Jin, you are a sad, sad person.

Notice a change? I got tired of looking at that year old banner that doesn't even fit up there but was too lazy to spend time making another one so I quickly pulled that out of my butt. Not much but it actually fits.

My life has gone from summery fun to grey cement. I'm posting about snacks I've eaten;;;; This has to be the saddest post ever. I haven't gone out and I haven't been inspired to do much but bum around. -____- My skin has also gone crazy and broken out. I haven't gotten a pimple on my nose since puberty but here I am with a big ass pimple on my nose. I have become so boring that even the way I take pictures has become even more dull than usual. Hopefully things go back to normal when I finally start my college experience on Tuesday!
Monday - Japanese 10:30AM~12:20PM & Basic Math 3:30PM~6:20PM (Hell yeah! I forgot everything and fell asleep while taking my ACTs and ended up with a 20 fer math. I am proof that the "Asians are good at math and science" stereotype is BULLSHIT.
Tuesday - Acting 1:30PM~3:20PM & Writing and Rhetoric 3:30PM~4:50PM (Guess whose gonna be late to English every time)
Wednesday - Japanese 10:30AM~12:20PM & The Biology of AIDS: Life of a Virus 3:30PM~6:20PM
Thursday - Acting 1:30PM~3:20PM & Writing and Rhetoric 3:30PM~4:50PM
Friday - No class! Must fill with work!

Cheetos has come out with xxtxra hot hot cheetos! Hurrah! I always thought they weren't packing enough spice but now I can finally feel a little bit of the tingle!
They look redder too :D

Also tried some green Fanta a bit back. It's from Thailand! Give it a try! It's definitely a different taste.

I wasn't aware of Disney having a line of fruit as well? These guys are grown on "Imagination Farms" in Indiana. Ahahaha

August, Tuesday the 31st
I spent the day with my mum. It was nice. We've been at each other a lot these days so it was nice to just be in each other's presence without screaming. Talked a lot over some good pho. I didn't know we were going out so I didn't take my camera for the day! D:
I really do enjoy talking with my mum, but it always makes me cry and I have to pretend that something happened to fly in my eye 10 times. I have so many things I have to do for her. Must get that sushi waitress job!

Tried dragon fruit for the first time.
I don't like it. Fer me, it's like a flavorless kiwi. Mum liked it though.

September, Wednesday the 1st
While getting dropped off at the train station, I saw this helicopter! It isn't super rare to see them flying around, but I never saw one up this close!

So I went down to my college to take care of financial aid stuff and then met up with Sandy and Eva after. Ate at BWW again.
Mango Lemonade~ Eva and I could only taste the mango and Sandy could only taste the lemonade...

The remaining slice of chicken quesadilla

They offer dry seasoning now! But it's not that good D:

Huckleberry Lemonade~ This was actually really good.

Most boring post EVAR! I'm so bored from this post I'm even using punctuation and capitalization to keep from falling asleep writing this. Ha
Well, one exciting thing did happen!
This is yongfook aka Jon Cockle. I happened to come across this video a couple years back and developed a big youtube crush. Mwahahaha! A couple years passed and I totally forgot about this guy. Until! Tina came over yesterday and we were talking about the kind of man I want to marry. I was saying how it'd be nice if I could find someone who was half English and Korean so we could live in England and bring my kids back to my Chicago after they've grown a bit so they could have accents and what not. Someone who looks good with and without facial hair and in suits and glasses. And it got even more demanding like having their own business so he can have tattoos, dresses nice, etc. I mean, I was talking about one type of person I dream of marrying so why not?! Ahahaha! And then without even thinking I said, "Like that yongfook guy!!" and Tina goes, "YEAH!!!" So later that night I went to his youtube to see if he had made any more witty videos and saw that he had a twitter and just followed. I like to look at my feedjit to see where people are looking at my blog from and I see that someone from Tokyo, using a mac or some apple product, had come to my blog from twitter. (I am such an el creepo.) So my face turns from ._. to O.O and I'm thinking "Could this maybe, possibly be yongfook????! THE YONGFOOK?!?!" I couldn't resist tweeting him asking if he visited my blog (I am not scary at all) and he answered yes. AHAHAHAHAHA~~~~~~ So yes, I was super happy and that was the highlight of my week. And yes, I am an incredibly sad person with no life. THE ENDS! :D

I should go to sleep now.
Stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!