Fun with computer

*To the person who asked about earwax:* White people ear wax is like, gooey. That's why they use Q-tips I suppose. While Asian earwax is dry and flakey! I remember when I watched cartoons when I was little and was confused why the earwax was always drawn green and gross. I was like "my earwax isn't like that..."
I actually did something today ^^

Ah my face always looks so stupid when I take my outfit pictures :/ But look at this marvelous skirt!!! It was actually used for costume for the movie but I had been eyeing it since day one so Greg let me keep it!! I was so excited to finally be able to wear it!!

I love tassels X3

I finally went to see the Avengers with Sandy! 
*Stolen from Sandy's instagram*
She saw it already but she really loved it so she watched it again. She LOVES Thor. It was got.deng.awesome!!!

Eva was supposed to watch with us but she didn't come cause she was sleeping -____________-

But she did wake up in time to eat with us!


Stupid Sandy deleted the picture I took of her -______________-

Probably the first/msot greens I've had since I left Kentucky ahaha

Waiting for Eva's mum to get us

We went back to Eva's for the first time since... I think high school! Watched videos that our friend made and then Sandy started watching Sherlock with Eva who already watched it (and probably re-watched it).
I fell asleep.

*Taken by Eva*
Not fapping.

*Taken by Eva*
Like that last day of high school lulz

We photoboothed before we left...a lot

Toon version cause we watched Avengers. Well...at least Sandy and I did

Then we took the ones that take 4 at a time:

Ahahaha what am I doing

LMAO Sandy looks so scared


Must selca before I wash off my hard day's work of putting my mask on wuhahaha

During our long turntable session that morning, Thad told Eva and I about the hangout thing on google+. We were curious so Sandy and I made google+ accounts to try out this "hangout" thingy with Eva. It is so much fun! Thanks, Theddius Lil Ice Ginger Gladiator Maxeemoose!


LMAO Sandy's computer has these awesome background things that she can control!

"50 ways to please your lover"

Thad and his friends Aaron and Nick joined us later. Aaron isn't in the frame :/

Ha ha ha ha the mustache on the life size teddy bear.

Then they left us. And we kept going. These things are crazy funny!

Pedo mustache + glasses


King Baratheon and fam
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