Reunion & giveaway!

I missed a bunch of things back at home while I was in Kentucky.
My mum, not dying from allergies everyday (They were soooooo awful! My neck broke out into red bumps!) my clothes (I wore the same weeks worth of clothes everyday T_T), my makeup, my curling iron, and this:
My ear wax scooper! Ahahaha! Q-tips can't compare! XD Oh my gosh the first thing I did when I got home was scoop my ears! I had soooo much earwax! It was so fun and refreshing!!

Friday the 15th
I went downtown to take care of some business and then finally shop! Ah~~ It's been too long Chicago!!
I was walking to the station and I saw this:
Ha ha ha the gym advertisement. 

I walked around four like 4 hours and I only bought three things at one place D:
I was in a huge debate with myself:
Yes or no? By the time I decide, it will probably be gone XD

I was on the yellow and saw someone who reminded me of old school Justin Timberlake ahaha

But I especially missed my khiggas!! 
Sandy cooking for us for our girl's night :D

Her super amazing handwriting

Lamyun featuring dduk in dduk bok gi sauce lulz. I was craving this while in Kentucky!

The failed fried seaweed roll that died

Yeee don kat su!

Ha ha ha Sandy rushing around

Yummy in my tummy

The dumplings and seaweed rolls were a success!

Picked these babies up while coming back up ^_^

Lulz Eva is Thor

*Taken by Eva*
I always do this ahaha

April joined us and then Sandy took so many awesome polaroids!
Cassie took the one on the right!She took it perfectly!

Ha ha ha Sandy high five-ing her for it

The best one. Eva and April's couple picture

D'aww Eva looks so pretty. LMAO April is in the middle of talking and Eva photobombed

Eva was like "Didn't you wear that shirt in your other one?"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sandy's friend wall

Hee hee the picture that Cassie drew me. Also on my fridge now

We skyped with Thad ahaha it looks like his head is just floating there

He showed us his rap video
*Taken by Sandy*

*Taken by Sandy*
Ahahaha aww Cassie

*Taken by Sandy*
Dying. His rap was amazing

Lulz Sandy made a second batch of steamed eggs and ate it herself on the bed

Oh! So that night was Eva's first sleep over ever! ^_^ Was crazy!

Saturday the 16th
Tina came and got me from Sandy's so we could spend time together before she left!

We grabbed sushi! Yum! Another craving I had during my stay in Kentucky!

Mine. All mine. 

We also grabbed milk cake!

Eating, talking, Game of Thrones. 'Nuff said.

Had to part early cause I had work. 
I ate again with my dad at Jo Sun Ok.
The ajushi gave me two chocolates that day! And one of them was the cookies 'n cream bar! Too bad work was extremely hot and they melted. It hardened back into a weird form.

Sunday the 17th
Was getting ready for meeting/practice real quick and I always wear these sandals when I'm in a rush but I remembered that they were broken! I think they broke cause I wore them in the creek. So sad cause they're one of my favorites! :(

Must take pictures of Keigo while he's around before he leaves for college! ;(

Him and Tako were MC's for this meeting!

The structure was a talent show!

The first performance was a break dance but I couldn't get a picture cause I couldn't see through people standing and they were moving everywhere XD

Wahh I wanna learn drums!!! So coool!!

Stand up comedy

Awesome band performance! Tako is great!


She played an OST from "Rooftop prince"

Ha ha ha ha

John Lennon-ing

Get at him ladies

Long practice
Jinny's cousin came back!

Ha ha ha while Nick was driving us back home, we saw these guys pushing their car from the middle of the road to the gas station! I couldn't pull out my phone fast enough to get a good picture.

I was craving so I got :D

Well.... yesterday since it's now 4:51AM.... This post took me FOREVER cause I kept getting distracted...ahahaha
I was still out of the state when summer school started so I registered and started school a week late! XD
Sensei made us yakisoba sandwiches and mini onigiri! I was sooooo hungry so I was saved!


So guess what! Luview has again kindly sent me their new products to me to try out and give to a few lucky readers! This time, they came out with eye shadows!
Luview Triple Baked Eye Shadow!
Those are the eight I am giving away! I'm not sure if I should give all four to two winners or have four winners and have them pick two... What do you think I should do?

Here are some quick close ups!
01 Lovely Gold

02 Charming Violet

03 White Indigo

04 Gold Brown

I'll make another post with more details about the product soon! But you can start entering now! :D
Here are the rules:

To put it simply, the rules are:
1. Like the Luview fan pages on Facebook!
2. Leave your nationality and say why you need Luview in your language on the fan page!
My rules are:
1. Leave me a comment with your name and email address that I can reach you at!
2. If you would be so kind, please leave me a screen cap of your comment on the Luview page! However, this isn't mandatory. You also don't need to be a follower as most of my regular readers aren't. :)
You have until the 30th of this month to enter!

Here are the other bloggers that you can check out according to your country (I can only pick winners from the U.S.) :
Global: Nicola
Korea: Yu Jin
Japan: Monica
Indonesia: Lina
Philippines: Jalsan
Pakistan: Shamila
Russia: Elena
Malaysia: Tan Hwee
Spain: Patricia
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Finland: Carita
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See ya'll soon!