i think this makes up for the last post! (lots of pictures and lots of writing))

it is sooooo much better than the last post! thank goodness! i had an eventful weekend/couple days this week so this post is way longer than the ones ive been writing. nothing like my old ones with 1-300+ pictures though XD
anyways! too much talking! lets start the post!
FRIDAY the 23rd
met with april for the first time in FOREVER cause she chose to take me to the chris brown concert she won tickets for! :O wahhh thank you so much april<3 omgah. it was my first american concert ever so i was excited!
i met her at her school and she bought me joyees
her watermelon lychee and my almond milk tea

my pineapple and chicken and shrimp fried rice and her unagi fried rice in the back
this joyees is wayyyyy better than the one in evanston and china town! the pineapples were actually sweet and juicy!

waiting in front of her school for her mum to pick us up! i met her mum for the first time and she was pretty and really outgoing and funny!

oh, i mistakenly thought that i couldnt bring my camera so everything that day was taken with aprils iphone. i was so sad when i found out i coud have brought it all a long!

i didnt know that it wasnt just chris brown until i saw the first performance. it was the F.A.M.E tour. tyga opened the show but we missed that because we were late. its ok cause i dont know who he is and supposedly isnt that good? XD the venue was SO FAR! it wasnt even chicago anymore so it was funny when the performers were all "hello chicago!! im so happy to be here tonight!" when we were in the middle of nowhere lulz
we arrived as the next stage was getting ready and it was kelly rowland!!! (destinys child) sorry, no picture. i thought april took a picture but i guess not? a girl was crying when she came out! ha ha ha aww! she was soooo good live! actually, all the people i saw were really awesome live. great performers! apparently jennifer hudson and michelle williams were there to watch and support too!

t-pain after. you wouldnt expect it from all his autotune but he was really great live too! his singing voice is really nice! like i can see him singing oldie stuff! i also think he had to learn how to dance since the main is chris brown! lulz he was shuffling and stuff. hes got a sense of humor. i liked his part

you cant really see well but those streaks are rain! in that one area of the roof, there was a waterfall and it was falling onto the seats! poor people who had to move! but even poorer people who had lawn tickets because their "seats" were literally the lawn! and it started raining! and they werent allowed to bring in their umbrellas and had to buy ponchos from the concert gear stall for $5! we had pretty nice seats for free tickets so lucky us! >.<

whilst waiting for the main stage. it took a while. april was like "oh man im getting anxiety." cause chris brown was about to come out! ha ha ha ha it was cute
ive recently come to the realization that i look like a dinosaur. i have such a big mouth and teeth! ha ha ha!

hate flash

a couple videos of chris brown. i like the second one better. its the finale and it was AWESOME!
light suits! the stage lights through out and the suits at the end were soooooooo pretty to watch! it was nice cause i really like lights and sometimes, i watch the lights instead of the performer lulz
but man chris brown is incredible! he danced soooo much soooo well but he still sang live realllllly well! he didnt sound out of breath or anything! amazing! and speaking of dancing, the backup dancers were amazing too! i dont know how its possible for bodies to move like that *O* great great great show! had so much fun! me and april stood on top of the seats! ha ha ha ive never done that cause i dont want to be a bitch and block people behind me but i did and i felt bad and couldnt turn around >.< but when chris brown came out, everyone was doing the same ha ha ha

so at the end of the show april decided she was gonna buy a sweater so we waited in a big blob around the stand getting squashed by angry people who wanted their concert shirts. it was crazy! there were four people serving like 100 and they took their sweet ass time! these people must not know about customer service or something because it took a ridiculous amount of time to get one person to walk up to a shirt, grab it, take your money, and give the shirt. like wth. the blob was getting loud and rowdy. so much swearing and sass. it was quite funny. but come on! getting a shirt should not take 20 minutes!

at home
ate my leftovers from joyees and watched stuff. went to sleep at like 8AM. twas a good night! <3

SUNDAY the 25th
went to the culture center with sandy for:
he looks much better in person ha ha ha. mr.garrison had lots of good things to say but i kept zoning in and out. i was so sleepy. woops

so that day was originally when we were supposed to have jessicas birthday dinner but she wasnt feeling well so we rescheduled. sandy and i went to water tower to get her present instead.
we were sooo hungry so we got baos
gotta get them hot asian buns

sandy was craving noodles so she got peanut something noodles. they were so cold but pretty good. just so cold ha ha ha! they tasted like a thai version of jjol myun

i got five baos and a hibiscus iced tea. the tea was disgusting. i cant even explain the taste
bbq pork

teriyaki chicken, mongolian beef, kung pao chicken, and thai curry chicken
i like the curry chicken and bbq pork the best. mongolian beef would be up there with the two but it had too much cilantro.

