i dont give a shit about christmas...

lulz please dont be offended by my scrooge-y-ness. christmas has just never really been a part of my life XD but here lovelies, a present for yous~!

sorry for missing out last week. i honestly did not realize it was sunday until it was almost over so i thought "ill just do a big one for christmas" so this post is like my old ones :D sorry loves!

so what have you all gotten for christmas?
ive still managed to get presents despite my refusal but i am very very thankful and happy to get them T____T

from my dad:
my second baby! ive named her nell C: (no not after bleach! and did you hear? they plan to keep it going for 10 more years!!!!!! D:)

the first one i took went to brad and keith cause they figured out why nell wasnt working at first. and theres my mum! she hates it but i think she looks adorable! my face is the problem;;;

family pic cha!! XD
oy vey ive been going bare faced a lot more than usual. i should stop before i really blind someone

last day of japanese 1!
joe and mekeya and i met in the morning to practice our stupid skit that was our final (-_________-)

not gonna lie, i am gonna miss this class (._.)

keith being...keith lulz


bob has joined the glasses and beanie duo

last polaroids of the day :(
wuhahaha brads face! XD our sensei bought us a surprise pizza! so sweet! and we watched this awesome old school japanese show about an octopus until our time together ended :(

last day of schoooool~~~~
fail polaroid with kevin. i let him keep the better one XD hopefully i see him again!!

it also turned out to be gorillas birthday that day! so we went out to bowl~~
waiting for lanes suck rubber balls -_____- i think we waited like an hour. and i think a couple bowled and dashed :O

*taken by gorilla*
omgah i cant get over how awkward i am;;;;

there g.rilla going and theres my partner for the night!

and theres~ soo!!

we beat the other team so they bought us mcdonalds :D
lulz fail shot

double fail polaroids!! gorilla took the first one and he covered the flash with his hand!!! lulz
so then we asked a girl at the lane across from us to take it for us and she was nice enough to but she didnt know how to use it. she didnt look into the viewfinder or give us a countdown. LULZ

MONDAY the 20TH:
finally met up with eva, sandy, and janet for our after finals ritual. food, kareoke, and candy!! wooo~
we were supposed to go to this decent thai place, but for some reason it closes on mondays so we had to go to a fusion asian place thats RIGHT NEXT to the train so it rumbles when it passes and the food sucked. booooooo
evas mongolian beef

my yellow curry with non cooked potatoes (is that how its supposed to be?)

sandys really eager to dive into her tofu pineapple fried rice

janet and her....i dunno what the hell its called lulz

went to metropolis cafe afters!
eva made me wait for her drink to come out so all my whip cream melted -____-

evas caramel latter

theres sandy with her icky americano and janet with her cookie. woo we all got togethers again~!

*taken by eva*

*taken by eva*
fail selca

woo noraebang!!! we sucked cause we havent been there in forevers as opposed to going every week like 2 years ago
janet glows!

my shoes glow!

waiting for pizza at janets house
the only warm spot in janets house

lulz i look so damn happy in the first one

trying to act cute.

oh and artie left his hulk at my place so its mine until i get my own hulk :D
now its a trio! :D

wells i hope you loves all have/had wonderful christmases~!! see you next week!
stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!