In with the new (really long & wordy post)

I have to start off this post by thanking my more than AMAZING friend, Eva
If it weren't for her, this blog would have been gone. 
Richard hacked my blog and deleted everything: the almost three years of posts full of memories and hard work that aren't even his. (You can read more about this later in the post.)
This angel of a friend whom I don't deserve spent 3 hours recovering every single one of my almost 100 posts.
Eva, thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO times forever SO MUCH! I really can't thank you enough. I am eternally grateful and eternally in your debt. You really don't understand how much this means to me. THANK YOU! I FUCKING LOVE YOU! I'll try to take nicer pictures of you now ha ha ha ;) (it's winking and tearing at the same time.) 
Hi all~
I hope Christmas and New Years was good for everyone.
Sorry for the lack of posts. My whole winter break has been spent in my room cause I started watching all these shows (Skins [only first and second season!], Misfits, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, [shamefully admitting XD] Trueblood anyone?) and so there wasn't anything to post about. Also some personal stuff and felt depressed blah blah boring stuff. But that's not important! XD
Look at what I got yesterday~~

So I never announced the winners of the Luview giveaway as I never posted after the second part of my review. I did contact them right away though and finally, here are their prizes!

So these shirts, makeup, and information pamphlets are going to:

The sixth name I drew to give the Crystal Mini Set that I received (and knew I was never going to use) was:

Congrats all of you~!
I'll be shipping these out to the winners on Friday. I hope these products serve you well!

Oh I've never shown the shirt:

Sigh... I really have not been liking the way I look with makeup on these days...

So while on the topic of makeup, I bought some of my first Missha stuff cause they were having a huge sale and were even giving a full size bottle of their famous bb cream which is normally priced $29.99 (only in shade #21 though. hopefully it's not too dark!) with a purchase of any amount for new users! It has a lot of really good reviews so I wanted to try it out. Plus with the huge sale going on, I can't resist! The site is still in holiday mode so I think that offer is still valid. Try it: http://www.misshaus.com/

Such pretty packaging, no? Haven't tried any of them yet though. Don't go out = no reason to touch my makeup lulz

Some random shots while I was absent:

Bored at work.

Sarpinos at like 3 something AM is the best! The deliverman was so nice and all like "Isn't it too late? It's not  good for you :(" Aww

I tried Papa John's for the first time and it was awful! They're located really close to me which is why I ordered from them in the first place instead of Sarpino's cause I was so hungry and I just wanted pizza but somehow it came colder than Sarpino's and it took really long. It tasted bad and was more expensive too. My mum yelled at me to never order from there again lulz. The only good thing about them is that their jalepenos are a lot hotter. But it tasted way better as leftovers XD

Tina made jja jang myun for a pot luck and had extra so she dropped it off for me cause I asked her to make me some on twitter XD It was really good! Way better than the crap some places sell.

I had a Korean drum performance on New Years morning so I went straight home after work so I could shower and go to sleep early cause I had to get to the culture center at like 8AM! I ended up sleeping late anyways. I almost missed the countdown by 4 seconds cause I went to pee! XD First time I didn't miss the countdown in a long time. I was bored so I also attempted one of frmheadtotoe's looks cause I have the same NYX glitter but never knew what to do with it:

Fail. I'm so bad at makeup OTL
What it's supposed to look like:

So the New Year has given me a gift: another chance to be happy!
For those of you haven't read the post below or saw the post that I deleted; I've dumped Richard once and for all! The reason, to put it simply is because he's an immature asshole and I've finally come to my senses. If you'd like a good (and really fucking long) explanation, you can read it here. I wasn't gonna bother even writing about him because he's more worthless than shit, isn't worth the effort of typing, and just his name pollutes my blog, but I think people should be warned. If you're a reader from the Chicago area or know of who we are and one day one of your friends goes "Oh I started talking to this guy named Richard Jungmin Park...," read it, warn them (maybe let them read it too), and save them! And to just anyone who reads it, learn from it. I never want anyone to go through all that heartache.
Relationships make people so vulnerable and so it makes it easier to make bad choices (I did. big time). If yer in a similar situation, get out of it! Don't take that kind of shit from anyone!

What else is new?
Why, for the first time in the 10 years I've had a cellphone, I've upgraded and changed my number!
April says this doesn't look like me. For the first time, I agree with her! XD
I really frikkin hate touch lulz. I also swore to never get a smartphone until I was like thirty because I never use my phone. The only functions my phone needs are: it's pretty, receive calls from mum and dad, and  texting (which I only really use to tweet. And not even to other people ha ha ha ha).
The only reason why I got the Samsung Galaxy S2 is cause I was using:
But there were problems. The color is wrong! I reallllllllly wanted the lime one and the seller said that he had all three colors so I committed to buy. He messages me that he only has the violet blue one even when he listed as having all the colors! -_- But I had committed to buy AND he was selling it for $100 cheaper than another seller. So do I get the color I want for $100 more for a phone that is probably free in Korea, doesn't have T9 texting, and Korean texting is disabled? If I pooped money I would say yes but unfortunately I don't. So I just sucked it up and got it. 
In exchange the seller would look around for a green one and he would give me freebies. I got freebies but he didn't even give me an adapter. -______- Luckily my mum dug one up. 
The phone was seriously sooooo pretty and cute. Korean phones are on a whole different level. The attention they pay to how pretty the inside of the phone is crazy. It puts the phones here to shame. So boring and ugly. 
But the phone was faulty. The LED display in the front wouldn't work when you closed it. When you close it, it's supposed to show the moving lights you pick like a prancing giraffe or man like in the picture or the time but mine, the whole block of lights would just light up. -___________________- Erm. Those lights are  pretty much 70% of the appeal of the phone!!! The seller wouldn't answer my messages. I'm thinking he didn't even look for a green one. So I took it to the resolution center and got my moneys back. ^__^ You might get some bad items but ebay is really reliable. It's not how it was when it first started. I think the seller relisted the item I returned though. He better have gotten it fixed! 

