The power of makeup

*to Jenna:*  Ha ha ha ha I mean you did ask questions and you wrote enough to carry on a conversation. ^w^ Ahhh Tumblr... Whenever people comment and only have a Tumblr I feel bad cause I can't say anything back! D:
Ha ha ha thank you! I feel better already but I'm always sleep deprived during school X3 SLEEP IS THE BEST!!!

You will understand the title near the end of the post XD

Wednesday the 25th

OMG I DIDN'T WEAR JEANS OR GLASSES OR A SWEATER! Upgraded to a cardigan...but still grey ha ha ha ha ha! I wish my shorts were longer but then again I guess that would make my legs look even shorter than they already are >.>
I think that day was the first time I didn't wear my glasses to school since it started! XD

A selca on the train

Getting into the phone picture editing trend. But I hate how my phone camera makes me look!

Mondays and Wednesdays are my fave days of the week cause 2 of the 3 classes are SO FUN!

I filled in for the ajushi at work cause he took a week off. I wish he took off during my winter break so I could take the week and make more moniessss!!! Ha ha! XD
I wasn't very hungry cause I had the other half of the subway from the night before for lunch so dad and I just got McDonalds. I tried:

(My phone ran out of battery before I could take my own picture.)
I saw these on Ellen's blog and I'd never seen them before so I thought it was just an Australian thing but then I saw it on the menu and was like OoO! MUST TRY! They smelled real good like KFC's popcorn chicken but they were bland :/
Oh speaking of KFC, the one on my campus that was also part pizza hut CLOSED!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I was totally craving the famous bowl and went to get it after getting my dunkin donuts hot chocolate to find that the lot was empty! BOOOOO!!! The only way I can forgive this atrocity is if they replace it with an Argo Tea buuuuuutttt that won't happen ;(

Thursday the 26th
I slept in and missed sociology. Ha ha ha ha;;;; I slept in until past 5 again. I really need to stop that but I can just sleep for forever if given the chance!
I did go to Japanese though :D I just washed up, slabbed on some eyeliner, and went in what I slept in. I'm such a bum omg ha ha ha but I never take my coat off in there cause that school is so cold so it's okay! :D

A plain dinner but at least it was my mum's cooking for once!

The beansprouts were bitter so I stopped eating them.

The cupcakes I asked April to get me the day before when she went to Molly's with Sandy and Eva. I had class so I couldn't join. But I forgot that I had work and couldn't get them until the next day. She gave them to me as she dropped me off to class hee hee! She is too nice T__T

Kahlua(sp?) and Peach Cobbler. Molly's has the best the best cupcakes in Chicago in my opinion. They're so moist! Even till the next day and the next and they're the right amount of sweet!

Munched on these through out the night:

My mum brought these back from L.A.. I love beef jerky and I FUCKING LOVE dried mangoes!! Apparently the spicy flavor of this brand can't be found around here so she grabbed a couple to give me. They aren't bad. I like the hint of jalepeno. I don't particularly like this brand cause I wish it was more jerkier lulz! My FAVORITE beef jerky is this Chinese or Vietnamese one that's fruit flavored. My life was seriously changed after trying it for the first time! No other jerkys compare! I need to find it! I haven't had it in like 4 years!! I used to be embarrassed of liking beef jerky cause I thought it wasn't "lady like" and here I am writing a whole essay about it! Ha ha ha ha I used to be embarrassed of a lot of stupid things. >.<

Speaking of L.A., my mum was telling me about these girls visiting from Korea and they were wearing kill heels while touring...on a boat. And one of them fell. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I'm sorry but girl had it coming. I  understand if she was just walking around and wanted to look cute but c'mon yer on a boat! Sigh... native Koreans care too much about looking stylish.

Earlier Today
Galbi for dinner.

We went to Woo Chon. I like this place the best because it has side dishes that I can actually eat. The meat is definitely not the best quality (that goes to Jo Sun Ok hands down) and it's overpriced but for me, I can't enjoy my meal if I just have good meat. I need the sides to eat with it! At Jo Sun Ok, the only side I eat is the water kimchi (I don't like their style of kimchi but my dad likes it so we go there A LOT! T_T) but I need more than just that. Here, I at least have the jji gae, salad, cucumber kimchi, radish slices, and kimchi. I also like their pancake. And soy sauce. LULZ!

Work blah blah blah work.

Before I went out with the father, I took some time to take pictures of makeup stuff!

M Perfect Cover BB Cream Review



Did a pretty good job hiding my dark circles, did it not? And it smoothed out my complexion and the light just glides over my skin and makes it look even! This is one of Misha's best selling bb creams and I quite like it! I think it's my second favorite! I'm so glad the free one matched my skin! It has good coverage and for me, I think it's even better than the Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream! It feels much lighter than the Crystal Cover one too! It has SPF 42 too! Nice~ Pretty packaging and a pump so more points.
The only problem is that the scent is quite strong. It's like baby powdery and flowery like a lot of Korean products seem to smell like. The scents for other make up will go away after application but for this one, I can catch whiffs of it at the end of the day! So if you are sensitive to scent or don't like scented makeup, this isn't for you. If I want better coverage I automatically reach for this but I don't really like smelling like baby powder so:

My Barbie King Size Aqua lenses have reached their dates but before I threw them away, I wanted to use them once more! I decided to attempt gyaru style makeup cause I also had the upper dollywink lashes that I never opened. The biggest points of the style in my opinion are the big circle lenses and even bigger lashes and I have both so why not!

Longest lashes EVAR! They are quite intimidating. I don't think I can ever wear them out! (I took them off before leaving home ha ha ha...) The bottom lashes are such a bother too cause they're individual and I lost one of them! Bah!

So I'm thinking, yeah just some eyeliner, lashes, circle lens, nose contouring, pink cheeks, nudey lips! Yet I still fail OTL My hooded creases make falsies look weird and I put them on a bit droopy. I am totally useless with the bottom lashes too -_-

My eyes are just too small for these lashes. I know they're made long on purpose to extend the eyes but the length is too overwhelming for my smaller sized eyes as well.

But still! The difference of the before makeup and after! What a scam! HA HA HA HA!!

Bah messy hair

I present to you: THE MAGIC OF MAKE UP!

OH! So I came home after work to find this on my table!:

sprinklesugars,one of the winners of the Luview giveaway, sent me a little somethin somethin as a thanks! I feel totally bad cause it wasn't me who provided the stuff! Ah she even put it in a cute box with stickers! The Luview stuff was the first time I ever shipped something so I just bought those bubble envelopes that the post office provide.

It's crazy cause she got me the things that I needed! I recently threw out my liquid liner (K Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner. It SUCKED!) and Queen Helene Mint Julep clay mask and had been too meh to buy replacements and then here was this cute little package with just the things I needed! Not to mention the samples and cute note! Does she not have the best handwriting ever???!

Speaking of the Luview winners, I still haven't heard back from two! I emailed you guys after I shipped them out but I haven't gotten a reply nor have I gotten any of the packages returned. If yer reading, please let me know if you got the package or not!

I should really go to sleep nows. Hair appointment at 12!