Happy Thanksgiving! & Craptorial

Hi everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a great time with your families and eat till your pants explode! I actually don't do anything with family or have a meal or anything. The closest thing I do to doing anything Thanksgiving-ish is have the leftover turkey and stuffing and stuff that my mum brings from work. I eat by myself and that's it. Lulz depressing, no? So you all better be having a better holiday than me~!

Thursday the 17th
After blogging, I had instant udon that my mum made me for dinner. So good! Instant noodles is all I eat! This is why my cholesterol is 197 LMAO. I'm going to die before I reach 30.
Yum yum yum with chongak kimchi. Its literally translated to "bachelor" kimchi. Years ago I was watching "The King's Clown" (that real famous movie with Lee Junki) and I realized that its probably called bachelor kimchi cause it looks/is shaped like a penis. LMAO random fact

Sunday the 20th
We celebrated Sandy (11/10) and Kiran's (11/25) birthdays! We just walked, ate, walked, got Argo Tea, and ate some more. XD
Sandy got to pick the cake so Kiran got to pick the place we ate at:
3763 North Southport Avenue Chicago IL

Sorry, the pictures aren't so good. The only lighting I had were two candles! Lulz The bathroom was almost pitch black too. I was blind.
The very bitter and healthy salad. Of course I didn't enjoy this ha ha ha

I didn't feel like reading the menu and I didn't know what anything was so Eva, Kat, and I let Kiran and Sandy order whatever. We just ate XD
Some kinda sirloin steak

Alfredo ravioli

Some other steak with spinach inside. They were all real good!

So Sandy wore these crap mid heels and they were hurting her feet so she had to kind of do this jogging thing to keep the pressure off the front of her toes and stuff. It was so funny!

Cake back at my place after grabbing Argo Tea
Yum yum yum I like Le Sucre's cakes the best!

I told them to wait for me to pull my camera out but they didn't! >[

Ha ha ha I told her to recreate this picture:
This is my most favorite picture of Sandy ahahahahaha

They look like a couple! Ha ha ha! And Kiran's arm hair looks like a sleeve tattoo! LULZ And Sandy forgot her age and wrote "We're 21!" Lulz

LMAO EVA! On the back they were supposed to write what's wrong with them in the picture. I need to get the self timer one! >(

Twas a really fun night! Too bad we all had school the next day! Except for Kat who was on break already.

Wednesday the 23rd
I decided to skip class again >w< I'm a bad student! Heh heh heh

Random circle lens review cause I took these that morning!
EOS New Adult Brown
This is the most unflattering picture;;;
Color: 7.5/10 They look a bit more yellow on me than gold? Which is what I liked about them when I saw them on other people. They look really nice on other people but are really unflattering on me :(
Design: 7/10 I don't like pixely lenses. I don't know why but these are more pixely on me than other ones I've had in the past do.
Comfort: 5/10 I don't know if one of the one I got is defective cause when I put one in my left eye, it was perfectly fine! Comfortable, didn't feel like anything! But the one in my right bothered me sooooo much! Almost to the point where it kinda hurt. Which is strange because it's always my left eye that feels any type of discomfort. :/
I'm not even gonna put enlargement anymore cause I'm always gonna say 10/10 XD
I got these from honeycolor.com by the way. A lot of the formspring questions I'd get was asking where I got my lenses from so I'll start posting that too.

Tina picked me up to go to Mitsuwa! Hadn't gone there in soooooo long!
I got a Gabutto Burger
Bbq Pork Burger

It was TINY! I got full thanks to the Apple Yogurt Shake though.

Tina with her Donkkatsu and Kat with her Terriyaki Burger

Eva with her Katsudon and Janet with her coffee. She was really tired so she didn't feel like eating. We all haven't seen Janet in forever!

I spend sooooooooooo much money every time I go to Mitsuwa! I spent $12 on bread alone!
My 호빵맨 bread with red bean. I also got a curry pan and that chocolate panda one from last time but I didn't take pictures XD

We went back to Janet's to play board games. April joined us.

