sorry! & circle lens reviews

im sorry~~~ for the lack of posts
this is what school does to me T_T
i still have to transfer photos from my camera but im too lazy
ill do it......this weekend? no, next tuesday
but for now, ill do a circle lens review.
i wanna blog about beauty stuff as well on here cause its my blog and i can do whatever the hells i want!! XD

omg i still smell like galbi..

as you can see my regular irises are almost non existent. can you blame me for wearing them??! when i first put these on i thought "HOLY *&(^ these are huge!!" but then i got used to them and now theyre like what my normal irises size should be. crap i just realized i forgot to take pictures with both of em in for an eye shot. sorry guys! oh and im also sorry about another thing. i have ugly eyes! and short eyelashes that point down! T__T

i know you guys have seen this picture before but its the only full face shot i have
enlargement: 10/10 these are soooo natural but still enlarge really great (for me. remember, i have tiny irises!). the enlargement is perfect so that it doesnt look freaky or buggy
color/pattern: 10/10 i was looking for really natural enlargement and thats what i got :]
comfort: 10/10 i think for me, i have to break into all lenses. it takes a couple days and then i dont feel em. these just dissolve into my eye and i forget im wearing em. i wore em for 10+ hours a lot and their still comfy. just need to use eyedrops

since theres one nudy/one naked eye picture already, im not posting more cause you get the picture XD

im sorry, i HAD to use to flash cause the lighting at my house SUCKS
enlargement: 10/10 any circle lens looks huge on my eyes
color/pattern: 9/10 i really like the sparkley effect. its unnatural and thats what i like about them. and again, because i have such tiny irises, i always have the halo effect. another reviewer said that these look like a dirty gray and she was spot on. but in light or flash (like so), they look gold and so pretty! i just wish the color was consitant cause people mistake them for the wrong colors. a lot of people dont like how these arent very bright but im fine with their brightness
comfort: 7/10 these arent the most comfortable lenses. they dont hurt or sting but you just know theyre there. and they dry a lot quicker than the dalis. the breaking in was more uncomfortable than the dalis as well.
all of this is the same for the other two nudies so i wont post it again XD
NUDY BLUE.......
so these are the ones that i have currently
ive ordered two more last saturday so ill review em once i get em and get photos! :3