Mature and alluring with 02 Charming Violet

Ha ha ha ha I suck at coming up with names for these "looks."

A bolder look today:


Close up:

Super close up:

You have to use a base for this shadow or else the purple will not show up! I feel like it is even less pigmented than the lighter colors in the Lovely Gold trio! But I find that it is difficult to find a really well pigmented purple in general. Without the white base I used, it came out light grey when I applied it all over the lid. However, with a short bristled brush you can pat it on the bottom lid for a more intense pop of color.
Like the first shadow, there is no fall out and staying power is great! The staying power is probably the best quality of these Luview shadows. But because I had to put in a little more effort to make the color show up, this one gets a

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