Tina lost UNO
*stolen from April*
Lulz rainbow unibrow, crummy Hitler mustache, a heart, green whiskers, and Janet's attempt at drawing an eye on her eyelid like Johnny Depp had in Pirates.

*stolen from April*
And then they just wanted to draw on Janet's face. Can you see Eva's Link/elf? Ha ha ha

I also spent $15 in quarters at the capsule machine! I finally finished series two of the Marvel chibi figurines! Gah! I just plopped down in front of it like it was slots/pachinko! Lulz
What I have of the first series. I lost Spiderman somewhere D; I also never got to finish collecting until they released the second series!:
Which I just finished! I have two Dr.Dooms so Dare Devil is standing on top of him. I like Venom the best!

All the ones I have now minus Spiderman. I have to find him!

I close this entry with a tutorial.
But wait!
I really need to apologize because it's absolute crap! I don't have a camera so I had to use my webcam so the quality is shit. To add to that, the mic on my laptop can't pick up any sound! I'm also a total noob at editing. This is the first time I've ever recorded myself or edited! I don't know how to do anything! Please understand! People kept asking and I felt bad that I had to keep rejecting so I just tried making one. I'm sorry! I really tried!


Worst update ever...

It's Thursday~! Which means it's time for me to blog! But...
This post post is complete shit...
I've done NOTHING!
Omgah this is such a waste of a post... I'm embarrassed to post... But I have to cause it's Thursday. I don't want to stray from my once a week posting schedule. Sorry for the crappy-ness of today's update! I'll make up for it next week cause we're celebrating Kiran and Sandy's birthday! :D
Friday the 11th
How was your Peppero Day?

Or 11/11/11?
I was so confused as to why people were making a big fuss on this day and then I realized wayyy late XD

Monday the 14th
I needed a champagne bottle as a prop for my scene in scene study so I had to finish a bottle:

I'm so classy

With my Welch's Sparkling White Grape Juice! Lulz

And this is the end of my post....OTL
Lulz omg I'm so sorry for wasting your time! Forgive me as I leave you with a picture of my favorite pizza that I had on Tuesday:



I've got butterflies...and an afro

Friday the 4th
I had to write a paper on an outside speech so I had to miss work and see a guest speaker. The last person who came before the due date was:
Bob Sirott!
He's the co-anchor of Chicago's 9 o'clock Fox news and also my school's alumni.

Monday the 7th
Waiting for my shift to start.

Wednesday the 9th
My phone is six years old and falling apart so sometimes it disconnects from the charger if its moved the slightest bit. That happened in the middle of the night and then died while I was sleeping so there was no alarm to wake me up and I overslept! D: So I didn't go to class again. Lulz

Also, I pin curled my hair the night before. I made the curls wayyy too tight and I did it when my hair was damp so...disaster:
LMAO it was awful. It was so painful brushing through my afro/french monarch wig.

When your hair is crap, wear a hat! That's one of the few good things about winter.
But hats make my face look bigger and rounder D:

Finally got to watch Clybourne Park! I heard so many great things about it and my Scene Study teacher is in it!
There she is!

It's awesome that the teachers at my school are working professionals. This is the first time I've seen an instructor working their craft!

It was AMAAAAZING!!!! I cried three times. So cleverly written and just...just FANTASTIC! Definitely up their in my favorite shows list! <3 If any Chicago-ans are reading, please go watch it! You will not regret it! It closes this Sunday!

It snowed!!!!!
Lit class was actually really funny today. We talked about image and that led to a lot of random things like porn LULZ. We got to watch scenes from another acting class and they were funny and good! Also learned of new plays to read! Yee!

So I shall end this post with a circle lens review. Haven't done one in a while!
Butterfly Brown
bathroom light and flash cause my bathroom light SUCKS!

Color: 10/10 These are super vibrant! You can be in dim light and you can see the bright gold color! I could even see the lines clearly in the reflection off of a painting!
Design: 8/10 Really interesting and quite pretty but unnatural. I got them more for the gold color.
Enlargement: 10/10
Comfort: 8/10 These are way more comfortable than the angels but a tiny bit drying. Nothing eye drops can't fix!


