a boring post with no pictures. sorry to dissapoint everyone :(

so i would stay away from my blog if i didnt have any photos to post up
i wouldnt post, or even come to the site. i guess cause i was afraid of boring everyone with nothing
but now that i think about it, why should i be so hesitant to write about boring things on my own blog?
so here i am :3
sorry everyone
this is gonna be a super boring post with no pictures and just my feelings
i cant even post pretty little pictures cause i dont even have my laptop :(
i hope no one feels like they shouldnt be reading this post or commenting on it because its so personal all of a sudden
feel free :D
there are some things id like to hear other peoples input as well
to elaine: sorry but me and cardigan broke up XD
ahahaha you were like, our only fans
but yeah. before anyone asks
i just lost attraction for him. he just felt like a friend.
and he knew that so that was hurting him a lot.
and no, i didnt break up with him.
heres something you need to know about me. i just cant ever reject or be the one to break up with someone. its the most terrible thing ever, i know, but i just feel so BAD T___T
but yeah. so i waited and waited and waited for so many months and then he finally did it on new years. i could finally take the gold handcuffs (our ring) off
so i went out with my friend and his friend and his friends girlfriend and celebrated at a korean bar :D
i actually celebrated and counted down new years for the first time in my life
twas super fun
i am happy to anounce that hes found a new girlfriend~!
super quick too!
i pray that she is soooo much better to him than i was
i wish i had been a better girlfriend
but she'll make up for it, im sure!
cause she was totally into him while he and i were still dating XD
so what do you do when a friend suddenly loses all interest, passion, incentive, etc?
ive noticed this happens to a shit load of korean fobs my age
i dont know what it is that doesnt let fobs adapt to america and make them decide they arent going to do jack shit
i really do want to look into it
maybe ill investigate that for my ....whats that paper called? where people who go into medicine or social studies have to write to graduate? anyways, maybe ill use that as my topic if i go into psychology or sociology
so anyways~
what do you do or say?
all my friend does is smoke and drink
he doesnt go to school at all and somehow his grades dropped to a level worse than even mine, that the school has transfered him to some super shitty school
whats worse is that i care for him lots but im not even that close to him so im not in a position to really say anything..
and you know whats funny?
i like him
ive liked him for years. eh but thats a different story
ill probably talk about it in my next post
i hate that you cant control your feelings for people
theres absolutely nothing to like about him, yet i do
oh God, i sound like some whine-y thirteen year old
blah this wasnt supposed to happen T___T
i wish i could write in such a clever way that my whining wouldnt sound like whining
i better stop here...
for now
kya kya kya kya



hey lovelies~
just a boring little update to let you all know that i am not dead nor have left my blog abandoned.
i think my laptops fan is broken cause it wont turn on T_______T
i will get it fixed after i finish my finals this week!
i will be back soon!
i have photos ready too!
dont forget about me~~~!!

oh and to anonymous*
im sorry for the super late reply,
but i got my extensions from sallys :)