so awhile ago i was raving on twitter about how excited i was about topshop finally opening in chicago and when it actually did, i totally forgot until i walked into it! ha ha ha!
i didnt buy anything that day but i finally decided that i will go back to get a pair of pants i was eyeing that day >.< this store makes me so sad. i cant wear trousers cause my legs are so damn short! even for the petite sizes! i dont like rolling the legs up and i dont wanna spend more money on a tailor. sadness D;

also found out a forever yogurt opened right on the way to water tower! so i finally got to try it!
the place is sooo small so it had less flavors and it smells like wet rag >.>

lulz ours looks the same but i barely get any yogurt but max out on the fruits. this is how i get my fruit intake. sad. and pricey!

eating/waiting for the train in the station
lulz its just a fruit salad with melted yogurt topping pretty much

forgot to write "in train station". she made my face look ginormous!!! grrr

so i tried to have revenge
but her face is fawking tiny so didnt work out
my eyes were insanely uneven that day too;;;;

ha ha ha ha my feet

oh so on this day i think i decided that i would join her and eva at the AIDS run & walk this saturday!
they wanted to be more involved in school lulz. its something important to me and i really liked my experience from a breast cancer walk a couple years ago so i wanted to do it too! im posing as a loyola student >:) would anyone like to help? do you have any change or an extra dollar to spare? if you want, you can click this and you can donate that! you just have to click the "sponsor me" link, check "other" and put in the amount! a dollar or even a penny is good! i would be so thankful! <3

TUESDAY the 27th
jessicas birthday dinner was rescheduled to this day. we all met up after school
the essentials of acting class: blocks!

i got rained on (i never carry an umbrella) so my hair went flat :(

smirky smirk

so i ended early and i had like an hour before sandy and jessica would get downtown so i went to argo tea!
my green tea strawberry creme! it was incredible the first sip! then it was just good after ha ha ha

view from where i sat

and finally!:
my first time there! it was so big and nice and pretty!

we wanted that big windowed-lit up space but didnt get it. at least we didnt get seated in the dark!

my citrus something. tasted like orangina so i was a little disappointed

jessica is 21 so she can order cocktails! her strawberry margarita. she took forever to take a picture cause she kept shaking even with the auto focus! lulz fail. she also didnt like it. it was strong.

but sandy! youre underage! ;P
jessica didnt want it and neither did we so she one shotted it! XD

my garlic shrimp pasta thing

jessica and her shrimp scampi which she had to get to replace her favorite dish which was taken of the menu. sandy got the same thing. i dont have a picture of her woops. but its ok, its jessicas birthday dinner! ha ha ha ha

le cake. white chocolate mousse

it was funny watching her cut and plop the slices onto the plates
this is the most genuine smile ive ever seen on jessica in a picture lulz

my slice

our waiter came over to check on us and saw the cake and was like "thats a pretty nice cake" and seemed like he wanted it so we gave him one lulz

jessica was being a lame and wouldnt take a close up with me and sandy so we did a cross over thing so i looked at sandys camera while she looked at mine ha ha ha
woops table color reflecting onto the polaroids. i look scary!

sandy was taking the pictures of the two and jessica was like "hey, im not in it." so she stuck her two in the middle so we were all together! ha ha ha ha ha

my face shape is so...weird and disproportionate;;;

group picture! gah i suck at decorating polaroids OTL

sandy and jessica bought stuff and then we went to forever yogurt again. we were originally supposed to go to the pinkberry that recently opened in chicago as well but it was back near grand lux! 12 minute walk! we were really tired so we went to forever yogurt instead
LMAO look at mine! maxing out on the fruits man. this time even i think it was a bit much. but i think this is my fave yogurt place. their mangoes are real good!

the day was filled with a lot of laughing! twas another real good day!

well this is the end! i feel that this made up for the last post! i hope you all do too! well, i have to sleep nows! see ya next week!

stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!


