Good things must come to an end

Please excuse my absence! I've actually been quite busy with filming, sleeping, eating, and spending whatever  time I had left with the wonderful people I've met in Kentucky!
This is absolutely the largest post I've ever had and ever will have! About 500 pictures! I'm so sorry if it's overwhelming. I just cannot bring myself to cut posts! D:
May: Monday the 21st
First day of filming!!!
The very first scene

*Stolen from the director's instagram*
Camera crew: Taylor & Aaron

*Stolen from the director's instagram*
The real star of the movie. She has to do this when she grows up! She was such a natural through out the whole filming! She barely ever cried! And there's the gorgeous, multi-talented Shannon who plays Deb.

The lunch that I didn't deserve cause I hadn't done any work yet XD

*Stolen from the director's instagram*
Tim and Luke who play Ben and Eamon

The dinner I also did not deserve cause I still didn't do any work yet.

And when I did, it was at the very end for like five minutes...just running into the house ahahaha!

Just sitting on the porch after with Melissa. She's the very first person I met when I arrived in Kentucky!

We noticed that the crew were working on digging graves in the field so we went to check that out. 
Thad hard at work

Ahaha Greg trying it out

The director going through some stretches to instagram

 Wednesday the 23rd
Filming at some creek where we all got "baptized." I was never even baptized when I was actually Christian! XD
Sylvia and Kassandra who play Carmela and Grace. Waiting,  waiting, waiting~

Lulz looking like a fail Princess Leia 

Nice spot for lunch

Finished for the day!
So I kept hearing what sounded like screams and was wondering what it was while I was standing up there. Turns out that there's a cock farm right across the street!  
Cold and wet after being "baptized" like five times ha ha ha

Thursday the 24th
Forgot to take a picture of my own lunch so I took one of Blake's.

Thanks to this movie, I've become the biggest fashion terrorist lmao

Omg...this ham...the sweetest ham I've ever had...

Friday the 25th
I ate well in Kentucky. It's the healthiest I will ever eat in my life. I gained weight too! ^_^ But my face has gotten so round and my pants are about to burst off of me D:

Oh! So one day, someone noticed that there was a snake in one of the trees!
*taken from Luke*
I want to keep itttt. There were two more sightings throughout the shoot!

Tuesday the 26th
Saw this on the way to location:
I thought it was funny

The really interesting orthodox church we used with really interesting paintings
Trying to film the truck driving in front of the church to pick me up. It was SO HOT and I had to wear my jacket T__T

The nice...um...sorry...what are they called?? But yeah, he was super nice and opened up the church to us!

Heading back to the house
Chris who plays David, If he looks familiar, it might be because he had a small part in The New World by Malick.

Luke was super worried about killing the camera operator cause...

He was harnessed to the side of the car!!
*Stolen from the director's instagram*


Monday the 28th
More waiting
There's Janelle who is Lilly and Todd who is Daniel

Breakfast for dinner!

Friday, the 29th
Does anyone know "The Salmon Dance" by the Chemical Brothers?
A dance party to that song would happen at dinner in the kitchen. My timing was off. I took it when only Logan was dancing and he's covered by Aaron >.<

The reddest, prettiest apple I have ever seen.

Scene in the shed

Real lamps hanging inside!

Thursday the 31st
Back at the creek
Abi who plays Naomi. I always called her "Naomi" cause she really looks like one..

Logan not only cooks great food for all of us, he frikkin climbs a tree with no branches and hangs a light on it. The guy is amazing.

The fake bodies that get burned instead of us 
The awesome pyre that was set ablaze. It was sooooo cool!!! We filmed creepy scenes that day and I was told that my screaming made a local come down to check if things were alright. I also scared a crew member half to death cause he thought he burned me with the legit torch he was holding. Apparently I have a horrifying scream :D

June: Friday the 1st
The first time I had rice in forever!

