Winter break is over T____T

Hi everyone~
I really need to thank you all. Everyone's been so kind to me, giving me encouragement and wishing me well about the whole mess. It's really mind blowing that people who don't know me would even take the time to do so. Thank you so much everyone! You guys make me so happy! You don't even understand! I can't say it enough! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU~!!! I wish I could do something for you all or give something. I am so undeserving of you all. T^T
Ok this will be the last time I sully my blog about the scumbag. 
I really do appreciate all your interest but I want to ask that people stop asking about him. I have a couple reasons: 
1. He's been pretending to be different anons and clogging my formspring saying how nice and good looking he is and then insulting me. I guess I did add fuel to the fire by answering some of them. I mean, if he's gonna call himself an idiot, I'm not gonna stop him, cause he is! But some of them I wasn't sure if it was him or not. How is he 26?! There are people his age who have careers, are married, and raising children! Jesus freaking Christ how do people this ridiculous exist??? As if he didn't look like a complete loser already. @_@ So anyways, to avoid anymore confusion, I'd rather just not get any questions about him cause I'm just going to ignore them. :/
2. Most importantly, I am over it. He's really not something I want to remember or think about and I've already said pretty much everything that needed to be said about it.
You all understand, don't you? :)
Wednesday the 11th
Finally met with the girls all together again. 
It probably only happened because Janet wanted to get her Luview stuff lulz.
We went to Tub Tim Thai!
Pad See Ewe and Thai Iced Tea with green tea tapioca!

After dinner, we went back to my place so I could give them the cupcakes I made with Tina the night before and Janet's makeup. A VCR player finally appeared in the living room so I popped in the Rugrats in Paris movie! :D

Sandy wanted to take a polaroid cause she always brings it but never takes one. She made sure to take one that day.
Rugrats was more important to me ha ha ha ha ha!

Thursday the 12th
The scripts I checked out from the library before winter break were due that day. I wouldn't have gone all the way into the city just to return them but they were also handing out upasses that day. I didn't want to wait in a long ass line on the first day of school so I thought, if someone wants to do something down there that day, I'll get all that stuff done. Luckily April agreed to meet me after she finished school so I did! Unfortunately, every time we play together, the weather sucks so of course that day was the day we had the first day we had heavy snow. It was freezing!
Dinner at Chick-Fil-A! 
I forgot to open the box before taking it. -_- And look at the adorable ketchup packet!!! 

Argo Tea after!

On the train ride home, I finally organized all the stuff on my phone,
It came with so many useless apps but you can't delete them, hence the "fucking useless" folder. But its all on  one page now so yay!

April lent me her DS and Pokemon Black game! Yay!
This is seriously all I've been doing these days. I'm not even watching my shows cause of this XD 
But omg apparently they changed it so that you have to delete the first game before you start over! I was used to the previous game automatically being erased when you select "new game." Now I can't save!! T___T

Friday the 13th
My newer fuggs finally got salt stains.

After work ended, I went to King Spa with Tina! 
I haven't gone there in so long! They raised their prices again and they have so many rules now. :( I couldn't get my kiwi juice cause a tiny cup is $6!!! 
My seaweed soup. There was not one tiny piece of meat in there! I guess I've been spoiled by my mum's.

Really blurry picture of Tina's bulgogi bento. The eggs weren't that good that day either :/

The first selca I took with my phone.
Tina looks so pretty! And then me... So not used to the phone camera!

Tried again after making the lamb heads.
They turned off all the lights cause it was past 2AM.

I kept failing and Tina, being smart, suggested using the mirror. Lulz I'm so dumb.
Yay~ Success finally!

We talked and sweat until past 5! Talking to Tina always makes me feel better about myself. :) 
And then we slept for like 2 hours cause I had to get home early.

Saturday the 14th
The reason I had to get home early was cause I wanted to see my mum off before she left for LA! I almost missed her! She was getting on the elevator when I got off! 
All ready to go! 
Now I have the house to myself for 11 days. I kinda wish I was one of those cool kids who throw parties while their parents are away lulz. But no here I am playing Pokemon ha ha ha ha!

Nothing for today. I woke up at 8 30PM!! I've been going to sleep around 12PM and waking up at night the whole month. I am so screwed for school! It starts the day after tomorrow! Ah!!
Now back to my Pokemon! :D