this is quite sad really

okay i am going to apologize in advance. this is the WORST post i have ever written. it is complete shit. im so sorry! OTL
i just..i just havent done anything besides go to school and do schoolwork and bum at home;; 
next weeks post will make up for this one! i can promise you that! im actually doing stuff this weekend. i might even post earlier than thursday cause im so excited! but depending on my work load, we shall see!
but again, so sorry for this post. i just didnt want to miss a week after ive been so good about it D:

lesson for today: dont buy cheap candles.
that is a burn and a BIG crack


so my mum made fish one night and it stunk up the whole apartment so my mum was asking if i had anymore candles around but i didnt order from diamond candles this month cause i was dumb and forgot to skip this month on jewelmint and got charged! D: but they let me off this time and refunded me so i think i will purchase one after i finish writing this post! anyways~ i happened to find an old candle i got from walgreens and she used it cause we didnt have another choice. i forgot and let it burn through the night (i do this with my other candles) and i woke up to ^ -___________- dried wax is annoying to clean so i still havent and that happened last weekend ha ha ha ha! i dont think my mum has noticed yet. so yeah, dont buy cheap ass candles! this might happen to you! >:/

the night before wednesday, i stayed up till 4AM writing a paper and slept only four hours. i need like over ten to function so when i got home i thought "ill nap for one hour and get everything done after" so i went to nap and ended up waking at 7AM the next day! missed dinner D: so as soon as i finished class i went to eat before i dropped dead
why did i cover up the colonel? i really dont think anymore when im taking pictures;;
i used to eat popcorn chicken ALL the time when i was little. it was the first time i got it in like 12 years :OOO i love kfcs honey bbq sauce. actually, i just love kfc in general<3

so ALL week my allergies have been attacking me like crazy! i am going to die from them
my nose turned into a faucet and would NOT STOP RUNNING!! i kept sniffling and blowing my nose in the library. i must have been the most annoying little shit ever.

in the four hours i stayed at the library after my lunch, i managed to get absolutely nothing useful done. i played sims and words with friends and everything else on the internet and this.
im blue. eww my smile lines >.> now you know why i always blur my mouth out D: are there botox injections that can fill them??

so i got hoop earrings again. the first pair were huge so i had to get smaller ones. and then i realized they just look really bad on me D;

this is the end of my post..........;;;;;;;
IM SO SORRY! *runs away*


man circle lenses make such a huge difference & new family member!

hello again! so soon, right? hee hee!
i was quite worried about posting again so soon cause i do absolutely nothing...why does anyone read my blog???????? lulz but thank you to the few who do. *bows*
this post is just about today so i dont have to date them! XD

i got a free snapple from a promoting snapple truck while walking to class!

so i has a question for you readers. please answer if you have the answer! do any of you know a place that sells plain white t-shirts for wholesale for cheap? please let me know! i ask because:
do you like my shirt? think its interesting? cute? well you can get it at:http://www.wearelions.org/
this site is made by my friend david who ive known since like 2nd grade and went to school with him all through high school. he makes t-shirts using the artworks made by people who are developmentally different. the money goes to them too! they are a bit expensive for a t-shirt but if you help him find a blank t-shirt supplier, they will become cheaper! do check it out!

a close up:

so i TOTALLY forgot to write about this but i got a couple new family members a while ago! lemme introduce you!
this is my minolta maxxum 3xi! this was my dads camera for like decades and decades and decades! he gave it to me a couple years back but my mum found it waaaaaay later than i needed it. i took photo classes during summer school and i needed a manual camera so i looked for this one but my mum could not find it so she thought it got stolen when we moved. but she found it again so yay! i named him appa which means dad in korean! :3

so i needed a manual camera and didnt want to keep renting the schools so i went and got:
my nikon fe! i was in a crunch for time and money so i got the body and lens used which is totally fine to even be able to get a beauty like this! <3 i named him after a character from a show that i really love cause theyre both silver and old and i love them! his name is pops!

you can see why i love this character so much here:

family photo!
chu chu chu~~<3

i will probably post up the photos i took over summer on here later for when i havent done anything and need to post ha ha ha XD

i had to go through my webcam folder to get yesterday and todays quick shots and found two that i totes forgot to post before. i like these cause they look decent without photoshop lmao 
how nice would it be if my face really was this slim. damn my wide face structure! D:<

thats all folks! arent i doing a good job this month? even keeping my promise to post twice this week XD i shall see you again next week! for now,
stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!