The day was rainy and grey. It was also a more easy going day so... Hee hee so cute

It was Ms. Alesia's birthday that day so I went home to so much great food! 
It was funny cause the driveway was packed with so many cars and there were people grilling. A girl who was the daughter in law walked up to me asking if I was there for the party. I felt so awkward telling her "I...I'm staying here..." I guess they weren't told about me XD
I had three plates

Home made ice cream

With homemade chocolate cake. It was sooo good!!

I heard that dinner on set was spaghetti and meatballs. I LOVE spaghetti and meatballs...so I went back to eat and just hang around like two hours after ahaha

Greg and Logan

Quiet on set!
Julie, Shannon, some random guy who was taking pictures, Nathaniel

I was trying to take a picture but I dropped my phone...

Hannah and Isaac

Abi waiting for her cue and Chelsea


It was fun :D

Saturday the 2nd
The first time I finished a bowl of chili in my life

Ugh wonderful home made mac n cheese. It is SO good with sweet tomato sauce. Oh my goodness everyone went crazy!

I was kindly invited to a bonfire at Greg's after shooting. It was so nice cause I always went straight home after I finished. This was the first time I stayed out!  

I made smores on a real bonfire for the first time. It was sooooooo goooood!!


We all spent the night and woke up to a wonderful breakfast!
I was so happy I went cause I finally felt like I made friends that night :3

We stayed up till early morning so I went to sleep when I got back home -w-

I woke up starving and Courtney took me to Raising Cane's for my first time!
This place is a big deal here. Everyone kept talking about how good it is!

They have the best chicken fingers! Made fresh! UGH LOVE IT!

Monday the 4th
So, Hannah was actually supposed to take me to Cane's for my first time because I thought I had woken up too late to go so we made plans. Only to actually go right after! So I didn't tell her that I had it and went that morning again. I didn't mind. I love it! I did eventually confess XD
It's designed interestingly

Shannon who actually did have it for the first time that day!
I want to go back and eat it again T_T

At set for our first and only 16 hour day! I was pumped cause people are funny when they don't sleep!
Meredith who plays Joy, is sooo cute TwT

It was his last day :(

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Thad?*
The floating cup

*Taken by ?*

Swedish meatballs. The only time I will ever eat something related to mushrooms.

I love the pictures Tim takes. He is a genius.
*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*
The last unicorn

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*

Dead Luke

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*
Ninja omelettes

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*
Talking about comics

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*
Trying to picture what Kassandra would look like bald

*Taken by Tim*
Tim's turn

The best part of this post:
*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*

Staying up is so much fun!

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*
Reading Blake's little red book

*Taken by Thad?*

*Taken by Tim*

We spent many of those 16 hours sitting in a cold wet field to get the awesome last scenes of the movie ho ho ho
*Stolen from Nathaniel*


It was also Janelle's last day. Todd's too! D:

After finally finishing, and sleeping a little, I went back out to eat!
We had made plans to go to the Korean restaurant that was there together since we got a day off for the 16 hour day!
Greg's little brother Andrew. He is soo funny!

Logan and his friend Josh being "those people" and not eating >[

Kassandra and I both ordered jae yook bokkeum. It tasted like my mum's!

Greg and his soon tofu

I told him to look happy with his bi bim bap and this is what I got

*taken from Greg*
This was next to the restaurant

We went around looking for black lace for a prop that had to be used the next day but every fabric store was closed! We tried Michael's as well but it was closed too.
Kassandra with Greg's biopticals. Thery are ridiculous! Ha ha ha


So we tried the TJ Max next to to look for things Greg could cut up.

It's for the prop, I promise!


Thad found this awesome skull thing:
So I bought it XD

We gave up and tried Target and Walmart after.
Ahahahaha omg

They recently allowed fireworks to be sold!

I also found:
So I bought that as well cause I finished the second one awhile ago. I love how we went around looking for what Greg needed but I ended up buying things.

Back at Greg's
He has the most random, awesome things in his house. He will have the coolest house ever.

