Cult house tour

Thursday the 17th
We all met up at the university so that we could car pool to the set location. While waiting for everyone to get there, Chris, who is a theatre professor at another school, wanted to take a look at one of the theatres. 
Their black box theatre is huge!

The down stairs area that I didn't go down to when I was there for the call back.
So cool!

Finally! We all get to see the house that we're shooting in!

There's a farm behind it!

Director giving us the tour
The crew has been working so hard fixing the whole house up. They found weird things like crack pipes and stuff inside before they started working on it :X
They fixed up everything! 
Piano was already there though

Hee hee hi

You can see the farm from the window on the stairs


What will be my and four three other characters' bed room

That banister is not sturdy at all

Going out to the shed that our cult will be "praying" in.
There are like three shed things in total!

One more picture of the awesome creepy house before we leave!

Lunch time!
The two production assistants Melissa and Hannah & Chris and Abi who are part of the cast!

My awesome wrap and fruit

Went back home to nap cause my rehearsal call time wasn't until around three hours later.

Back to rehearsal with Chris in the university's awesome screening room.
They have those light things on the walls like movie theaters.

Awesome movie chairs with cup holders!

Cook out dinner with the crew and a couple of the cast right after
On the way home, I wanted to get a pack of water and found that Ale8 has their own vending machine here! The store it's in front of is super vintage too!

I had a day off on Thursday and then back to rehearsal yesterday!
Lunch after a short one

I had a break while waiting for the other cast to come so I just wandered around again.  

This is where you turn into to get to the house. It's all hidden and secret like a cult house should be XD
Go a little more and you get to this. You can finally start to see the house.

It's strange seeing me surrounded by green cause I'm always inside with my computer.

They burned some more of the field.

I saw that they added crosses to our "graveyard."

Got back home in time to have my first dinner with my host family!
This is the first time I've experienced one of those dinners where you sit down and pass the dishes around. It's always been a dream of mine! Ha ha ha! XD

My "Amurican" dinner!
Was yummy but I was really yearning for my sriracha sauce cause I use that for steak!

Ahhhh shooting starts tomorrow! 


Greetings from Kentucky

*to Rena:* I dunno if yer seeing my comments on your blog posts? So I'm just trying out replying to yours up here. ^^; Thank you for the compliments! That's funny! It's usually circle lenses that make people look cross eyed more often than not XD
*to Yura:* Ooh~ Yes~ Go for the minor! You can use those classes to relax a little! ^^ Well, you'd still be stressed but still have a release in a way. Ooh I'm such a lip product junkie too! But I have an OCPD thing about using up the products I like least first before using others. It takes me forever to finish one but I keep buying more. Ahhh... I fail. Thank you!

Does anyone know what this drink is? It's called Ale8. I was told it was only sold in Kentucky but a friend told me they sell it in his home town?! I thought I was special for once. Ruined my moment :( Ha ha ha but yes, you may or may not know this but I am currently in Kentucky!

While I was packing, April stopped by to give me this mini care package! D'awww. She is so thoughtful! I should leave the state more! Hee hee~ This is great since I won't be having any Asian food or goodies for a month. Must somehow ration this!

My bus was at 11:15PM. This time I was going by myself so my mum was all worried XD

We got to Indiana early and had to wait for the next bus driver for like 2 hours. They don't let you wait on the bus >.>

Ya, I was bored. I started reading the Hunger Games on my phone but pdf files don't stay open on my phone for some weird reason.

I only wear these slippers at home or work but I wanted comfy things on my feet since I was gonna be on the bus for 6+ hours XD

Got to Louisville, Kentucky at 7:10 ish. Had to wait until 9:40 for the bus to Lexington. Thank goodness I bought Game of Thrones.

An awful picture of the bridges in Louisville. I thought it would blur so I wasn't going to take one but I decided to try it out last minute and this is the one I got. Must take a nice one on the way back!

So I got to the station at 11:20 and was waiting for the taxi man that was supposed to get me. He's the same super nice one that drove my mum and I last time I was here. Unfortunately, he thought I was getting there at 1:20 and made a dentist appointment at 11 so I was stranded at the station for a little. Our phone conversation a couple days before that:
Me: So I'll be getting there at 11:20.
Taxi Man: You'll get here at 12:20? Alright.
Me: ...Yes, 11:20.
Taxi Man: 12:20, right.
Me: Yes, I'll be there at 11:20. 
Taxi Man: Alright sweety, I'll see you on the 15th at 11:20.
So I thought he finally got it. LULZ.
Luckily, a production assistant came and got me around 1 XD Went grocery shopping (really just junk food shopping for me -_-) at what I think is the Kentucky equivalent of Jewels/Dominic's called Kroger's. The bag boys load all your stuff in the cart for you! That was a first for me! Ha ha ha!

After getting lost a little bit, we finally found the house I'm staying at!
My room for the next month.

After meeting Courtney, the daughter of the house, I unpacked, we made small talk, and I kinda helped her bake cookies. I had one and then I went to take a nap. I was sooooo tired cause I slept maybe like one hour the whole ride down here.
Saluting all a goodnight in my comfortable bed.
I napped for like four hours. Was so good.

I then met Courtney's mum, Alisea. She is sooooo sweet! Omg!
My first meal in Kentucky: roast beef gravy with toast & V8 splash. Was good! I was sooo hungry!

So I was supposed to wake up early to shower and be productive but being the idiot that I am, I overslept until 11:50. When I was getting picked up at 12:20!! THANK GOODNESS Ms. Alisea called me then to tell me about the doors for when I left. T_T I don't think I ever got ready so fast in my life.
I look so sickly with my dirty hair and no makeup omg. 
A different production assistant came to get me so she got lost as well while looking for the house so we were a couple minutes late >.<

After a quick rehearsal, I went back home and immediately hopped in the shower.
This is yummy! I wanna take some back to Chicago!

I couldn't find a bottle opener so I used a spoon. And took some skin off in the process. The cap was stubborn as hell! 

Made myself a sammich. I haven't had a homemade sammich since like junior year in high school! Twas good. 

After lunch I went out and explored
Back of the house

I dunno what it is about fences that I like so much

Kentucky is sooo hilly that you can see all the houses that are far away! 

This is how far I walked from the house. 

Then I walked down the road that is in front of the house.
Look at how hilly it is! Can't get over it after living in completely flat Illinois!

All you get in these towns are these narrow roads lulz. There's no side walk so I couldn't really go further. But further down, there are cows!!! :D

Wonder who lives in that huuuuge house

Heading back home

The shed that's just next to the house

I love how the colors turned out! I didn't even edit anything! :D

I think these are the neighbor's kids. When I turned around, they were behind me. I was listening to my ipod so I had no idea lulz. I guess their parents sent them to check up on me cause they asked if I needed help XD

Walking down the road the other way

Look at it's fluffy tail!! XD Well, I guess you can't really cause the picture is small..
I dunno why that last picture is so funny to me

I found this place behind all the trees and such!

Sorry if this was a little boring to you. I just think Kentucky is so beautiful!!!