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Who thought I'd ever write a post the day right after another post!? :D Definitely not me!

The Mario Tricoci coupon thingy expired today so I thought I might as well use it. I was also really tired of my HORRIBLE HORRIBLE roots. They were down to my ears!
The lady asked me if I ombred my hair and I was just like "...No I just haven't colored it in a really long time..." HA HA HA HA!!

I haven't had totally dark hair in so long! It's so weirdddd! There are some parts that show the brown parts from before that still show. Its annoying >.> But I love the smell of hair dye after its all done and dry!

Oh and can I just say, that Mario Tricoci place is huuuuge!!

Before heading out I took more makeup-y stuff pictures.
Misha Signature Velvet Art Shadow #8 Retro Combination Review
Such pretty packaging!

They swatched really nicely on my hand but they barely show up on my eyes! I know it's a bad picture but still. The sparkly pink and gold colors look the same. Its just sparkly :/ I was hoping the plum color would be more plum-y but it looks more brown. I've heard good things about the other palettes but this one sucks. Pigmentation is poor (this is with a primer!) and there was fallout too. Bah waste of money but the packaging is so pretty and sturdy so:

New Bio Jewelry Brown Review
Ha ha ha my irises are so small so I get a huge halo effect T_T

Color: I dunno if I can say anything about the color since the lenses are for the "teary" effect.
Design: 8/10 I think these are cute but the "teary" parts aren't even on my irises so I don't know if it even gives me the effect. It just looks like there's things on my eyes lulz. 
Comfort: 7/10 These are really thin and comfortable but they dry kinda quickly. Need to keep eyedrops handy.
I got these from kkcirclelenses.com but I don't really recommend the site cause it took a month to get these lenses. Other sites take 1-2 weeks! However, these lenses were only in stock in Korea but they do have some on hand with them in Canada. They do meet ups and stuff so if yer in their area, you can get your lenses right away if you pick from the styles they have with them (the more popular ones).

I took off work to see an improv show that my improv teacher directed, produced, and participated in with my old scene study classmates! 
Paco, who works at the theater right by where I live picked me up after he finished work and we took the train together. I owed him food cause he lent me his voice textbook (I was stupid and too eager to get my money back so I sold mine right after the semester ended even though I would need the same book for voice 2!) so we went to Chipotle!
He is hilarious.

We thought the show was at Second City but it was actually in Piper's Alley which was two doors down. I think the buildings are connected though? The building was so cool inside!
It was funny but it was very short. Only 45 minutes! :(

The three of them signing up for a chance to become students and perform!

Patrick was hungry so we went to McDonalds.
Look at the tiny parfait!!! 

Trying to look like I have friends from school. And HAHAHAHA PACO!! Naomi has pins in her hair cause she had to get it ready for her photo shoot tomorrow!
We ate and then talked for a bit. Well...they talked and I listened mostly lulz. I'm still a bit shy around them. They are so funny T_T

Waiting for the train home in the tolerable cold!
The one time I don't work on a weekend night, it ends early OTL

Oh so Dumbfoundead and DJ ZO were in Chicago again and performed at Northwestern at the same time as the show! T__T Guess I'll have to wait for next year~ But its funny cause I wore the same sweater today as I wore to Dumbfoundead and DJ ZO's show in 2010! Ha ha ha ha!

Gonna go read till I fall asleep nows~