an ugly post

happy october everyone!
unfortunately im greeting the new month with a some what bad post :/
but im sure you all are used to my posts being shitty hahaha!

SATURDAY the 1st
i had the AIDS walk. sandy eva and i woke up super early to meet at the station at 6 something. was so COLD and i was so SLEEPY! oh, i took my camera but i didnt take any pictures cause i was too cold lulz i regret it though cause the course was really pretty! the sun came out and the lake was glistening. boo. next time! so all these pictures are stolen from sandy >:)
lulz i was not in the mood. cold makes me crabby and antisocial

lulz i had to put this in cause she looks so cute with my glasses. she looks like a true nerd

at the walk
there were soooo many people!

lulz i was like this the whole morning until after i really started getting into the walk

we got to walk through the tunnels! it was cool!

i really like walking so 3K was nothing! i ditched sandy and eva to get to the front. (we started near the end)

lulz my stupid smile. team loyola! even though i go to columbia!
those red shirts were so warm! its made of that athletic material. i forget what its called.

TUESDAY the 4th
i had to bring my laptop with me so i could finish a paper before class lulz
im lucky i had it cause i had to wait for my scene partner after school to practice our scene. i had like 2 and a half hours to kill. i had absolutely no makeup on that day so i thought of something.

people have been telling me to stop calling myself ugly. thank you, i really appreciate that you care for my self esteem! <3 but really, you can see for yourself why i do now lulz. im really just a plain jane and when i dont have makeup & photoshop, im even worse!




uneven eyes, bulbous nose, awful dark circles, no symmetry at all, etc, etc.
and this is with an angle and bad quality! imagine if i took this with my dslr! D: yeesh!
the magic of makeup, circle lens, and photoshop! where would i be without them hahahaha
now you cant say that i shouldnt! XD

sorry about that unpleasantry

tried basha! its pretty much the home style version of pita inn!
beef schwarma

my chicken schwarma
the schwarma here is better! the meat isnt as salty and the rice isnt bland!

my fatouch salad, falafel, and pita & hummus in the back <3
the salad tastes the exact same as pita inns but i like pita inns better cause its not just a side there ha ha ha
their garlic sauce is soooo strong! i never understood why people say garlic is hot until then! it gives you kicking breath lulz. i liked their yogurt sauce though!

and this concludes my post;;; what a terrible way to greet the new month D: