hello lovelies!
im sorry i took so long to get back! i just wanted to do this after getting done with all my work.
and that ended up being after i finished school :D
sorries! but here i am again! with around 150 photos! so enjoy this post!
and thanks to this plain layout, i can post the photos in their nice, big, original sizes!

was the fifth anual duffy (i think thats its name) film festival at school!
it was at seven so i went over to janets house to wait
they were playing ball when i came and sandy had already left for work
lulz trying to hit the ball without looking

and then it was time for the film festival:
i think there were like three good ones and the rest were just bleh

evas movie got first place!

chocolate oscars XD solid gold statue of CHOCOLATE! if i knew everyone got one i would have entered ahahha

2nd place, 1st place, 3rd place winners!

nekked butt! eva got three of the chocolate oscars and we wanted some so we split one. this is my piece!

what ive been eating for breakfast these days
soy milk, frosted flakes, and a handful of black berries. super good! its probably the healthiest ive ever eaten. sad.

unfortunately eva is anti prom. and so janet and sandy didnt want to go because she wasnt going and its expensive. i was gonna go to prom anyways with other friends but i thought that i shouldnt. but eva ended up not coming to our alternate prom thing D: i dont regret staying with my close friends but i do regret missing my prom, where all the friends ive grown up with are in one room, dressed up, and dancing. it was the only chance for almost all the friends ive had grouped together and i missed it T_______T

first thing we did was get our nails done
*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*
drying our nails

my first gel nails. it was super expensive even with a discount for going with sandy to the place she and her sister used to work. i get acrylics for $25 but these cost ten dollars more with tax

bwahaha sandys expression

lulz janet

pretty pretty!

picked up sofia and went to LEONA'S for dinner
*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*
my peach lemonade and her original lemonade

*taken by sandy*
kat and sofiya

*taken by sandy*
ive got four eyes, four eyebrows, and two noses

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*
aww pretty kat

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*
lulz kat

my peach lemonade~ twas quite good


my pesto chicken parmagiano. looks kinda gross ahaha

my mac and cheese side with their awesome leona cake. it was like a mac and cheese lasagna

crappy pic of sandys lasagna

crap shot of kats lasagna

*taken by sandy*
janets chicken parmegiano with fries side with leona cake
no photo of sofiyas meal;;

i know

LULZ i dont even know


sorry again. eww gross hair

dropped sofiya off home and went to the beach. it was damn cold
but then we were super super cold cause it was like 2 AM so we decided to go to a korean restaurant and talk there instead. i got stuck in the bathroom stall there! LUUULZ and there was a really bad new waiter there -_- we ate some mediocre food. we didnt talk much cause we were all too sleepy ahaha went home afterwards and that was our alternate prom~~
ooh a quick pic of us at the elevator at my house. we had to pick up towels and stuff for the beach

went bowling with gorilla and uboat
pretty good form...until
gorilla always steps in front of the line and almost falls. he only always wins cause hes super strong and the pins fly everywhere and knock each other down

ha he looks so confident walking away but im better than him :D

we went to liquid fusion after for frozen yogurt~ uboat bought ours cause he got last place hee hee hee~~

on the way home i saw COWS! REAL LIVE COWS!!
crappy shot while the car was driving past :(

so you remember when i would rarely post "what i wore today"s? i havent done that in awhile so this week i started again! :D i lost my tripod though so theyre crappy mirror shots.
ooh this was the last week of school. toughest week of my life. all nighters every night making up work i put off for months. i might have been in danger of not graduating XD

my super wedges that are like 5 inches and make me my dream height XD

lulz why do i look so angry??

8th period ATS
my fail ATS jeopardy team: bear carcass

getting into teams

he was in the middle of saying "thats really creepy" ahaha XD

after school in the ESL resource center aka ERC
samuel watching eric play the digimon rpg. can you believe that eric is only 4 days younger than me?? XD they kept saying that i look like im twenty

seungyong was watching too


look at my ultra pretty shoes!
theyre so pretty! but theres such a huge contrast between their prettiness and my feets ugliness


1st period gym
the contest gym. where all the assemblies and a lot of the sports happened

my adventure ed class just hanging out in the pool hallway

hayley wanted to take my picture...
gross...my face got really fat.........T________T

the cute little juniors, leah and hayley

my adventure ed teacher, mr. konsewich

2nd period trig/pre calc
my teacher wasnt there cause his wife was having the baby so they were drawing him XD

everyone hanging out and signing yearbooks and stuff
class picture with replacement mr. geu. yay~~

if you havent noticed, mr.geus room's wall blocks are painted by the seniors hes taught over the years
cool, no?

lulz yes i advertised my blog XD kya kya kya kya

3rd period lunch/10 minutes in the ERC
*taken by teacher baek*
with sandy and jee eun unni (the ulzzang of my school)
why do i look so fucking gross??

