2 posts in one day??

I know I posted earlier this morning at like 5 AM but I felt like posting cause the weather is so nice and it's still light out so I'm in a good mood. And technically, the first post was for yesterday!
This is the earliest I have ever posted! :O I've never posted before like 9PM unless it was super early the next day when I didn't go to sleep yet.

Just practice today.
Ah I wear this sweater so much;;; I think I've posted it like three times on here... But it is SO WARM >.<
Eheeheehee these booties make me look tall XD
I have to hold the chain thingy out of the way every time I have to take a picture rawr

We had a teleconference with the (newly formed?) Traditional Korean drum group in Detroit to help them learn the routine!
So cool!!! It was really funny cause we were amazed at the camera being controlled by the remote! We all flailed! Ahahaha

Keigo's "cool" silhouette 

Nick always brings treats and I finally got to try the green tea pudding!
So cute!
I'm not much of a pudding person... Yet I still left with two more! Ha ha ha;;;

Keigo looks so happy with his pudding


I kept hearing scraping noises and it was Keigo getting every last drop of pudding! 

Sandy and I were originally going to take the train back home but Nick offered to drive us. Oh that kind metro man! 
We stopped by Baskin Robins first. The weather was sooooo nice!!

Ha ha ha Jinny is so cute

Talking about stories so that Nick doesn't fall asleep at the wheel and kill us XD

I leave you with my tired face. Think I'm gonna nap now >.>