Food food food food food

Updating later than usual. I got home late XD

Tuesday the 29th
It was soooo cold that day especially cause my insides were all empty so I gave in and went to Panera to get soup. I like Panera but I hate paying for it. A tiny sandwich should not be $7! But they do give a lot of salad for Pick 2.
I really liked the BBQ Chicken Salad. And ha gingerbread man peeking out from back there.

Really hard gingerbread man and really awful peppermint hot chocolate. It tasted like really watered down chocolate milk! :/

I went to meet Sandy at Argo Tea after class so we could head to Sumi unni and Yunho oppa's house for her surprise birthday party together!
Getting ready

Party hats that choked us

Their apartment was decorated all pretty for Christmas. So pretty! But we were afraid we were gonna step on and break the lights on the ground XD


Yunho oppa's friend, Lily, and June. All whom I met for the first time that day.

Surprise!!! She came back from work X3

Seeing this now, I realized I spelled her name wrong on the polaroid;;; Woops

Yunho oppa made everything! Well besides the fried rice but still! I don't like raw sushi but all those were good! Especially the squid!
Lulz they look like a couple! But they're brother and sister XD Yunho oppa's friend is hilarious!

*taken by Yunho oppa*
LMAO his friend!! And aww Sumi unni's face got covered D:

They always burn my bacon :(

I stayed after class for another shoot. It was pretty ridiculous but it was funny and took less than an hour. Since I stayed later, I decided to just watch the new big stage production at school. April came down from school to my school so we watched it together! :D
I really liked it! It was so funny! But some parts dragged and it was a bit confusing in the beginning. Still liked it a lot though!

Wing Stop cause it was the only thing that was open. The play was really long! Terriyaki on top and Cajun on the bottom. They were a lot better than I expected!

I'm sorry if this post seems a bit rushed. It's 2:04 AM right now and my shift starts four hours earlier tomorrow so I need to go to bed X)