hey lovelies~
just a boring little update to let you all know that i am not dead nor have left my blog abandoned.
i think my laptops fan is broken cause it wont turn on T_______T
i will get it fixed after i finish my finals this week!
i will be back soon!
i have photos ready too!
dont forget about me~~~!!

oh and to anonymous*
im sorry for the super late reply,
but i got my extensions from sallys :)


  1. Ah Jin! Update more often. I miss your posts! Especially those ultra super long ones. By the way,( Random Question) XD You seem like a pretty tall person.

  2. LoL. You're hilarious! What have you been up to??

    Hope to read more of your posts Jin!

  3. oh i would not be impressed if my laptop wasnt working >_<

    cuuute pic :D

  4. YOU'RE ALIVE!! :)

    Hope you get it fixed soon. xx

  5. When did you dye your hair blond??? I've been wanting to try that but... never had the guts. LoL. I will post a pic on my next blog of my hair :D

    LoL. I finally figured out who you remind me of. You remind me of Han Chae Young... the model girl from Boys over Flowers (The quiet guys fist love). Haha. She's soo pretty!

    I'm currently moving out of the house and off to live on my own! Buying things for the room is soooo expensive!

    Glad to hear you are alive. Haha. I think you making a post letting everyone know that you're alive is plenty funny :D

  6. orly? i thought the front one was yooou <3
    hehehe ^^ dw man, i wish i could give up the internet but im too addicted :p
    but im glad you got it back! im addicted to reading blogs <3 i missed yours in particular! so many nice pics always :D

  7. Oops! Sorry if I offended you. It's funny because I think she's pretty minus the boobs (her boobs are reallly out there). Don't worry, I think you're much prettier than her. That's cool though! Interesting that your math teacher is friend's with a celeb. Haha.

    Did you make a new post? I don't recall seeing the one right before this one. Oh goody! I have some reading to do.

    OMG... and moving out... tell me about it.... I'm moving into a house with my friends. I'm like trying to budget on $1000 and it's all like flimsy furniture that looks like it's going to break if I sit on it. Hahaha. If I had all the money in the world, I would be decorating in a vintage but modern furniture/accessories :D Are you moving out once you go to college? Dorm-ing? Or apartment with friends?

  8. good to hear you are still alive :) i thanked jinhea in my last post, I don't know if you saw :S

  9. I'm glad :D I love reading your posts! ~ <3