im hungry so i eat an apple

lulz sorry about that
thats what i just did
but thats not important!
LE GASP! lookie whos updating so fast! and its a real post too! ahaha!
now if only i did homework like this XD
so i totally forgot to write this waaay back
i saw:

oh my goodness. this was one of my top favorite books ever and it still is
i always wished that our world was like that
all the food in the illustrations looked SOOOOOO SCRUMPTIOUS!
i would try to grab the slice of pizza from that pages!
i was sooooooooooooo SOOOOOOOOOOO excited that it was gonna be a movie!
and i was totally pleased with it!
especially all the children. no, ALL OF THEM WERE ADORABLE!! with their huge saucer eyes and chibi bodies!
if you havent watched it yet, WATCH IT! its totally different from the book besides the fact that food falls from the sky but its still really good!
well, i think it is sooo~~ :D

oh so i have a question for you guys
what is/are your favorite childrens books?
the one that comes to my mind right now is:

i remember i read this in the library again in sophomore year and i started crying (lulz elaine *wink*)

oh man~~~~~
im so scared
my mom splurged on me one day
she bought me these steve madden booties when we went shopping for her shoes XD
i was really hesitant to buy cause i felt like i could find the same or prettier ones for like $20 (these were $164 with tax)
i felt so bad
so i decided to give her my first paycheck when i get a job again
so these were the last pairs but they were mucky so i asked the salesman if i could order a brand new pair
he paid for two day shipping cause my mom and i had to wait like 30 minutes for him to find the other boot
so it was supposed to come on tuesday. well i didnt get it
i already had a recent bad experience with UPS
the guy left my frikkin package outside on the stairs where anyone can see it and walk off with it! (which they did)
i have specific directions on what to do with packages that are for me taped onto my mailbox which is where he left the box
i think its been a month now. im STILL waiting for my recovery package. SIGH

ima call nordstrom tomorrow. i should have asked for a tracking number or something! bah! im freaking out ><

oh i burned my leg today
i was walking out of my bathroom to get something and the curling iron wire somehow attached itself to me.
i didnt know and kept walking so it fell off the sink and swung at my leg :(
it barely touched it for a second but i got a burn mark

im sorry guys
im writing way too much without any pictures!
so here they are~

just school.
i missed monday cause it was a late start and my dad is the one who gives me rides on these days.
hes in korea now, so yeah

walking to lunch:

damn i must be annoying. lulz

heh heh heh heh melina

so this is jesse. you may have seen bits and pieces of him in photos. but now i totally got him! wuhuhu! didnt come out nice cause i was trying to be fast sneaky! XD

the following were taken in chinese class by my classmate dawei

aiya! does my hair really look like that from the back?!?! T__T

my chinese teacher. pan laoshi

oh so that day i wore:

and this frikkin security guard who always only picks on me goes "what are you wearing??"
so i said a long shirt with stockings so she said "nuh uh, this is inappropriate. you got shorts or a skirt under there?"
um. no why would i? it goes past my butt and down to my fingertips. im not breaking any dress code violation
so i went into lunch. before i even have a chance to have a bite of my grilled cheese sandwhich, the security guard calls me out
she calls this other security guard with her fancy little walkie talkie and code talk and this blonde security guard who just follows whatever the other one says also says its inappropriate too. i spend half my lunch being escorted to the deans office to ms gomez. she isnt my dean but shes a woman and also known for being a bitch. even she cant say theres something wrong so shes like "eh..do you have any shorts you can wear under?" i just wanted my lunch cause im frikkin hungry so i offered to wear my gym shorts. i got escorted to the gym then back to the deans office and then to lunch. ok. what pisses me off is that ONLY THIS LADY HAS A PROBLEM. this has happened multiple times and not one teacher, the other two deans, or security guard has said shit. hell they even complimented on my attire. so what the fuck is her problem? shit, i know for a fact that if i was black, she wouldnt have said anything. so lunch ended and my friends and i were on our way out when she stops one of the girls i was sitting with. the lady says "miss i told you to go put on a jacket. if i ask you to do something, i expect you to do it" (the girl had been stopped by the security guard before but couldnt get her jacket cause it was in her car. we arent allowed to leave campus) um.. why does anyone have to do anything you tell them to when they havent done anything wrong? the only kind of tank top that isnt allowed is spaghetti straps. she wasnt wearing them. that pissed me off even more so right after lunch i talked to my dean. i think he had complaints about her before cause he didnt let me finish. so he promised me that he would talk to her that day and that he would take care of it. this goes out to her:

so anyways~
some shots from play production:

does anyone watch glee? doesnt mister sinclair look like kurt! XD

sean and fiona

leah, becca, and david fisch (pronounced like fish :D)

so speaking of play production, we are producing a play called The Sparrow
we all split up into different types of designers like light, set, props, etc. im part of costume :)
a lot of us have been cast in it as well, including me~ i didnt get the role i wanted but im super excited nonetheless :3

after school = korean club = traditional drum practice!

sandy is the one who is teaching all of us. she may look small and calm, but shes a nazi

its quite hard but its mighty fun!

WEDNESDAY THE 21THso i shall end with a what i wore today...well really yesterday since its 3:53 AM right now XD
it was 71 degrees today! i was so happy!

it was soooooooooooo pretty! but i was stuck inside school till almost 7 :(
and now its back to 50 degree weather and rain starting today
i wanted to take pictures outside but i couldnt T___T
this is all i gots

ack i look so chinky XD
and man i have soooo many scars and bruises on my legs from i dont know what

oh, someone please teach me how to use a tripod right cause i am totally failing =_=
oh and song change! agh i have to change my banner thing >< its not summer anymore. nuuuu~~
oh before i wanna apologize for sounding like a whiny idiot in this post.
oh and i just realized! i have absolutely no food in this post!! :O ahahahaha!