i had a lot of sushi this summer

hello all!!! it has been VERY long!!
no creases and no makeup :O this is how i look all the time these days

but anyways, i am soooooooooo sorry!!!! omg T___T
i did mean to update a lot since it is summer break and all but i was a little bit busy with summer school and then i kept pushing blogging back because i was discouraged since i just do the same thing all the time and eat the same things and then there were some personal issues and i was just too depressed to do anything and yeahs.
but now more than two months later and school almost starting, i am back here ahahaha;;; im so sorry OTL
i hope you all forgive me and enjoy this post!
for the pictures in near the beginning i cant really say much cause i cant even really remember! OTL

my last day of summer school! it was quite fun! the class was only seven people including me so it was a comfortable size and i really like the dark room and printing. i have found a new love for black and white photography and printing!
taken in the darkroom!

eva, janet, sandy, and i went to kareoke. we probably did something else too but i forget lulz
our door had no handle! LULZ

had late night dim sum and beach with kevin, andrea, tina, and julie!
the waiter gave me the green glass and then kevin stole it! >:(


i didnt take pictures of the food cause we ordered the same things as last time

kevins friend (in the red) joined us. he came to chicago for a bboying competition

unlimited sushi aka death by sushi
my first plate

sandys boring plate

janets super boring plate. thats all she gets!

went to hmart cause i wanted the yogurt cake from the bakery there but since the owners changed, the taste changed too! was soooooooooo disappointed!! argh i will never have it again T__T
janet told us her sister makes really good pat bing soo so we got that too. it was really good!

pool after dessert

went to ice t next door for more dessert after lulz
*taken by eva*
janet and her strawberry kiwi smoothie with too much kiwi

*taken by eva*
kiran and his something tea

*taken by eva*
bunch of sandys. oh yeah she cut off all her hair


*taken by kiran? eva?*

*taken by kiran? eva?*

*taken by kiran? eva?*
janet and her new camera

our green tea waffle. it was ok. i couldnt taste much lulz. i think it would have been way better if the ice cream was more sweet


we did stuff...dont remember what LULZ
but here we are at whole foods. kiran with his whole foods sammich and the others with potbellies

went to mitsuwa and then gameworks!
my tempura udon

sandy with her udon and eva with her katsu. janet back there with her burger

poor kiran waiting for his hamburger that he gulped down in three seconds

i wanted to go to gameworks cause its the only place with a purikura machine but they took it away!! was so sad!!
janet trying to get a domo

tekken!!! these were taken by kiran
eva took my jin!!

sandy lost to janet

so concentrated

i won

janet still going

me still going

racing! these are taken by sandy
sandy was trying to get everyone a single shot and then the game ended with this lulz

house of the dead
best picture lulz
im quite good at this game. i would always play it at the movie theatre hee hee

our favorite and last game. hummer racing! it changes driver out of nowhere and it moves so its super fun! these are taken by sandy as well

red mango after

so has anyone heard of diamond candles? theyre soy candles with a ring inside thats worth $5-$5000. good marketing trick huh? after seeing a review from hollyannaree i bought my first one which was sunwashed. the smell was nice but it was more like soap than laundry. never took a picture of it though. i got my second one this month and i got:
apple slice seriously smells soooo good! i usually dont like apple scents but holly said it smelled the best out of the ones she got so i tried it and its sooo nice! the candles pretty pricey. candles this size are around $25-$30 and this one is $25 bucks but the shipping is $10! i think its worth it though because it lasts really long. the site says it has 160 hours of burning time but it lasts me way longer. im buying one each month hee hee!
the ring part is quite fun too! well to me it is.. but i got the ugly cheap $5 ones. they also are both purple stones :/

death by sushi at a different place with different people! i think this place is called shiroi hana?

what i wore that day:

i am so awkward and bad with the tripod;;

the miso soup here is the most decent but nothing beats janets lulz

i love eel soooooooo much

i dont like how this place brings them separately cause there is so little table space and it gets all crowded!!
i get tired of maki fast though cause i dont like raw fish and all i like is eel and thats all i get ha ha
huge gyoza that i ended up giving to tinas boyfriend

LULZ so beautiful


tinas boyfriend had to take it cause the waitresses were so busy! thank you!

kareoke after

lots of selcas when i got home lulz
makeup is magic

evas birthday!
what i wore that day

first off: brazilian pizza!
*taken by julia*

this was really good cold

batting cages after!
player number 1: kiran

player number 2: eva

player number 3: me!
thanks to julia for taking all of these

player number 4: julia

player number 5: sandy
she didnt want to but we made her lulz

golf long range thing lulz
kiran telling us to back away

*taken by kiran*

*taken by kiran*

*taken by julia*

*taken by kiran*

*taken by kiran*

*taken by eva*
lulz im a creep

*taken by eva*

kareoke & cake!
green tea cakeee

ended the night at my house ;)

and here we are at the end of my post! i hope it wasnt too boring D: im sorry it was so long but i really dont like splitting posts! forgive me and i swear i will do more frequent posts!

until next then, stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!