*Taken by Logan*

*Taken by Logan*

*Taken by Logan*

*Taken by Logan*
Ahaha Thad's creeper face

*Taken by Logan*

*Taken by Logan*
Assembling the tv stand he bought at Target

Being classy by himself


Urgh my face has broken out soooo bad since the movie started. My right eye's crease disappeared halfway through the month as well OTL

Thursday the 7th
I just noticed I forgot to take a picture of the blt and macaroni salad I had for lunch...
12 pound roast!

For pulled pork sandwiches! YUM! But eww wheat bread. I've had to eat wheat bread my whole stay XD

Noticed this on the side of the house:
Is this not the scariest thing you've ever seen?!

Thad and Greg were twinsies

I drew faces on some of the crew's thumbs.
Bryce drew on my mine. It's so good! Puts mine to shame D:

Ahaha Alex

Bryce also drew on Isaac's hands

Started going to Greg's a lot after shooting ha ha ha
Look at that amazing camera!! JEALOUS

Friday the 8th
Tim's last day!! D:
His awesome truck tattoo.
He was also just in another indie film that won $10,000!

The last pictures Tim took with my camera:
*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*

*Taken by Tim*

It's sad that I finally started bringing my camera to set as we were finishing filming... So I had to get as many pictures of and with everyone as I could in the last days!
Hannah, the script supervisor

It turned out that they actually didn't need me that day cause the scene we were reshooting was missing Janelle and they couldn't comp it out so my part was taken out as well XD So I just walked around and got pictures while waiting for Kassandra and Tim to wrap because I wanted to say bye!

Sylvia's last day too D:
Does she look familiar as well? You might have seen her in a couple things like the Fat Boy Chronicles. (She was the nurse!)

*Taken by Thad*
Lulz with my yogurt

*Taken by Luke?*
Ahaha Thomas walking in

It was also Kassandra's last day! Ugh

Everyone's gotta get their hugs in!

I spent most of my time with these guys during my stay. I'm so happy that we got to become friendly!

I rushed home so I could have my last dinner with Ms. Alesia and Courtney cause Courtney was leaving for a cruise the next morning!
We went to Outback Steakhouse!

Do other outbacks have wedge salads? It's literally a wedge of cabbage. I thought it was funny.

My pasta

Ms. Alesia had mentioned going downtown after dinner to take pictures of the fountain and whatnot so I only took this quick snap before we left. We went downtown, but we never got out of the car so I never got a group picture... Next time!

Saturday the 9th
Last day of shooting! Nooooooo!!!! D;

Ugly looking kool aid

*Taken by Hannah*

Hee hee Nick

Always working

Ha ha ha Hannah trying to run away


My goal that day was to try to get a picture with everyone!!






Nyam nyam nyam

I thought I took a picture with Isaac... Woops

Omg, ok, this couple is a super couple. They sing original songs together while the guy plays guitar! Whuuut

Back sweat

He looks like he's break dancing ahaha! Oh, did I point out yet that he's the director?




Chelsea. And Thad photobombing


Superman Logan


Shannon's man, Deo

Yelling at me cause I keep taking pictures of her.
So we switched XD

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*
Mid blink -_-

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*
Shannon's man's friend Bryan

*Taken by Hannah*
Ahahaha I ran after him and grabbed him

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*
A day in the life of a cult member

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

Ha ha ha ha

Meg always running around

I had been eyeing this monkey the entire shoot and I finally just took it around that day. I'm so sad I couldn't keep it cause it's fantastic!

*Taken by Fletch*

Ahaha he fell asleep XD



Luke - my love line that never happened cause he dies :/

I'm "like their baby" cause my grey shirt is a mix of their dark one and light one lulz

Abi. Ugh she is so great. She had a fan club among the guys XD

She gave little goody bags to everyone!

The cellar

What was actually slave quarters :X

*Taken by Isaac*

*Taken by Isaac*
AHAHAHA he made it look like it's taking it's own picture!!

Meg. Ugh she is so pretty

Monkey with it's hurr did

*Taken by Isaac*

Fire show!

Last meal all together

My masterpiece

My face...


