my dates

So September was the last month of my Mr. Diary so now I've moved onto this planner:
Still using the bookmark though XD

SATURDAY the 22nd
I had a date with Tina~~ We went to an Indian buffet but I was so dumb and forgot to take my camera! T___T It was really good! After we ate we went to a thrift store near my work for pieces Tina could use for her Halloween costume! I found this:
This was the movie that I missed most from my lost collection of VHS movies and it was there so I bought it! I got it for $1.01! Back when I would buy these weekly, they were like $20! Oh mannnn

So on Sunday I knocked my laptop off my couch and broke the charging needle AGAIN.

But on Monday I dropped it off and got it back on Wednesday!
I'm also happy cause this week has been good to me! I was on time to my classes all week as well lulz.

TUESDAY the 25th
Had a date with Sandy! Her dad who works at a sushi place had a ticket for 2 people to a private tasting event for the newer version of the restaurant! Her mum couldn't go so she told Sandy to take me :D It was AWESOME~~~
The place was so modern and nice

The cork menu

We ate soooo much!
Asian Nicoise
It was so soft and the dressing was soooo good!

Crab Cakes
These were the fluffiest, crabbiest cakes ever! The mango sauce with it was really nice too!

Uni Shooters
First time I ever tried sea urchin. It was interesting. Wouldn't have it again lulz but I had to because just one is $7 and we didn't have to pay for anything and we had to take advantage of such a great opportunity!

Duck Tatami! Juiciest duck EVAR!

Asian Chimichurri Steak! I loved the potatoes

The soy sauce is so cute heh heh

Nigiri Moriawase
First time I had raw sushi. I died. I don't get how people like it so much >.> I wish I liked it though

White Heat

Green Turtle Roll
Was too much wasabi in the wasabi mayo >.< Hate wasabi. We liked the kitchen food better than the sushi :D

Beef Skewer. I forget it's real name

Spicy Edamame
I like regular ones better. We should have ordered these in the beginning. We waited like 15 minutes for it and we didn't finish it cause we had been eating there for 2 and a half hours and we had to go! Lulz

They forgot to put the skewers on it ha ha ha
Yeah.. We only paid tip :D

We had to leave but we had to take polaroids first~Hee hee
We matched :D

Blurry picture of the front

The older one. It's so cute!

Pinkberry for dessert! Finally tried it!

So currently I am writing this at Sandy's sister's house. I'm in Champaign! We're all in one room and everyone's talking about different things so that will explain why my writing is weirder than usual.
At the station waiting for the bus.

So I'll be here for Halloween weekend again. I'll actually take pictures this time! I should get off the computer nows. We're going to Walmart. I'll see you all next week~