This summer is the best summer I've ever had! I'm actually doing things once in a while instead of staying home all the time! There's also a good balance of easy going things and then bigger things that take more energy so I'm very happy :3 This week has been an easy going one! Building up energy for a busier weekend that I'm excited for! :D

Sunday the 15th
Practice for the performance this Friday OTL

Wednesday the 18th
Before class, Eva and I went to the DMV to get our:
I was so nervous about failing cause I knew absolutely nothing about the road or driving so I went through the manual the night before XD I'm sooo late to this cause I never took it in high school and just never learned. Now I can finally take driving lessons! I'm excited like a fifteen year old hee hee hee~

My treat to myself for getting it. I tried the parfait from Starbucks for the first time. It sucked. McDonald's mini parfait is way better! But the cute little apple pie was quite alright! I don't even like apple pie but it was just so cute with the star cut out so I got it XD

Went to class a little after.
My favorite part of class is getting fed! My sensei is good at cooking!

Friday the 20th
Finally met up with April, Eva, and Sandy for our jja jang myun lunch that we talked about getting since like...March? -_-
I took the headband off before leaving cause the spikes are a little too big. I had to buy it though cause it's so fun! I wish I went to parties and stuff so I can actually wear it out XD

The beading detail on my denim vest. I'm so sad that I got sauce on it! It was the first time wore it too >[

Went all the way to Arlington Heights for some decent jja jang myun
The inside was really nice!

Salad wasn't very good though

This is the first time I've seen a place give two big spoons for you to mix with. I was taking a picture of my food and was about to start mixing after the other three started eating, but the waitress came and started mixing it for me! She thought Sandy and I were Japanese and that I didn't know how to do it ha ha ha!

Kung Pao shrimp

Made a stop at Mitsuwa since it's close.
They got ice cream drinks. I'm strangely not a big ice cream person so I didn't get one. I got a magazine instead. I love collecting magazines!

I noticed that day that they sell dollywink and other famous makeup brands! I dunno if they just started or what but I never saw them until that day! I'm so happy that we randomly decided to walk through that isle. No more having to get some of these things online! But still expensive >.< Ima go there way more often now :D

We dragged April to karaoke after
We haven't gone is soooo long!

Always our finale song!
And then off to work!

Random Circle Lens Review!
Haven't gotten any new lenses in a long time!
BT02 Grey?:
Color: 6.5/10 It's a dark grey that isn't vibrant. Darker than the Angel greys I think. It's gives a shine that helps tell that your eyes aren't just a brown or black (if you have dark eyes) but not enough to be identified as a grey right away. It's not the nicest shade of grey though. It's kinda boring?
Design: 7/10 I'm not sure if these are the right lenses because the limbal ring looks thicker and more obvious than in pictures I've found online. I feel like it's a little awkward thickness. The spikey design blends in better than just a round opening but there isn't a blending color.
Enlargement: 12/10 I don't know if G&G made a second bt02 series like a lot of other brands did to their older designs or if I was sent the wrong lenses. These are way bigger than the bt02 violets I had a long time ago. These and the brown ones are 14.5 in diameter while the violets were 14.0. It says on the site that it's supposed to be 14.0 but the label on the vial it was 14.5. Confused.
Comfort: So I can't give a rating cause this was the free pair I got . The site was having a "buy 2 get 1 free" sale. The second pair I wanted was out of stock so I ended up only buying one pair but they gave me a free one anyways. I was surprised and thought it was so nice but then I realized the lenses expired in three weeks! So that was why ha ha ha! I don't wear circle lenses the whole year. I throw them out at about 7 months because the closer they get to the date, the more easily they become uncomfortable and dry for me. These were so close to their date and to no surprise they were soooo uncomfortable after five minutes. I had to throw them out after taking the pictures. The brown pair. however are fine.
Before I get asked where I get my lenses for the 20th time, you can get all kinds here: PinkyParadise

Saturday the 21st
Ha ha ha Nick just curling up on the chair

Sandy and I squeezed in Nick's van. There wasn't enough room so I just sat on the floor XD

On the way to work after I saw this awesome car!
From the angle it looks like "Jin's Pig!" It has piggy ears and a coily tail too! I want it!

Sunday the 22nd
Our last practice! D:
More awkward than usual ^_^; I had to rush more than usual

We got to the culture center two hours early cause we thought there was a planning meeting.
Sandy found her Subway from the day before that she forgot in the room and I ate it.

Nick always brings Japanese candy for us.
The colors are so pretty!

Got back in our 'burbs and got picked up from the train station by my mum to go eat pho!
My mum loves these diy wraps!

This place sometimes gives really cheap noodles that break like 5 minutes into your meal. I don't mind though cause their broth is my favorite and they give a lot of meat XD

My mum got a hair cut cause her hair was so damaged from all the dying and perming she does! It's been a really long time since she's had this style hair! I like it all clean lookin.

A really really long time ago before Far East Movement got really famous, they came to Chicago and performed at Kollaboration. I got their shirt signed by them but I've worn it and washed it so much that the signatures are almost gone! I took a picture so I could remember it with the signatures before they completely disappear. :(