the people i sat with at lunch every day second semester. jee eun unni, sangyeup, and sandy

homeroom. the same people for ten minutes everyday for four years
mr.heinz my homeroom teacher and kiran, the heartless bitch XD

the cupcake mr. heinz gave me

4th period chinese
my chinese teacher mrs.hsing. the most adorable teacher ever
this was taken by the smallest girl ever, hence the massive looking down.  T___T oh! i totally forgot to ask her to send me the class picture...ill include it in the next post when i go back to school and take photos with all the teachers i had (and liked) in my four years there

5th period was my consumer ed but i HATED the class and the teacher. :D

6th period college prep (its english)
*taken by kyunghee*
mr.conroy, the nicest man on earth! im going to bake him a cake when i go back. narongat and alex. HA! i love how conroy blinked and his eyes matched the size of our eyes XD

7th period sociology
*dont remember who took this for me*
mr. weatherington. really the nicest man ive ever met. oh gawd my face T^T

8th period ATS (advanced theatre studio)
mr. sinclair and rachael. anyone watch glee? does he not look so much like kurt!!? he also kind looks like a the son of kurt and finn XD wuhahaha

so i had to perform two monologues for my final and they were complete shit but i still got and A! :D so after all the seniors performed their finals, we had a fruit party that the juniors and sophomores planned for us. only.. there was only one fruit XD

my food:
so the underclassmen had prepared a little something for us seniors! there are the same number of them as seniors so each one picked a senior and wrote some nice things about us! it was extremely sweet! i wasnt feeling anything about leaving high school but the whole thing just made me bawl! i cried for like ten minutes T____T THIS IS WHY I LOVE THEATRE!!! everyone becomes yer family

so after school sandy and i went over to evas to wait for senior send off to start
watching tv. eva deleted the photo i took of her! D:

*taken by eva*

dunno who took this cause i fell asleep

*taken by eva*
OMG sandy was being such a perv that day!

*taken by eva*
lulz that woke me up

*taken by eva*
fell asleep in evas room again

eva has a gift of taking shitty pictures of me
how do i manage to look like such a bitch all the time?? XD

at senior send off. its a bbq and a showing of a movie in the field for us seniors
mr. weimer at the grill! the host of the send off and my freshman year global studies teacher! hes the funniest man ever!

*taken by some freshman girl who was helping*
eww my face looks so fat and round...

*taken by the same freshman girl*
this little girly wanted her picture taken but she kept changing poses too fast XD

lame annie not letting me take her photo

i dont care what hotdogs are made out of! i love them!

my prom partner in FAME mark

*taken by sandy??*

*taken by sandy?*

we watched sandlot. the dvd was messed up and stopped right at the end! but after like five minutes the people fixed it so yay~

after that we went to jjim jil bang (sauna). but on the way we were stopped by the devil stoplight that wouldnt fucking turn green for 15 minutes (no exageration). and the when we got there sandy realized she left her bag of clothes and phone charger and glasses and other important things in the field so we went back. it wasnt in the field so we ran to the front desk inside school and in the process i managed to slip and face-plant the asphalt. hurt like hell but it was damn funny. the security guards had it in the lost and found so yay~ we went back to the sauna and it was really nice! 
my supa asian face

oh gosh my face is so swollen from eating at 1 in the morning.

we started playing uno with a kid from our school who works there

we started adding punishment to the losers. first punishment was a hit 5 times on the wrist. i lost. second was getting drawn on the face. i lost.
*taken by janet*
my skin has gotten so bad with all these bumps and shit growing on it for not sleeping T____T and yeah yeah yeah i look like a totally different person without makeup. thats the magic of makeup and why i dont leave the house without it!

third loser: jeff makeover time! done by yours truly
oh so pretty

everybody wants a picture with a pretty lady

the losers

then we played some more and slept there :D the couches are soooo comfy!

bbq with the college peeps that came back!
in kevins basement. it was soooo fucking dusty and im allergic to dust so i had to get out of there
andrea and her boyfriend alec

sean, kevin, and derek busy with ping pong. lulz at kevins epic face.

tinas boyfriend alfred making the rice even though hes a guest XD

*taken by eva*

woops focusing on the wrong things XD seans cooking but he cant eat meat. sad

lulz why is kevin angry?

kevin has a gift

watching kevin play

yirumas river flows in you

dereks turn! taeyangs wedding dress

group picture! cept janet and eva and sean left early
bo peep bo peep bo peep bo peep bo peep....

same thing but look at kevin and dereks faces! pwahaha

again, derek and kevin kya kya kya

andrea and tina making fun of me

thats all folks!

ill update every week from now on now that its summer! woot! but i want to ask, what do YOU guys want to read about/see more photos of?