comeback coming soon!

hello lovelies~
im so sorry its taking me so long to get back on!
so i went to best buy to get my laptop fixed in the beginning of this month and i ended up not being able to get it fixed. i dont have a service contract with them so it would cost $400 to get it fixed. the guy recommended just getting a new laptop and so i am!
it will happen on or after the 16th so i will be back soon!
bah but i have to pay $150 for getting the memory out of the old one
but! im back and thats all that matters!
HUGE post and new layout coming soon!


  1. YAYYY :D
    Jin's making a comeback :p
    i missed your photofilled blogssssss ^_^

  2. YAY, waiting for the HUGEEE post. :)

  3. jinhea you've been mentioned in my posts before and you don't even care :( come back soon.

    "but i have to pay $150 for getting the memory out of the old one" why? just pull it out yourself, it isn't very hard at all. turtle do it for you!

  4. Yeaaaaaa!!!!!

    I don't know how you survived without your laptop. I would have died already. Glad you're coming back to blogging!