god has just condemned me to not have internet

i swear no one has such bad luck with laptops/internet than i do
or i just have the incredible skill of demolishing laptops without even knowing
oi vey.......

sorry my loves!
another week has gone by with a non legit post
i might have to get a new laptop because my other decided to blow up on me out of nowhere
i thought it was a trojan at first but it turns out the problem was deeper in the motherboard
it hasnt even been a year since i got that one and i have no idea where im going to get the funds for a new one
le sighhhhhhhhhhh

so no real posts till then
all my photos and my life is in someone elses hard drive right now OTL
hopefully a miracle happens and it can get healed (which isnt gonna happen) or i can get a new one real soon

i shall continue to take photos though so my future posts will just be photo spams

sorry loves! ill come back real soon!


  1. I look forward to seeing your photo roll : )
    Hope your laptop/net gets well soon!!!
    Later gator!

  2. i hope you get everything settled soon! :)
    ps. i'm glad that you're enjoying the polaroid cam!
    which reminds me, where is mine? -0-?

  3. Awwww, I hope everything is figured out. Next time purchase an external hard drive and just save your pictures onto there, that's what I do. Plus is frees up hard drive space on your laptop.
    ... and if ever you decide to get a new laptop.... go Mac! ;] hahaha it's your preference, though.