i dont give a shit about christmas...

lulz please dont be offended by my scrooge-y-ness. christmas has just never really been a part of my life XD but here lovelies, a present for yous~!

sorry for missing out last week. i honestly did not realize it was sunday until it was almost over so i thought "ill just do a big one for christmas" so this post is like my old ones :D sorry loves!

so what have you all gotten for christmas?
ive still managed to get presents despite my refusal but i am very very thankful and happy to get them T____T

from my dad:
my second baby! ive named her nell C: (no not after bleach! and did you hear? they plan to keep it going for 10 more years!!!!!! D:)

the first one i took went to brad and keith cause they figured out why nell wasnt working at first. and theres my mum! she hates it but i think she looks adorable! my face is the problem;;;

family pic cha!! XD
oy vey ive been going bare faced a lot more than usual. i should stop before i really blind someone

last day of japanese 1!
joe and mekeya and i met in the morning to practice our stupid skit that was our final (-_________-)

not gonna lie, i am gonna miss this class (._.)

keith being...keith lulz


bob has joined the glasses and beanie duo

last polaroids of the day :(
wuhahaha brads face! XD our sensei bought us a surprise pizza! so sweet! and we watched this awesome old school japanese show about an octopus until our time together ended :(

last day of schoooool~~~~
fail polaroid with kevin. i let him keep the better one XD hopefully i see him again!!

it also turned out to be gorillas birthday that day! so we went out to bowl~~
waiting for lanes suck rubber balls -_____- i think we waited like an hour. and i think a couple bowled and dashed :O

*taken by gorilla*
omgah i cant get over how awkward i am;;;;

there g.rilla going and theres my partner for the night!

and theres~ soo!!

we beat the other team so they bought us mcdonalds :D
lulz fail shot

double fail polaroids!! gorilla took the first one and he covered the flash with his hand!!! lulz
so then we asked a girl at the lane across from us to take it for us and she was nice enough to but she didnt know how to use it. she didnt look into the viewfinder or give us a countdown. LULZ

MONDAY the 20TH:
finally met up with eva, sandy, and janet for our after finals ritual. food, kareoke, and candy!! wooo~
we were supposed to go to this decent thai place, but for some reason it closes on mondays so we had to go to a fusion asian place thats RIGHT NEXT to the train so it rumbles when it passes and the food sucked. booooooo
evas mongolian beef

my yellow curry with non cooked potatoes (is that how its supposed to be?)

sandys really eager to dive into her tofu pineapple fried rice

janet and her....i dunno what the hell its called lulz

went to metropolis cafe afters!
eva made me wait for her drink to come out so all my whip cream melted -____-

evas caramel latter

theres sandy with her icky americano and janet with her cookie. woo we all got togethers again~!

*taken by eva*

*taken by eva*
fail selca

woo noraebang!!! we sucked cause we havent been there in forevers as opposed to going every week like 2 years ago
janet glows!

my shoes glow!

waiting for pizza at janets house
the only warm spot in janets house

lulz i look so damn happy in the first one

trying to act cute.

oh and artie left his hulk at my place so its mine until i get my own hulk :D
now its a trio! :D

wells i hope you loves all have/had wonderful christmases~!! see you next week!
stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!


i still dont believe christmas is coming :O

im on ebay and i see the "14 days till christmas!" and im like huh??? oh. ha ha ha
my family has never really celebrated holidays so its never really a big deal to me. :/

wah sorry for missing out last week loves. i was freaking out about a final and other stuffs
winter break is coming next week and im about to go into panic mode for my final projects (>.>)
i havent done anything these two weeks so this post will be a very short one and not be dated. the only reason why i have these photos is cause i thought "i have to blog but i havent done anything! ill just take pictures of anything!" i have no social life so its quite sad. ahahaha! im hoping that changes once winter break starts :D

winter is here. the only thing i like about winter is how pretty it looks

for the first time in like 10 years, we "decorated" for christmas. the only reason we did it this year was cause my mums boyfriend wanted to make a christmas tree for me. nothing much but prettier than nothing, no?

thats all i have. how sad is this??

