Hi everyone!
I'm so sorry this is so late. I really meant to do this earlier but theres just been a lot of personal stuff going on and I was bed ridden for a few days this week so..Yeah...But im here at work doing this now! Must make it before the date ends for the giveaway so more people have a chance to enter! I'm sorry it was super rushed cause I took all the pictures and stuff right before work >.< So its uglier than the last one ha ha ha ha But I really did want to review the last three items cause my favorite is in the there!

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Real Skin Primer BB Cream

This only comes in one shade. Do you see how thin and I guess, watery it is?


Gah I've broken out a bit cause of my magic this month and cause I tried epilating my face XD

After (product on only half the face):

Can you see how my skin is more even toned and a lot of my redness from blemishes is gone? My skin also looks brighter and my pores and blackheads look less noticeable.

Price: $18.00
*They're still having the 50% off sale so all the prices I list, you can buy for half that price from their site!*
Ok. I am soooo in love with this! I have totally shunned my Lioele BB cream and the ones I received in the package ever since I tried this! I was using this everyday/every time I go out. Just this. The coverage is light but just enough for me because I've never gotten full coverage from any product before and I just use concealer for spots it doesn't totally hide. The primer makes your skin feel so smooth and soft! It's so light that I forget that I've put anything on. It doesn't even look like I put anything on! It looks soooooo natural! Best of all, it doesn't make my forehead (the driest part of my face where all product looks cakey) look cakey or powdery! I'm also not oily at the end of the day. This has become my holy grail! I'm only taking off a little because of the packaging. I wish they kept it in their pump packaging cause I don't really like squeezing out product. It might be this way because its so watery though. Also, I'm taking off cause of the scent. Its not an unpleasant scent but not a pleasant one either. I don't know how to explain it. But you only smell it when it comes out of the bottle and its also very light. I am going to buy this for my whole life now!

Lemon Balm Bubble Cleansing Foam

I only use this tiny bit...

And its enough to lather my whole face! And there's still a bunch on my scrubbing thing.

There was actually a lot more foam but it died down as I was trying to take a decent picture XD

Price: $9.12
I honestly don't know how I feel about this one. It does its job yes. But it doesn't give like, a squeeky clean feeling or like a super hydrating feeling. It's kinda like, there's a layer of something that's keeping my face from feeling dry. Its hard to explain. You can try it for yourself for $4.56 if you buy it while they're still having the sale! :D It's also a great bargain since there's 120ml of product in there and you only need to use the tiniest bit. The scent is light and a bit herbal-y?

Aqua Essence Whitening BB Cream

Only one shade for this as well. The consistency is similar to the primer bb cream. Watery! Agh dry hands

I remembered that I didn't take a before picture as I already dot it on

But you can still see my natural skin XD


Price: $13.80
This is my favorite after the primer bb cream. It feels like it too but this has I think slightly more coverage. Its still light though. Its very similar to the first one to me but surprisingly, its less moisturizing than the primer one for me! It also feels like I have nothing on. Just smooth skin! I'm not oily either! I think mixing this one with the primer one will be amazing! I'm definitely trying that out soon! I wish I tried this sooner so I could have tried mixing them already. Another surprising thing was that this one had the strongest scent. Its a kinda like baby powder and something else. But that goes away too after putting it on. :)

So these are the last of the products! I really recommend the Real Skin Primer BB Cream!
I hope a couple more people enter! I really don't have that many entrants XD