another circle lens review

hey everyone~
geez it has been FOREVER!!
im sorry for my lazyness
i swear as soon as im on a holiday i will post like crazy!
im here cause i really dont want to write my one act play and so here is another unimportant post ><
i have a real post ready for you guys!
just gotta resize pictures and stuff so that will be up soon :)

ooh have you guys noticed yet?
i put a song up :D
i didnt do it before cause i would get annoyed of songs on blogs or personal pages cause id be watching something on another window while looking at em but then i started missing it. ill probably get annoyed of this too but well see~
if anyone is wondering, the song is '기억' or 'memory' featuring the one and only tablo~

oh i have a question for you guys
does it annoy you that i dont use any punctuation? if it does, ill stop so do tell me

so here it is. another circle lens review~:


you can see these are waaay bigger than the nudies from the moment you look at them in their bottles

yeah my irises look even more nonexistant T___T

color/design: 9/10 they are really similar to the nudies except i think the green for these are darker? im happy that theres a dark ring around em. i think it lets them pop out more. the only negative is that when there isnt much light, they look a bit blue
enlargement: 20/10 holy snap these are HUUUUGE. when i held them on my finger, i thought "how the hell am i gonna fit this in my eye?" i think theyre a bit too big for my liking. dont wear them without makeup or else youll look SCARY
comfort: 10/10 i think ive worn circle lens long enough so that theyre used to any? i didnt feel like i was wearing anything. the right one stung for a couple minutes cause i dropped it on the ground and there was some stuff on it. i dont think i cleaned them off properly so yeah.
overall: 9/10 theyre really pretty and nice, just too big for me. i like em though :)
ill make a bt02 violet review with the legit post soon :3

so i got smooth away cause i really wanted to try it and see if it worked
i dont think i should review it now cause then ill spend forever on this post and ill have to go to school without a shower and finishing my one act play. ill have that review on the next post as well :)
so im off now to finish writing my one act play :)
see you all soon!
hope youre all well!