So with this sudden loss of a pretty phone, the most decently pretty phone I could find was the Galaxy S2. :/ But it was available for upgrade and rebate of $150 so I paid even less for this than the lollipop. :D 

These are all (I think) the phones I've had in my life:

My phone history:
Ha ha ha ha I only use Korean phones XD
The top left picture is actually the newer version of the one I had. It didn't have the two flash lights or the mp3 player. It was a really good phone and I remember when I picked it out, the sales guy said I had good style. (It had just come out at that time. X3)
I can't remember what phone I had after that one. It was a flip phone too though cause I didn't like sliders. But then I saw the top right one and it was the only exception. In my opinion it was the best slider phone ever and its my favorite phone out of all of them. But something happened and the keys stopped working. :(
That's when I got the pink one. Very fun and cute phone and I could text in Korean (but had no one to text Korean too ha ha ha) but the usb didn't work so I couldn't take out pictures. Eventually the charging port got worn out so new phone time!
The Ice Cream was really cute and pretty and I enjoyed using it. Sandy became the next person to get a phone that could text Korean so that was fun. But this was an unlocked phone and apparently the unlocked version's front facing camera was disabled. -__- Bummer cause all my other phones could all take pictures from the front. One day the keyboard decided to not work or freeze so I went back to the pink one for a while.
My friend Mark gave me that candy bar looking one that he didn't use anymore so I used that for a while too. Same thing happened with the charging port though. I would switch back and forth between that one and the pink one and even sometimes the Ice Cream cause after leaving it alone for a while, it would work.
I was getting tired of having to maneuver the pink and candybar so that their chargers would stay in and then Ice Cream decides it doesn't want to work but luckily in time, my dad gave me his old touch one to use. (He lost his and then bought that one but didn't know how to use it so he just bought another one of his old one.) I hate touch anything cause it never responds to me and I think it's just plain annoying but I just took it cause it responded to my nails and I didn't have to maneuver anything anymore. :D I ended up breaking it badly and then would juggle with the old three and then two and then just the candybar.
For Christmas I finally got the lollipop, had it for a little over a week, went back to the candy bar, and now we're here:

I mean people say it's a good phone and it's nice I guess. But I'm a frikkin grandma. I never had a smartphone before and don't know how to use it or do anything with it. There are just so many setting options for every single thing and I'm just overwhelmed. @_@ Sandy needs to teach me since she has the international one. I'm having a little fun with it (playing fruit ninja and uno. yes, I am lame. anyone have any app or game recommendations?? :D) and it's convenient I guess.

It might help my blogging be more frequent but I'm so weirded out by taking a picture through a big screen. And just the downgraded quality and color really annoys me. -_-

WOW I blabbed a LOT about just my phones... Sorry, I guess I'm chatty from not blogging in a while.

After work I went over to Tina's to finally get nuggets together after promising to do so for years. I dunno why it was so hard or took us so long to do something so simple. It was so funny because the lady working the drive thru had such thick accent and they couldn't understand what each other were saying. Tina would say one thing and then the lady would turn it into something totally different! XD Tina ordering the sauces was even funnier cause she was getting it all wrong and at that point, I was just thankful if we'd get any sauces. I don't understand when they put a person with a thick accent at the window! Ahahaha

The first picture I ever took with my phone!! :O
We got all the sauces we asked for and more! I've never heard of hot habenero until that night. I think it's that sauce they give out at Chili's with the blooming onion.
Nom nom nom and sauce flower :D

I finally got to meet Tina's hedgie!
His name is Gohan! He's super cute but he startles very easy.

Tina wanted me to delete this picture cause she said her face looked funny but Gohan looks SOOO CUTE!!! XD

Went over Tina's house again cause we both weren't doing anything ha ha ha.

Getting stuff for pho. I love eating at her house.

Home made pho is like a buffet!

Lulz mine is so colorless cause I don't like veggies.

Meatballs were HUGE!

After eating while watching Breaking Bad, we baked cup cakes!

It was so cool cause the brown powder turned dark red! It looked like blood heh.

The top left looks like ketchup ha ha ha. And lulz at the loner cupcake in the huge tray.

They came out really yummy! I don't like cream cheese frosting cause the one time I had it, it tasted like pure cream cheese and I got weirded out but this brand's is really sweet! I really like! Best cupcakes I've produced!