holy crap its been more than a month since ive blogged! again, i am sooooooooooooooooo sorry! my internet died sooo long ago and so i havent been able to come on here. well, really its my shitty laptop thats dead. its network card is broken so i use a usb network card and it doesnt pick up the signal as well as a normal laptop would. it works when it wants to T__T so yeahs..im now borrowing cardigans laptop and thanks to him i am now finally updating! yay~! im back lovelies! for being gone for so long, ill make this post ginormous! here is my christmas present to you all! <3

to start out, how bout some circle lens reviews?
(please excuse my ugly eyes. they were extremely uneven that day)
color/design: 9/10 the color is very nice. i think its quite vibrant and noticeable unless youre in a really dark place. im not a fan of thick limbal rings but this has the spikes that go into the color that made it more blendy. (lulz im sorry that didnt make any sense)
enlargment: 7/10 when i first put them on, they seemed really small and i was disappointed. its actually smaller than my dali browns i think. but it does enlarge enough to make a good difference
comfort: 10/10 lens dont really irritate my eyes anymore since ive been wearing them for a while now

color/design: 8/10 its just a natural brown lens. its a bit lighter than the dalis so i think it blends with my natural eye color better.
comfort: 10/10 these are suuuper super comfortable. they feel like air
enlargement: 5/10 these probably have to be the least enlarging lenses ever. i have TINY irises so they do enlarge a little bit more me, but for others, they probably wouldnt enlarge.

color/design: 9/10 these are a bit like the dali extras. theres a ring of color and then the most outer ring is brown which makes it look more natural. at first i didnt like the super subtle effect but it grew on me. its looks pretty cool
comfort: 10/10
englargement: 5/10
the same points go to the gray


if you want super natural, little enlarging lenses, with a cool but natural effect, these are the lenses for you~

shut up i know im ugly!
i dont have close up photos or comparison photos because i was rushing that day and only took one of each. i sent those to the people in charge of a circle lens site im going to be "modeling" for so i cant put them on here :(

Enlargement: 7/10 there isn’t very much enlarging but it does enlarge because my irises are so damn small
Comfort: 10/10 I had them on for like 10+ hours today and I still didn’t feel any discomfort
Color/ Design: 10/10 when you just look at the lens, they look yellow and my first thought was “eww. this isn’t brown, its yellow. great…” but then I put them in and they looked really pretty. it definitely isn’t brown but its kinda gold/amber. super pretty in my opinion. i really like :)

Oh by the way, my typing looks really weird with all the capitals cause Im writing this in ms word first because Im using my own laptop now. Im waiting for my friend to lend me his usb so I can transfer the photos that are on here onto cardigans laptop. gorilla was supposed to give it to me today but he totally bailed -_____- I need more reliable friends.

This is the day before thanksgiving, right? Well, I saw my family from my dads side. Surprisingly, it was nicer than I thought it would be. We never did this get together kind of thing before and it was really awkward, but eh whatever. We went to senoya which is this asian buffet. Food is really mediocre. So anyways~ on to photos. I didn’t take much because it was so awkward with them and the lighting was really poor so the photos are super bad quality. Im still sooooo noob T___T
So here are some of my family:
my uncle, aunt, cousin jae (dang look at that manly jawline), cousin jenny (her chin is a perfect V! shes gonna have the perfect V-line after losing her baby fat when she gets older. JEALOUS! i just had to get the manly jaw), cousins mom. well, shes technically my cousin in law but that makes things way too confusing so yeahs!

do you remember when photos used to look like this? oh and thats my dad all the way on the right. i look just like him

they asked the waitress to take a group photo for us. she was so confused on how to use takutz jin

shes so darn cute!

jae took this one. i cant get over how shitty i looked that day =____=

they are a really cute family

So after that dinner was over, I went over to janets house for a sleepover~ Its kind of a tradition for us. And we had candy :D
Sandy was sick so she couldn’t have much candy

shes eating a sweet potato

We always play a game of the game of life when we get together. And I ALWAYS WIN!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! I have only lost once in my life!
Blue = janet Yellow = me Red = sandy
janet lost sooooo bad it was hilarious. And sandy had to pay for something every turn. I don’t think anyone has lost so much money or made so little money in the history of the game of life! Ahahahahaha