but on the other hand, i do have circle lens reviews. i havent done these in forever:
beaucon vibrant match grey
color: 6/10 true to its name. its vibrant and its grey. you can tell its grey in light or dim but i wouldnt say its the prettiest shade of grey
design: 5/10 i dont like pixely lenses. it wasnt as apparent in the brown and blue ones so i gave less points to this one
enlargement: 7/10 i have the tiniest irises so these enlarge naturally for me
comfort: 10/10 :3

beaucon vibrant match green
sorry loves. my eyes look even worse than usual. my creases decided to poop out on me after sleeping all day
color: 1/10 ugh i really dont like these! its this really unflattering mint green color that is just blech for me.
design: 4/10 even more pixely than the greys cause the color is so light which means me no likey
enlargement: 7/10
comfort: 10/10 the only thing good about these lenses
im so glad i didnt pay for these lenses. threw them away right after i took these pictures

sorry for the crummy post loves! i will come back with a better one! (>.<)
stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!


thanksgiving was totally skipped

there was not one mention of thanksgiving. no decorations or anything! just skipped to christmas. anyways~

sorry for the delay loves! i dont know what happened XD
oh wait, i do know. i was having my harry potter marathon in celebration of the 7th movie ahahaha! forgive me~ speaking of marathons, im having my lord of the rings one as i write this post eheeheehee~

just school and following brad and keith around to dominicks :D
on the walk there, this squirrel kept staring at brad! lookie how close it got!

not the action shot i wanted lulz

wah lookie the vintage looking cereal boxes! i dunno why but seeing these excite me

삼겹살 (sam gyup sal) back at home. too bad i ate right before (>.<)
mum and her boyfriend

i used to not like green onions with it but now that im older, i feel that it gives a nice addition of taste

watched a show at my school called balm of gil(l?)ead
it was the first college show i auditioned for and totally bombed (-___-) twas my worst audition ever
we had like two hours to kill before the show started so eva and i went on an adventure and found alys awesome ass dorm
i only took one pic of the apartment, but you can see the awesome futon and brick walls. its a fairly new building and a flat screen comes with it as well. my schools apartments are awesome *O*

alys room ahaha
ignore my face please

as for the show itself, i have no idea... there were trannys, drug addicts, homeless people, prostitutes, etc all yelling and swearing at each other in a diner. that was the whole show. lulz

eva has become my partner for watching shows XD
she came down to my school to watch another show
this time we watched shakespeares a winters tale
i never read it so im not familiar with the story (i frikkin hate shakespeare. cannot understand one word) but i think i have to cause the second act was totally different and soooo trippy and i was like "is it really written like this??" the directors artistic vision was definitely something lulz

again we had a couple hours to kill so we tried epic burger for dinner
my blt with fried egg and "epic sauce" which is just thousand island like mcdonalds "special sauce"

evas epic burger

our couple teas ha

we still had lotsa time left over so we went to MCP (museum of contemporary photography)
theres a guest book where you can leave comments about the photos and eva forged janets comment XD

we still had time and it was cold outside so we had another adventure and visited every floor of that school building ahaha

after the show we went back to evas school where her sister would pick us up
tired of waiting

victor kim performed at evas school the night dumbfoundead was performing at uic. dumbfoundead went and featured for victor kim after he finished at uic. i did not know this until after. i so would have gone if i did (><) eva doesnt know anything that goes on at her school!

evas face perfectly reflects her feelings about my mums fuggs i wore again XD wuhahaha

celebrated sandys birthday that was like 13 days ago with dinner and harry potter in IMAX! why watch rupert grint on a regular movie screen when you can watch him on a 16 meter tall screen in crystal clear quality :D i really loved it! i think its the best one since the first one even if people do think nothing really happens it it. i just really liked that it wasnt rushed. ah~ cant wait for the last one!

we went to greek town for dinner
lookie my fancy shmancy coke! the bottle is glass!
i think i have a thing for collecting pretty cola bottles teeheehee~
i was pretending it was cognac wuahahaha!

