Before I leave

The time has finally come! Tomorrow I am finally leaving for LA!
Ahhh~~~ It will be the first time I've ridden a plane since I was like five! And the first time I've gone somewhere for vacation! And the first time I've gone traveling with friends! XD
I'll be gone for the rest of the week so I wanted to make a quick update before I go!
This is the first tube of lipstick I've ever finished in my life. It's also the first lipstick I've ever purchased for myself. That was back in like...freshman year of high school?!
It's so old that the logo has been completely rubbed off. It's the Face Shop's 01 Deep Pink. I don't know why I ever thought it was flattering >_> I have a thing where I want to use up things I like the least first so honestly, I would put this on at night before going to sleep because I didn't want to put it on when I'm out! Ha ha ha ha! It was really moisturizing at least.

Friday the 17th
I followed my dad into Jewel Osco and the first thing I saw were cupcakes.
It looked pretty good so I got one to try out. It was so gross...

He wasn't feeling so good so I just ordered out from this Chinese restaurant next to the McDonald's near work for the first time.
It was surprisingly really good! Their tapioca balls are also the firmest and sweetest I've had! I found out later that this place actually has 4 stars on yelp. So happy I decided to try it out! It's called Wok Cuisine if anyone's interested XD

Saturday the 18th
Took of work because it was Eva's birthday!!!
Super plain cause I woke up an hour later than I originally planned and we were supposed to either mini golf/bat in cages or bowl.

This was the day of the detours and each one of us had a fail ha ha ha! Well, besides April who met up with us later.
First Kiran forgot the cake or something so he came to get us around twelve when it was supposed to be eleven. Eva woke up when we got to her house so we had to wait another hour for her to get ready. We stopped by Loyola before eating so Sandy could drop something off. We thought it would be quick...but it wasn't that quick XD
Eva finally coming to join Kiran and I on the bench we went to sit on like five minutes prior.

I love my white Keds so much even though they're so plain and simple. And then Eva scuffed them when she was footbombing my picture -____-

I don't know why but I was so sure that we had to get off Fullerton to get to the vegan place when it's actually Belmont >____> I realized when we got off. When we went back to the trains, Kiran picked the one that has more stops. Ha ha ha ha we were so fail that day.

Finally got to the Chicago Diner! We all each got milkshakes :3
Eva's french vanilla, my chai, and Kiran's peanut butter chocolate. I either forgot to take one of Sandy's or didn't feel the need to cause she got the choc chip cookie dough one Eva and I shared last time ^_^;

But here it is nonetheless with her wrap!

Kiran's pesto chickun thingy. It was my favorite out of all our dishes.

My chipotle firehouse wrap that was not fiery. The rice had a quinoa-ey taste so I liked this the least of the few things I tried there.

*taken by Eva*
Eva's Californian reuben

Headed back to Sandy's to meet up with April and we ended up going karaokeing instead lulz
I don't know why our lazers were only pointing at the wall -____-

Kiran being the gayest he can be with his song choices and then singing them in creepy voices. It was fantastic.

Eva's finally 20!! While we're all getting ready to turn 21 ha ha ha ha

D'aww baby

All the girls~ And Kiran's arm hair looking like a sleeve again ha ha ha

The first cut!

Kiran customized the cake and...it wasn't our favorite ha ha ha ha

Sandy and I went back to her house to get ready because we were going to a bar and then go clubbing for the first time in our lives!! I thought I would have tried going when I was younger but I never did.
The picture Sandy took of the polaroid I keep forgetting to get from her. Ha ha ha we were both pretty tired from earlier in the day and we had to rush for the train so we were just whatever for the picture.
You can't see but I wore:
It was actually my high school graduation dress ha ha ha! Sandy was gonna wear the dress she wore at graduation and then she didn't -_-
It was a little bit of a hassle getting there but I totally had a blast! It was so much fun! But the next morning was awful because I had a driving lesson at 9 and I had to rush back home from downtown with like thirty minutes of sleep after dancing all night! Don't regret anything though and definitely want to do it again! XD
But the best thing I got out of that night was this song that the bar owner was playing close to closing time:
I was surprised when I found out that this band is actually the remaining members of Joy Division after the vocalist died plus one more man. Ugh it is too amazing and I am so obsessed! Cannot stop listening! Blue Monday from this album is great as well! 80's is probably my favorite oldies decade so I'm glad that a lot similar sounds are coming back these days. <3

Monday the 20th
Sandy and Jessica came over after I finished work to do my hair again. Normally I'd wait a month before frying my hair again but we all didn't want me going to Cali with orange hair XD
Process 1.9
That time, Sandy took my left side and Jessica took the right side. This was the first time Sandy's done hair (she never even did her own before!) so even though she had the side with less hair, she ran out of bleach and that was the last of it! So there was this one section in the front that was still brown and darker yellow after ha ha ha ha! That's why I'm showing the other side in this picture or else it'd look the same as the first picture XD

They came again today even though Jessica was super tired from Six Flags and Sandy packed all day to fix it >__< The brown section is being really stubborn and won't lighten! But it's much more even now. So much thanks to those two girls T^T

Alrighty, gotta sleep nows. It's almost 6AM and I have to get up to chop off five inches of damage (even though all my hair is dead now) and grab a few more things to pack. See ya'll next week!