First day of school

Trying to post more often...but I need to come up with a decent post soon cause this post is lame -_-
I got hungry past twelve and I was too lazy to microwave rice so I ordered Sarpino's LULZ
I put so much pizza porn on here these days >.>

My huge first slice! The jalepenos this time were so much hotter so it was better than usual~ OM NOM NOM!

After five hours of sleep I got up and ready for the first day of class!
What I wore today:
It's really not Takutzjin worthy so a cellphone picture will suffice. I haven't done one in so long and I finally have a phone I can take pictures out of so I thought why not :/
My feet live in my fuggs during winter. I need prettier, warm boots. During break I pretty much lived in that and two other sweaters since I only went out to work XD I'm so gross. This is what winter does to me!! It needs to end! 

My first lone selca
First day of school = time to make new friends~~

Heh yeah right. I'm a loner

I was looking through the camera settings and there was this
Kinda cool I think.

I was late to Sociology. Frikkin bus came ten minutes late! The teacher seems really nice. He's laid back and funny. And he's been like, everywhere! 
After that class, I headed back home to the community college that's a block away from where I live to continue Japanese! (My school only offers up to 3.) I've forgotten everythinggggg ahhhhhhh

I had over an hour until class started so I played around with my phone.
My hair totally flattened out after two minutes in the snow this morning lulz.
Argh I cannot take a flattering picture on my phone!

My phone was low on batteries so I just napped in the chair XD

There are only five people in my class! But only three (including me) showed up. The teacher spoke so fast and I was just like "hai..hai..hai.." the whole time ha ha ha;;;

Leftover pizza for dinner and then
for dessert. 
Those pineapples go bad tomorrow so I tried using them up. I still have half the tub left T_T 
They taste better with froyo though.

Gonna go wash and then play Pokemon/watch Detective Conan nows! Weeee~~