So we continued the night with snacking and chatter. Fun night but I fell asleep super early which is super not like me! Sadness > <

So college kids were here for break! So we decided on sushi and karaoke!
I was waaaaay too busy eating to take photos so this is all I got of the food

Do you guys remember these two? Tina and Mark

LULZ Alice and Kevin


Im sorry. I haven’t been taking many photos these days. I would forget to bring takutz jin out with me and then I would get use to that and forget again. Yeah.. bad cycle > < My photography abilities have been getting worse these days too T___T

Do you guys remember the play that I was talking about in my last post? Well this month was really the time that I dedicated all of my time to that play. I was leaving school at 9PM cause of rehearsals. And oy, 8 hour rehearsal on Saturday.. but it was all worth it! Super fun and of course, SUBWAY SATURDAY!!
a banner prop crew made for the play

Diving into their subways which are so generously provided by the amazing theatre parents!

look at all the subway!

le director & assistant director

little sara and kyle. aww so cute

so many people!

run towards the light

mr. danmac. blurry yes but i thought it still looked cool

finger lickin good

So~ I am very proud to say, the play was an absolute success! It was a damn good show! I definitely think its our best show this year so far! I didn’t hear anything but good things from people about it! I was sooo proud of everyone. We were all so excited but doubtful of our abilities to pull this play off but we did it!
So this photo was taken during one of our dress rehearsals. I played two characters as an ensemble member. An adult, and a teenager. My teenager was a nerd and had no friends :( and I went to homecoming with a book which is what the photo shows. The cast was given photos of their characters so they can always remember this play. Ah~ this play was the most fun I had in any play I was in :) I've never felt such a bond with all the cast until this show. I am soooo sad that its over. I wish we went on tour or took it to theatre fest. Six shows of this is not enough!

So we had the cast party at one of the cast members’ house. She has one frikkin awesome house too. It was quite fun. Things got a bit crazy but still fun :3
dance party!

little sara getting all crunk

booty rockin everywhere

booty shakin

and then there are those who just enjoy watching. like perverts

Ahahahaha sean. Aleks looks like hes about to kill someone

theres that smile~!

charlee getting her birthday lap dance


Quinn making all the girls fall in love with him with his guitar skills

im yours~~~

aleks needs to stop looking like a horror movie character

i hear you Jesus

Alyssa has a frikkin chocolate fountain. A PERSONAL CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!! Hello im moving in

half of the things to dip into the fountain of heaven

fischy and alicia

fischy and ashley

ned and david

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by david schwartz*

*taken by david schwartz*

*taken by david schwartz?*

*taken by david schwartz?*

*taken by david schwartz?*

*taken by david schwartz?*

*taken by morgan?*

*taken by morgan?*

*taken by morgan?*

*taken by morgan?*

*taken by jane kim*

pick 2

intense game of connect 4


why so sad?

*taken by danny morrison*

*taken by danny morrison*

*taken by danny morrison*

*taken by quinn lawson hill fabre*

*taken by danny morrison*

*taken by danny morrison*
i wish i was that pale

*taken by danny morrison*

*taken by danny morrison*

*taken by danny morrison*

Aww danmac and ned at the end of the party

So im finally on holiday now~ so darn happy! Out of hell for two weeks! HURRAH!!

study hall fifth period
where the wild things are

Geez… you would think I was pointing a gun at them

I tried to get a sneaky picture of april so the focus is bleah. But you can still see how she gets stunned by my ultra flash. Lulz!

SECRET SANTA after school with theatre people~
*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*
aww this would have been super cute if it wasnt blurry

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

and here is le photographer that has been taking all of the photos these days
*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

*taken by jane kim*

look at this massive group of people come for secret santa

everyone open!