Halloween in Champaign

Happy November everyone!
I'm back from Champaign and ready to share~~~!
Now to continue where I left off!
Friday the 28th
Artie was nice and picked us up from the terminal and drove us to Loria's apartment! We were suuuper hungry and were so happy to see:
Seoul Pizza! It was so good! But so expensive! Sandy had five frikkin slices LULZ

Stacy was there too! Enjoying her coffee milk. She's such a nice and funny girl!

Blurry Jessica

Blurry Artie

Blurry Loria's boyfriend

Frowny fish lulz. They're filled with red bean. Mmmmm~

After we ate we went to Walmart. While people were partying, we were shopping at Walmart....;;; Lulz

Sleepy time!
We slept on the widest bed in the world. The ground! Ha ha ha ha we looked funny so we took polaroids.

Saturday the 29th
Kimchi fried rice and eggs.

Sandy kept eating chips

We all got ready and then we took pictures :D
Lulz Jessica having a photo shoot with the sisters

We took group pictures while waiting for Artie to get us
LULZ the test shots ha ha ha ha ha

Try #1

Try #2

Lunch time~!
Finally got to try the lasagna roll!

We got ten rolls!

The owner gave us this one for free. It was interesting cause it had banana inside. I liked the crab. I ate them separately though XD

Dessert at a froyo place called Berri? cause they had the poppers.
They had all these cute figurines that move! So cuuute~~ But we weren't allowed to take pictures :(

Original with yogurt poppings and mango. Not my fave place for froyo.

After, we stopped by Walgreens this time cause Jessica wanted her Dove conditioner. She is obsessed with the smell. She kept smelling her hair! So after we got home, Sandy went with Stacy and Loria to their Korean drum practice while Jessica showered and I slept. Then we ate and got ready for Kevin's birthday/Halloween party.

I'm always too lazy to dress up so I just curled my hair (badly) and put red lipstick on and said I was kind of a pin up girl lulz. I also added a mole XD
Quick picture

And then I wanted group pictures!
Test shot lulz

Lulz Jessica was the only one in our group who dressed up.

More selca-ing! XD
LULZ Stacy is too funny

I cannot do the rotten smile for my life lulz

At the party
Tina! Lulz we look like we aren't close friends

I don't know why I stand so awkward

Kevin is so nice drunk ha ha ha ha

Took so many of Tina and Enrique cause she could not be satisfied! Lulz

There were SO many people in Kevin's apartment so we all just went into Trevor's room and had our own private party ha ha ha
More Tina

Loria laughing at me cause I forgot to take the lens cap off when I was about to take pictures of them.

Sunday the 30th
Last day in Champaign!
I forgot to take a picture of breakfast but Loria made us bibim gooksoo with a hard boiled egg! Yum~
I thought Loria still needed to make ho dduks for fundraising so I asked if I could help but in fact the fundraising was over and she thought we could just make them! Lulz it was fun though XD
Family in the kitchen. Stacy back there making a cake cause it was a Korean drum member's birthday.

Finished ho dduk! I made them for the first time!

Stacy worked so hard on mixing the mix! Lulz
I have to remember not to make my gifs so big cause the quality turns awful.

Loria's boyfriend bought us all lunch before we left. So nice! :3
Family picture lulz. I felt like we were a family with Loria being our mum cause she took care of us and cooked for us. She was such an awesome host! I had eaten the best I ever had in those three days. I haven't had all three meals since I was like 12! Ha ha ha ha!

Monday the 31st
Bart sees you~ This is what I got at Walmart hee hee

Skipped school cause my speech teacher let us off for Halloween and I didn't want to just go for one class twice in a week. :D

My dad forced me to get a flu shot. I haven't gotten any shot or gone to the doctor since 2008. I didn't cry this time ha ha ha ha ha. I had my blood drawn on the other arm. Correct me if I'm wrong but I heard that the white stuff on the bottom off the vial of blood is the sugar. So...half of my blood vial was sugar....LMAO

I skipped school on Tuesday too XD So this week was so nice and short :D