so today is sunday and i would be posting a really crummy post right now but!
my photos have suddenly become really shitty?
like, i only resized them and for some reason they became REALLY pixely.
does anyone know how to fix this? T___T i dont wanna post crummier versions of crummy pictures. RAWR im so mad! if i cant find out how to fix this by the end of tomorrow, ill just post them up :(
sorry loves!


  1. hm which programm did u use and what exactly kind of function of this programme? photoshop? O_o

  2. Are you saving them PNG? I always think saving them as PNG looks better. :)

  3. hmrn okay which tool are u using? the transformation tool?

    the easiest way of transforming them smaller to create a new work space and type in height and width.. open the picture and drop it into the workspace and use transformation.. its easier because u have better control about the porportion..well xD

    i hope this helps, i fail at describing in english ._.;

  4. that happens when u try to resize a small photo to something bigger.

    try to press shift while you resize, at least it will be proportioned.

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