havent seen my girls in forever it seems

and i miss em. i feel like im losing touch with myself. im in a new environment with new people and i havent shown everyone who i am. ive been quiet. not shy, but quiet. im not uncomfortable but im not completely comfortable. i want to be carelessly free and loud with sandy, eva, and janet again. its not that im not having fun or unhappy but.. bah i dunno i guess i just miss them :/

so some of the stuff thats happened this past week

artie came down for a gallery. we were supposed to go on friday but ended up not being able to go cause he couldnt make it in time. i didnt want to have gotten ready for nothing so artie took me to eat at chi cafe in china town :D

went to the gallery. but before that, we had pizza first! the place is called "art of pizza" and they sell deep dish by the slice for like 3.50
forgive me. ive gotten uglier these days

outside the gallery i saw some cool bikes. you see them everywhere in wicker park!
i want this one~~ its yellow!

picking his shirt. the gallery/event was just one of those things where someone made designs for nike and you can go get the design of your choice printed on a shirt for you and shtuff

the awesome printing machine

waiting for his shirt
argh really hating my face even more these days

working his magic

cupcakes after!
early gray tea & choco mint something something
tirimsu with buttercream and chai tea latte
best cupcakes ive ever had!

its a cute place too! so crowded and long ass line! didnt want to get up and take pictures of the whole place though. i was sooo sleepy from not sleeping the night before
for his parents and cousin, pipat

met up with pipat after for pool. look at the pretty balls we got! hee hee hee~! XD

lunch with depaul peoples
andy and anna

jason being frikkin lame again

jason nerdifying andy
andy took my glasses

hun oppa eating the gathering of their leftover chicken, fries, bread, and coke

andy being artistic
*taken by andy*

*taken by andy*

*taken by jason*
i forgot his name (>.<)

*taken by jason*
lulz oh hun oppa

*taken by jason*

*taken by jason*

*taken by jason*

*taken by jason*

*taken by jason*
i forgot the other guys name too;;

*taken by jason*

everyone went off to class but jason and i had to wait like 2 hours for ours to start so we went to starbucks
and yet again

the muffin he bought for me cause our drinks added up to $6.66

college life

see you loves next week~
stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!