So I had david fischsticks. Everytime I did secret santa, I would always get the person who also had me! So it was his turn to give his gift and he walked to me! And I was so happy cause I thought it happened again! But he tricked me and went to little sara! Ahahahaha! I felt so bad because I couldn’t give him a really nice, personal gift T____T I gave him crummy gift cards for best buy and barnes and noble. Blah. I wanted to give him comics that he, another friend, and I drew in sophomore year geometry, but I couldn’t find the darn things! They were super cute and funny but they were nowhere! But then I had a faint memory of already giving him these comics awhile ago but then again im crazy so maybe that memory isn’t real… blah fail…
Ani was my secret santa and she got me exactly what I asked for!
guess what it is!

Colored tights! Pink, turquoise, and purple! I cant wait to wear them! Blah bad lighting in my house messed the colors up > <

It was super good. Unfortunately I felt like I was going deaf because the sound was really low. And the whole half of act 1 was un-understandable for me. 2nd act was waaaay better. Singing, dancing, and lights were perfection!!

I was wating all day for a gorilla to come pick me up so I could play with him and our friend u-boat. I was also waiting for him to lend me his usb. Yeah…no show
So instead, I went to evas house with alice and tina cause she was doing a Christmas thing. Much much fun! A little food and lotsa games! Of course being the idiot i am, i forgot to take takutz jin...so here are stolen pictures!
the pizza i did not have. i had cookies and cake though!

white elephant

fake white elephant

kat got a pickle

jane got keychains but fiona stole them. i forget what she ended up with

alice got a belgium folder thing

melina got zagat. some book with all the best japanese restaurants and their locations

this was really scary cause sandy told me we were doing fake white elephant and i asked her what that was and she told me "its where you give stupid presents" so i said "what, like a bag of skittles?" and on my turn i opened up...A BAG OF SKITTLES!
sandy later stole them so i stole fionas pop tarts

naomi had something else first but then it got stolen and she got hot sauce

nikki got an eeyore-in-tigger-suit keychain

sofiya got irish spring and tampons

tiffany got a jonas brothers poster and pads

tina got socks

fiona stole candy canes in toilet paper from someone

i forget what eva got. and there was no photo!

i wanted that bow

melina being...melina

i saw melina doing this so i tried

and failed

aliens are territorial! she took my couch so i kill her

i really like guess who

eva is obsessed with catching lesbian moments between me and sandy....


sigh..here we go again with friends taking horrible photos of me

we were playing taboo. this is team north korea. omg does janet not look EXACTLY LIKE UEE??!

sandy is one damn obsessive bitch

group photo!

It was like the pilgrims driving out the Indians and district nine + nature + super beautiful cgi + hot aliens
I definitely didn’t expect it to be so long so I was pleasantly surprised. 2 hours and 40 minutes of amazingness. Like..WOW
If you loved district nine, youll love this as well!
Oh my goodness I love it sooooooo much! The land they live in (Pandora) is soooooooooooooo fucking beautiful (im sorry its that beautiful I have to swear). I would love to live there. Glowing plants and animals? Flying on your own dragon? And the bonds between the people (Na’vi) is just something I wish we humans had with each other. The movie was like a perfect mixture of everything. Oh and the aliens (bah I don’t know what to call them..) are soooooo beautiful. Like honestly, a lot of them were HOT! And the main character was hotter in his Na’vi body. Maybe its cause im an alien as well? I want the dvd!!

quick shots of gorilla and uboat
this is uboat. lulz he looks so lost

thats gorilla

ooh i selca-ed a lot that day too
i wore another lens so ill do a quick review:
englargement: 7/10 this lens is more for the color like the tri color series but they do enlarge
comfort: 10/10
color/design: 10/10 i really frikkin love the color and design. its uber pretty. but uboat says i look like a ghost with them on :(

i was so bored waiting for gorilla. i even put in my extensions

woot! finally finished this post! it took me twice as long to make cause i had to resize them indvidually on photobucket. the space my layout gives is tiny and i was tired of keeping little photos. im going to renovate this space again soon once i figure out how!

wells im now off to upload these photos on facebook and go off and comment on your blogs! ive missed reading about you guys! here i come~!

oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS lovelies~!