this is quite sad really

okay i am going to apologize in advance. this is the WORST post i have ever written. it is complete shit. im so sorry! OTL
i just..i just havent done anything besides go to school and do schoolwork and bum at home;; 
next weeks post will make up for this one! i can promise you that! im actually doing stuff this weekend. i might even post earlier than thursday cause im so excited! but depending on my work load, we shall see!
but again, so sorry for this post. i just didnt want to miss a week after ive been so good about it D:

lesson for today: dont buy cheap candles.
that is a burn and a BIG crack


so my mum made fish one night and it stunk up the whole apartment so my mum was asking if i had anymore candles around but i didnt order from diamond candles this month cause i was dumb and forgot to skip this month on jewelmint and got charged! D: but they let me off this time and refunded me so i think i will purchase one after i finish writing this post! anyways~ i happened to find an old candle i got from walgreens and she used it cause we didnt have another choice. i forgot and let it burn through the night (i do this with my other candles) and i woke up to ^ -___________- dried wax is annoying to clean so i still havent and that happened last weekend ha ha ha ha! i dont think my mum has noticed yet. so yeah, dont buy cheap ass candles! this might happen to you! >:/

the night before wednesday, i stayed up till 4AM writing a paper and slept only four hours. i need like over ten to function so when i got home i thought "ill nap for one hour and get everything done after" so i went to nap and ended up waking at 7AM the next day! missed dinner D: so as soon as i finished class i went to eat before i dropped dead
why did i cover up the colonel? i really dont think anymore when im taking pictures;;
i used to eat popcorn chicken ALL the time when i was little. it was the first time i got it in like 12 years :OOO i love kfcs honey bbq sauce. actually, i just love kfc in general<3

so ALL week my allergies have been attacking me like crazy! i am going to die from them
my nose turned into a faucet and would NOT STOP RUNNING!! i kept sniffling and blowing my nose in the library. i must have been the most annoying little shit ever.

in the four hours i stayed at the library after my lunch, i managed to get absolutely nothing useful done. i played sims and words with friends and everything else on the internet and this.
im blue. eww my smile lines >.> now you know why i always blur my mouth out D: are there botox injections that can fill them??

so i got hoop earrings again. the first pair were huge so i had to get smaller ones. and then i realized they just look really bad on me D;

this is the end of my post..........;;;;;;;
IM SO SORRY! *runs away*