How awesome am I doing with posting consecutively three days in a row~~? This is totally unheard of for me! Ha ha ha! This is the most I've ever posted in a month!
Went on a date with Eva! Eva's friend won her tickets to a concert. Tina was actually supposed to go with her but she couldn't cause she mistook the day as being Saturday when it was actually Sunday. So I went with Eva instead. Sorry Tina! 

Finally tried Del Seoul for the first time!
Their cool wall thing full of Korean cut outs

Kimchi fries

Eva's kalbi taco and my sesame chili shrimp taco. 
Both were really good but we both liked the kalbi more!

If yer in the neighborhood, you gotta make a stop at Molly's!
Aww Eva looks like a cute little kid. That's why shes kawaii waffle lmao

Her Boston cream

My butterscotch something. It was too buttery for me

The venue:
Eva's name wasn't on the list for some reason and she got really scared/pissed cause she thought we weren't gonna get in. And then our savior, red shirt grey sweater Michigan guy came down the stairs and said we were fine. :D

The openers:

and Cymbals Eat Guitars
I actually liked both bands. The first band made me feel like I was in a dream or something. I really liked the girl's voice. The second band was energetic.

The long awaited Cursive!
Oh my gosh they were soooo awesome! It was the first time I heard them and they were so powerful and exciting and just so fun! I was so in love with the drummer ahahaha! I could not get a good picture of him for my life cause either the lead singer or the audience were covering him!

But omg some of the people there were so fucking annoying -_- There was a group of guys who were obnoxiously drunk and trying to start a mosh pit when obviously no one wanted one. And one of them just threw his empty beer bottle on the ground! It was really lucky that it didn't shatter or anything. Then he continued to dance/yell stupid stuff and push/elbow me. Oh my gosh I wanted to "accidentally" elbow him in the face (-_-)t The girl who was in front of me (somehow me and Eva who started on the right side ended up migrating to the left side of the audience) kept leaning back when she was head banging. I thought she was gonna headbutt me. The girl's friend who is a huge guy fainted during the second openers with his eyes opened like O_O and we all got super scared when he fell on us. It wasn't his fault or anything but then he got up to get more alcohol;;; And some drunk guy elbowed me in the head and juked Eva to death. It was hilarious XD

Our hand stamps

Oh so when Eva and I are together, we always meet interesting people. Not when we're alone or with other people together, just us two. Today was no exception. On the way downtown, these two guys were trying to make people on the train uncomfortable by saying things like "oh man I shouldn't have had that heroin. I should have just stopped at the cocaine," and stupid stuff like that real loudly. On the next stop, an even louder, drunk (at like 4:30PM lulz) gay couple got on and then they started talking to us about alcohol and one of them was hitting on one of the earlier guys and telling the girl they were with how beautiful she was and how she looked like Margaret Cho and how white the other guys teeth were. It was so funny oh my gosh. I regret not taking a picture. But while waiting for the train on the way back, we met Mike from Detroit.
At least that's what we think he said his name was...lulz Friendly guy!

*to Jenna:* Ha ha ha sorry, I know you said not to answer you at the start of my post. So then can I answer you at the end? :D Ha ha ha sorry if this embarrasses you too. I won't anymore if you it does. This will be the last time! I just don't want to ignore you when you leave such genuine comments XD 
But yeahhhh I shall see about that. If it's too embarrassing I probably won't especially since I did such a horrible job. Ha ha ha it would be too awkward to try and keep in touch with them. I'm not very good at that. Especially since we were all pretty awkward with each other >.>