something lulz
I saved wearing this dress for this concert cause the print on it reminded me of the print of what the girls were wearing in their "I Love You" music video ~_~

Finally let inside after an hour! 
They played 2ne1 music videos for another thirty minutes until it started.

Why so sad? 

They also played Gangnam Style. Some people got up and danced XD
We were so entranced by the music video until we noticed this guy in front of us had the 2NE1 light stick and we were all like :O "where do we get that?!" We came in through another entrance so we had missed the lobby where they were selling the merchandise (most of which was disappointing). We waited in the hugest line until the concert started. We were getting closer and closer to the front and the theatre people were trolling by turning the lights off and then back on as if it was starting. Luckily it got some people to leave the line. We were finally almost to the front when they started! Gah!!! I saw the curtain drop and the girls started with "I Am the Best." Cry! We finally got our light sticks and ran in screaming lmao!

Another huge thanks to Tina for taking pictures during the concert. I was too busy screaming my head off, thrashing my light stick in the air, and dancing!
CL's solo was her mixing. It was really good and lots of fun but I half wished she sang or rapped!

There was a Dara kiss cam for couples to "I'm Busy." Only like three couples kissed dough.
Bom's solo. Beginning of "Don't cry" and "You & I"
Sandy said that these guys are supposed to debut soon?
"Please Don't Go"
Minzy and her amazing dance solo

Dara being sexual for her "Kiss" solo. Damn that lucky guy to hell. Why not meeeeeeeee
The encore. They did like four songs and I Am the Best Again! ^_^
will.i.am and apl.de.ap popping up out of nowhere!

Bom forgot and went in before taking the final bow together. She ran back in after like thirty seconds. Ha ha ha it was so adorable!

Yay our light sticks that remind us of sailor moon! Best light sticks out of all groups in Tina and I's opinion!

O.M.G. THEY WERE SOOOO AMAZING!!!! I don't know how they do it. I was getting tired just from jumping around and dancing and shouting the lyrics. I don't know how they dance and sing the entire time! It was SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! I also wasn't getting crushed by a hundred people so that was great. This ties as my #1 favorite concert that I've ever watched! UGH I'm so sad it's over!! MUST WATCH THEM EVERY CHANCE I GET!! My life was made that night. If I can just see Epik High live, I can honestly say that I am content with life and can die happy.

Lulz creepy triple exposure


We were starving after the concert so we walked to the Korean bbq place near our hotel sans Tina cause she was really tired. On our way we saw:
The places here love their flashy signs!

Way cheaper all you can eat meat! But you can only order galbi once -_-

Cute place

Clink! Ha ha ha ha Jessica's whole bottle of soju that she didn't even like or finish but still ordered cause she thought we were gonna drink with her.

Fluffiest steamed eggs I've ever had!

They only give one soy bean stew. You also have to pay $12 if you don't finish! The place is a little stingy but  everything was good so whatevs~

They gave us a second galbi anyways. Probably cause we weren't from there. The service in L.A. is wayyyyyyy better than the service in Chicago (in Korean places at least)! The servers are polite and attentive!

Saturday the 25th
Already the last day! Noooo~~~ But we didn't really do anything!
Checked out of the hotel and then went to the Assi that's across the street to find the candy that my mum wanted me to bring back for her. Instead we found:
Ajushi juice! Anyone watch K-Town on youtube? XD We realized it was the same Assi the girls were at so we looked for the ajushi juice and found it!

We headed back to the Korean mall so that Jessica and Sandy could finish their gift shopping and I to find the candy.
I don't know what it is about trees that excite me so much.

Luckily the mart under the mall had the candy! Sandy, Jessica, and Tina were really thankful to my mum cause she paid for part of the hotel and wanted to get her something so I told them to each buy a jar of the candy with me cause my mum never uses things people buy her if they aren't expensive -_- and she was gonna buy a lot of them when she goes in two weeks. We saved her money and the trouble of carrying it back!
She got 200 of these suckers! But of course she wasn't completely satisfied. They were really heavy and annoying to carry so we emptied the four jars into one big bag for me to carry but she wanted the jars too -_________- Oh mum...

We sat a little in a cafe called the Coffee Bean with drinks.
I got what they call a Papparich bun with my green tea latte. It was really yummy! The bread is sweet with melted butter inside and the ends taste like a cookie! I love butter so I love it!

All the places here are so cute! 

We were waiting for the jja jang myun place to open still so we went into the same shops we visited the day before. Even though I had already been there, I still found something to spend money on OTL 
I fell in love with a full sized sock monkey back in Kentucky but I couldn't keep him cause he was in the posession of someone else. The sock monkey gods must have kept me in their hearts because I found this guy by chance:
He was the last brown one too!

The place opened by the time we left the little store!
It was a little watery but good. I got full quick and couldn't eat most of it for some reason. Sadness

The mall has a nice outdoor section so I wanted to take a picture there.
Dem palm trees

This confirms that it's my camera that's messed up, not the film T____T

Jessica still couldn't find something for her dad and brother so we walked around and found another Korean mall.

We visited all the cute stores. In one of them I found: 
A whole family!
Waiting for Jessica to make her purchase

We were walking around when Jessica noticed the inside of a building that really looked like Korea so we took a look.

Dinner time! Since we didn't get to eat at the Boiling Crab the day before and it was the one thing Tina really wanted to do, we went back!
45 minute ~ an hour wait again. We got so sleepy waiting.

Yay finally!
Really good cajun seasoning fries

We're supposed to be doing the crab pincer things

A pound of clams

We got a pound of shrimp too.

As well as a 2 pound dungeoness crab! So messy and yummy! Must take my mum to this place!

Went back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and stuff

Headed to the LA Metro Station where we took a bus to the airport. It is sooo massive! And really pretty too! The outside makes it look like a hotel or something! For once the plane wasn't delayed (thank goodness for the unfortunate ladies who started school this Monday) and we left not doing the most Californian things: eat In N Out, froyo, Japanese crepes, and go to the beach. Lulz that's all we know about California. We only stayed in K-Town. Fail. It was tiring but it was still real fun and yummy! Now we know better for next time!

All the things I bought. Which really isn't that much but still added ten and a half pounds to my luggage and cleared out my wallet! x.x