The Cuban(?) rice

Trying to make it look broken


He made all the girls swoon XD

*Taken by Hannah*

*Taken by Hannah*

I told Shannon that I wanted her to give me the saddest goodbye. How can she be soooo fucking cute?!

The last scene...

Signing a thing to give to Josh

This turned into...

Stone face massage train



Growing even more

The last shots...

Ha ha ha ha

It's over!! We made a movie in 18 days!!!

Everyone loving each other. I tried to keep to myself cause I knew I would cry if I hugged people. I did anyway... and then I cried like three more times that night ;(

*Stolen from director's instagram*

The genius director of photography!

Before heading off to a bonfire

*Taken by Thad*
Greg gave me this jacket! :D

Sunday the 10th
Rachel, who is the girl who is the reason I was able to be part of this whole experience, invited me to go to Orange Leaf with her and a couple other people!

It looks just like Forever Yogurt except orange

I got all the white and pink yogurts for some reason

Look at the shovel spoon! Ha ha!

Back to Greg's house after they finished cleaning the house for the night X3

Orange Taylor

Thad took me to Waffle House for the first time! This place had also been mentioned many times by people. It was described as a "gas station bathroom where you eat waffles that everyone always goes to." Ahaha

Lots of interesting people came in and out.

Pecan waffles

Monday the 11th
Day of the wrap party!
Hannah and I made plans to have Chipotle after discovering each other's love for it.

I always get steak but since it's Kentucky, I got the chicken. We got the one that had just come off the grill! :D

Hers is so green!

Before heading to the party, we stopped by her dorm so she could unpack some things. Thanks to her, I got to curl my hair and put make up on! The first time in a month!! Finally! A day where I don't look like absolute crap! I learned that clampless irons are frikkin hard to use. Took me like an hour while it took her ten minutes T___T

I can't wait to see her again!

The empty house.... So sad!!

Qdoba for dinner... HA!


Gorgeous Shannon, gorgeous as always.

Always working!

Hannah and I finally decided we were hungry enough to eat

Carola and John who played Azra and Edward!
They're so sweet and funny! It's funny cause the woman who was originally supposed to play Azra dropped out and so they called up Carola and asked her if she could do it even though she hadn't auditioned. She had no lines so she agreed and she ended up being in the movie more than her husband! Ha ha ha!

Receiving his wrap gift

*Stolen from director's instagram*

He did a reading of a scene XD

I couldn't keep that other monkey, so Melissa brought me this one to keep! But I ended up not cause when we went back to her apartment to hang, her cat played with it. I'm allergic to cats. Sad. I like em. I want one.

We parted and some of us went to Melissa's for one last gathering.

Ha ha ha Fletch instagramming on my phone

*Taken by Thad*
One by one people parted until it was us four. Sadness.

*Taken by Thad*

*Taken by Thad*
And then Thad had to leave! More sadness!

Kassandra and I spent the night but she left early in the morning. More and more sadness.
Then Melissa and I parted after she dropped me off at the house to pack. :(((

Ms. Alesia packed me a little bag of things to munch on in the bus X3
She then drove me all the way to Louisville to take the greyhound while showing me some of the counties on the way. Saved me twenty bucks! She is soooo sweet! Prime example of southern hospitality!


This little girl behind me kept saying she was flying while we were driving down X)

Now I'm home and back to just bumming around!
My first meal made by my mum in over a month! Not much but was so good! I had two bowls of rice!

Hee hee it is now holding my makeup brushes.

I can't believe it's already been a couple days since I've left Kentucky! I can't believe it happened. It feels like a dream ~_~ I can't wait to see the finished movie...ahhhhhhh..... I hope I didn't ruin it with my lack of talent or skill.... Everyone else was so amazing and knowledgeable and talented and then there was me....  T_T But I had so much fun! This was one of the best experiences I ever had and ever will have! The people I met were so god dang wonderful! I thought I would go there alone and quiet and leave alone and quiet but I actually made friends! I'm so happy! I can't wait to go back to visit XD