*taken by sandy?*

*taken by eva*

*taken by eva*
i hate my big ass teeth

*taken by eva*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*
being stupid

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by eva*
janet trying not to do her eyebrow thing

*taken by eva*

*taken by eva*
the saddest peace sign ever aha

*taken by eva*
kat has the biggest eyes ive ever seen

sandys tequila pollo sandwich

evas turkey somethin sandwich

janet and kats margarita pizza

the cafe/bakery/restaurant whatever the hell it is itself

nom nom nom

lulz look at the bread/filling ratio
and look at the angelic blur again :D

nom nom nom nom

my strawberry "short"cake
i was still full from my big, late lunch so i only got this

sandy and evas tiramisu and hazlenut something cake

janets creme caramel

kat got carrot cake but i have something against it so i didnt bother taking a photo ahaha XD

*taken by eva*
sadness. if i get a picture taken like this i look like such a bitch but no one else does D:

janets story ahaha

group photo! havent done this in awhile cause we havent been able to get all of us together for so long!
i need to stop doing the V. its becoming a habbit

the name of the place we went to

such a tourist


waiting for the train in the cold

awesome, no? kya kya kya

train finally came
sho cute!!

2nd train

woo just a month full of theatre!
i finally went to watch billy elliot with eva!
i was really pissed that we didnt get to see lion king. the tickets were all out except for the ones that were $400+ and the show closed yesterday. it only ran a month long T____T

quick dinner at a mickie ds
this is what you get for eating at one in the theatre district

eva ate it for the first time in years cause of me XD

oh god....looking like a hot ass mess

waiting for the train home with our program and tea from one of my new fave tea places

the show was fantastic! it was a liiiiiittle messy in the beginning but it got much better later
oh gosh the little boy who plays billy was INCREDIBLE! just so much talent in such a little thing. there are lots of things i regret never doing when i was little and ballet was one of em. the show
totally made me relive that regret D:
and i must say, i def. think asians are really starting to break into the entertainment industry. there were 4 boys who would play billy on different nights and two of them were asian! :D

oh! i tweeted this back in october but i think i forgot to blog it!
i finally got my state i.d.! i know its nothing special but it was very special to me~! at age 18 i finally got my first one! i had tried to get one when i was like 16 but the people at the dmv were bitches about my name on my birth certificate wrong even though its right on my social security. so i gave up for a while and i kept getting older and its harder to go around without an id so i tried again at another dmv with my incorrect birth certificate (i refuse to pay $500 to fix my name someone else fucked up) and GOT IT! WOOO!!
so the next day i had to get a package i missed from the post office and i used my id for the first time there! i was so happy! ahahaha!

ooh lookie what i got!
my first blog award after like a year and a half! woo~

1/ Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
thank you so much maggie!! you would be the one to give me my first award! ahaha! though i dont think i really deserve it cause my blog isnt versatile. its just my boring life. but thanks anyways!

2/ Share seven things about yourself.
- im constantly EATING :D
- i NEVER leave home without makeup
- im a crybaby. i cry at every little thing and cry when i see other people cry. ugh such an annoying thing. but i think i have gotten a little better about it!
- ive collected notebooks, stickers, and pencils since i was little and now im trying to use em but...
- out of all the schooling ive had, i enjoy college the most. i havent been so interested in school since i was real young. im very happy cause im studying things i want. im stubborn as hell so i wont do things i dont like which is why i did bad in high school (^w^)
- i dont know a thing about photography but thats why im minoring in it! to learn! along with a major in theatre and currently debating whether to double major in fashion design or not
- one of my dreams is to try ALL the noodles in the world. i think i have to say noodles are my face food. i love them so much ive watched a 6 hour long documentary on them!

yeh...i kinda cheated and yeh..im not a very interesting person

3/ Pass it along to seven blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
these arent recent ones but oh wells~
maggie y - the very woman who gave me this award. (can i do that? meh whatevs) she very well deserves a versatile award cause she blogs about this and that!
ellen - the most interesting girl with the most interesting life in japan!
lamah kun - wonderful wonderful photos that he takes himself
kassia - shes a beautiful photographer and posts portraits she takes and also about makeup!
gerry - very cute girl, very cute blog!
hieu chau - hes a NERD! and i say this in the most complimenting way. he blogs mostly about movies and music and tech and shtuffs! C:
turtle (kevin) - so much food porn *drool* be careful of reading his blog when yer hungry!
4/ Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.
Check your comment spaces!
ugh must i? so lazyyyyyy =_=

wah so much writing in this post! sorries!

stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!