i think im keeping up with my blogging quite well :D

hello loves~!
school has finally started for me and i have been having so much fun! im totally happy with my college and the things im learning. performing arts schools ftw! college is sooo fun and exactly what i wanted it to be. now all i have left to do is make some friends! lulz

went to the cubs game with sungho oppa, dolphin unni, and hunseung oppa
my last class of the day ended like an hour early so i went to the uic campus to meet up with sungho oppa.
their little water dome thingy is so cool!

havent gone in like, 5 years
dolphin unni, and sungho oppa (if you think he looks familiar, it might be because hes a ford model). and lulz hunseung oppa all the way in the back

the cubbies

the field is so small
that shit was good!

cubs lost. again. no surprise there

went to the art institute with brian. also havent been there in many years. we were in there for 4 and a half hours!!
there were so many pretty things to see~ good stuff ._.b
but so confusing. there were museum people who would let you take pictures and then ones where they werent. cept theyd tell you that you cant until after you take a couple

this was my favorite painting. its sooooo pretty!! i want!

i want light up stairs with words on them!
even the bathrooms were super pretty! i love nice bathrooms! and if i see one, i have to use it! XD lulz you can see my reflection

cool ass chairs and light fixtures
is that not super cool?? the light bulb is a hologram!

dunno what it is but it lights up therefore its cool!

pretty stairs (>w<)

i really wanted to take one. i should of hee hee hee

in the kids look and feel section ahaha
*taken by brian*
lulz eww

at millennium park deciding where to go/eat

we decided on indian food so we ended up in chutney joes
garlic naan!! *hearts*

my 2nd moofia! thank you brian! bah i feel so bad (><)

so we while we were waiting for the train, a man drew me :D i look like a character from lilo & stich, no? ahaha

got home and went to sauna with mum and sandy
sandy trying to get in her homework before 11:59

my second dinner

lulz my mum and her eggs

chilled with hochul ajushi all day at the sauna. had to wait for sandy to get off work cause she works at the sauna. we ate and then went to ltc with janet and eva

charlotte russe
lulz it looks like sandy doesnt know how to walk in heels and is about to fall over

hot topic
*taken by eva*

some new store
*taken by sandy*

CHUCKIE!! a bunch of his brides were next to him but didnt care enough XD

sandys ice cream craving
the shots are so dark cause takutz jins dial was on "TV" and i didnt know (><)
ARGH! that horrible dot on my nose is from that horrible pimple. it wont go away T___T

lets end with some cuteness :D
i call it "spiderman's dilemma" hee hee hee

stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!