tiny post

jason woke up late so no lunch with depaulians.
got to have a nice little lunch and shopping session with myself
i went to one of my favorite tea places and bought tea before i went to eat food so i was like "crap. i cant bring this in somewhere else." and i saw that they sold little bowls of food so i got:
it was called chai curry chicken. it was okay for something healthy but i got sick of the quinoa

the usual lunch with depaulians
there are so many good chicken places in chicago!
it looks plain but it was soooo good (>w<)

andy looks like hes in pain ahaha

went to mitsuwa (japanese market) with some of my japanese class!! weee~~~
i was afraid of getting there late so i went early and ran into these guys
keith, aaron, and brad


my lovely takoyaki~~~

keith observing native japanese people and how they eat their ramen XD

bob and sara!

couple more people from class
my sensei and her husband

listening to anna talk about her trip to japan. jealous!

at the book store
LUUUULZ!!!! panda has a super soft nose but a rock hard body

sushi station afterwards
sushi on conveyor belts! always wanted to try and finally did! weee!!! XD

why so sad, brad?

my hanako roll

a little bit of brads triple chocolate cake

my magma roll.
i was still full from takoyaki and bread and gyoza and whatever else i ate at mitsuwa, this was all i could eat there

with jeff

*taken by keith*

*taken by keith*

the train back to campus
keith singing

*taken by keith*
frikkin brad and his small face!

*taken by keith*

*taken by keith*
fail ahaha


at brad & keiths dorm
singing his twinkie song

i got hungry so i ate another bread

back home
i was even hungrier when i got home so i finished my onigiris and ramune.
the unagi one was AMAZING!!!

oh i got spiderman a friend! :D

so you loves next week~
if takutz jin gets better by then;;;;;; T_________T
theres something wrong with him and im super upset. i need to go find a dslr guru and fix him. if not.....lets not think about that ^_^;

stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!