havent had a big post like this in a while :D

Hi loves!!!
It seems like it's been such a long time since I updated but it was only two weeks ago! Actually... That is a long time, isn't it? Aha! I didn't mean to not post last week. I just kinda ran out of time. But here I am now with a big post! Remember my humongous posts with hundreds of photos?? This one isn't as big but enjoy anyways~!

Monday, March the 21st
i wore:
If you like the look, you can hype it on lookbook :D : http://lookbook.nu/mapmysoul
I also recently made a chictopia: http://www.chictopia.com/mapmysoul
But I'm pretty clueless about how to use it! Lulz

So Sandy's sister, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's friend, and Jessica came back from Champaign that day. We had Wingstop and then had drum practice.

I was waiting for them to get to my school's campus so I just went into a Panera and got a chai tea latte and a free cookie! I think this Panera makes the best chai tea lattes!
The M&M's had chicks with eyes as "m&m" ahaha!

At Wingstop
I finally got to try the hottest flavor! It was pretty good! And not that hot :)

Lulz at the way Sandy wrapped the left overs. It was her baby.

She just stuffed both boxes in there.

Jessica got a picture of me during practice.
*stolen from Jessica*
The shape of my head is so mutated T___T

Tuesday the 22nd
Met up with Tina, Kevin, Derek, Julie, and the kids of her parent's close friends. We played pool and then went to Kevin's house after.
'Sup my peoples?

Late night McDonald's trip. My shamrock shake!! XD

Thursday the 24th
Late lunch at Joy Yee's with Sandy and more drum practice
I wore:
I swear my legs aren't that short and stubby in real life... Actually, never mind, they are lulz

Being stupid
Awkward smile

At Joy Yee's
Lulz I forgot to change the settings and the picture came out super yellow! I hate the yellow walls there cause the pictures I take always come out looking nastier than usual.

My pineapple and chicken and shrimp fried rice.

My purple perilla mussels

Sandy's eggrolls

Her kimchi and seafood fried rice

Yeah, we fatties.
But ugh all the places I enjoyed going to eat are just getting shittier and shittier -____-

After practice
My eyes were so red. They started hurting so I had to change back into glasses.

Friday the 25th
Our last practice before our performance. It was 6 hours longggg. My eyes kept hurting more from the night before.
*stolen from Sandy*

*stolen from Sandy*
LMAO I dunno why but this picture is so funny to me. And sad. Ugh I have no ass T____T

*stolen from Sandy*
And looking awkward again...

After practice, I slept over Sandy's house cause we had to get to the culture center at 7AM which means we had to get up at 5AM.... OTL
Loria texting her boyfriend. She does it constantly. So much that she carries around her charger everywhere she goes and plugs it in right away! Crazy lovebirds, yo.

*stolen from Sandy*
From the other side. I look like the grudge.

Saturday the 26th
Performance day!! @#*&$^@&^$!!!
*stolen from sandy*
Waiting for the bus to take us to the school we were performing in.

On the bus. Never thought I'd ride a school bus again after high school;;
All the kids hiding from me >:/


Sandy taking pictures for her newly re-opened blog where she posts the most god awful pictures of me. You can see what I look like with out the 45 degree angle, makeup, and most importantly: tweakings via photoshop! I can hear all of you clicking "unfollow." Ahaha! Sandy's still my friend even though I'm ugly, will you still be my readers? LULZ

Lulz this is so cute! Nick and Jinny.


The nice ass auditorium of Francis W. Parker Private High School. Way smaller than my high school's, but waaaaay nicer!

If anyone's interested and wants to see how awkward I am, here's a video of the performance. I did shit.

I was looking at Sandy's post and half of it was me sleeping. I stole some pictures and made a gif:
LULZ I am such a bum... and Sandy barricaded me in with the drums after the performance!!

After the whole conference
The people who didn't go home went to dunkin donuts. I dunno why but I really like taking these line up pictures.

My hash browns and blueberry hot chocolate.

I received my Gohonzon that night!
*taken by Sandy's mum; stolen from Sandy*
Receiving and shaking hands with all the district leaders.

*taken by Sandy's mum; stolen from Sandy*
Stupid Sandy always making my face look HUGE.

Went back to Sandy's house for a little bit and her mum made us peppermint tea instead of champagne to celebrate my receiving. :D I was sooooo exhausted (even though I slept all day) but I was awake cause of the tea O_o
*stolen from Sandy*
Her adorable baby sister playing "drums"
Back home
Left: a normal, right hand pinky for comparison. Right: my swollen, left hand pinky.
Been practicing those drums a lot aha.

My Gohonzon in the envelope and the box is the Butsudan(sp?) (stand for Gohonzon) that Sandy's mum bought for me. So sweet! :-)

The Butsudan and cover. I can't take a photo of the actual Gohonzon to show you though.

Polaroid with Sandy and Cassie. She wouldn't look at the camera cause she was busy watching and singing to Happy Feet.

Wednesday the 30th
Last day of filming!
Two shots of the awesome new Media Production Center.
My scene partner.

A look at the washers and stuff on my head.

The mini fuses on my wrist.

The chip and bruising on my neck.
Ignore my chicken skin. It's super cold in that building!

I would break out with huge pimples on the day we film close ups!! Gr...

Setting up for the second film. The director liked my makeup so he asked me to appear in his as the hallucination the characters see after they take shrooms. Ha!

So I finally saw some footage of my "acting" for the first time and... I don't think I should... LULZ I'm seriously so awkward and it was like watching "Bad Acting 101." I dunno if it's cause I've only acted in theatre but it was just so over the top. Bah.....

Anyways~ Polaroids!
With my partner, director, and the makeup artist. The director really liked the polaroid so she asked me for one! She wanted us to pose like robots in hers ahaha! She was like "We look like one of those couples that go to a convention and go 'Come on honey! Lets pose with this robot!'" Ahaha! Well even if I sucked, it was fun! But I don't think I'll be letting anyone watch the final footage...;;;

Thursday the 31st
Pizza for late lunch with Sandy and drum practice! Got another performance later in the month....
Sandy being a good student in my school's run down library.

My baby pepsi next to Sandy's monster 1 liter pepsi.

My bbq chicken pizza.
You can get this at: Pauly's Pizzaria 719 South State Street, Chicago, IL
They have interesting toppings and sell by the slice!
Sandy and her malibu pizza.

My meh brownie. It looked so good and payed $2 for it but it was meh.

Sandy wanted to do something cause she was ditching the next day so we went to the red mango that recently opened back on her campus. She loves it waaaay too much.
I love being a creep :D But man.. I need to use something else to make gifs.. The quality is so bad! The froyo was good! Strawberries are finally in season and they taste fantastic!!

Alrighty, now to end this post with a tag. I got tagged by Maggie with this handwriting thing! My handwriting is crap, so forgive me!

A clearer picture:
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7. Anything else you want to say?
Tag three to five other people.

Woo haven't posted a long post in a while! That was fun! Took me a couple minutes short of 2 hours! XD
Well until next week!

Stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!