oh my God.
this is so ridiculous. if you havent heard already jaebom has resigned from 2pm and has left korea for seattle
it all started when some pussy anti fan exposed myspace comments that jaebom left on his friends myspace he said things like "korea is gay." "i hate koreans" but you have to understand. he was young and immature. hes training his ass off in a country that isnt home to him. everything is totally different to what hes used to. he doesnt fit in. hes lonely and he would cry himself to sleep at night.
i mean seriously. its hard enough for trainees who live right there in korea but imagine what the foreigners have to deal with. id like to see some koreans come here knowing little english and training to become a singer and see what they say about america

so this idiot online reporter makes an article he translates what jaebom says and so of course, its going to sound worse than what it really is
like, koreans dont understand the context in which american teenagers use these terms so of course, things are totally blown out of proportion and people go crazy
jaebom wrote an apology. a really good and sincere one too. like its the most honest apology any celebrity can ever make
but people complained that it was too well written and shit and didnt accept it. wtf
then people made a petition for jaebom to leave 2pm
i mean, seriously? its not like he said "i hate korea i wish someone would bomb it"
the fans fought back making a petition for supporting jae and were totally beating the other petitions asses
and out of nowhere, a suicide petition came up. they wanted jaebom to commit suicide. seriously?? WTF is wrong people????? but that was closed down
earlier this morning jaebom wrote a message on the 2pm fan cafe
he apologized and revealed his resignition and going back to america to be with his family
and jype let him (by the way, where the fuck was jyp the whole time?!?? he said he wasnt going to let jaebom go and he goes m.i.a??? what the hell. there was not even a single word from him. he should have jetted right over there)
thats when the people who said shit started feeling bad.
they said things like "resigning?..thats a bit much" "nuna is so sorry. ill beg on my knees if youll just stay"
umm.. ok isnt that a bit too fucking late?
why say things you just dont mean or will regret later??
hundreds of fans rushed over to the airport to stop him but he bowed for the last time in apology and left

i wish i was caught up with shows and grew to become a fan of 2pm to get to know them.. but then again i dont cause then i would have been sooooo hurt
GOD. this is the most ridiculous thing ever
his dream and career has totally been shattered when he didnt do anything!!!
those comments were from four fucking years ago
even he forgot he had wrote them
what kind of asshole goes to some famous persons friends myspace, goes through four years of comments, and finds all the negative stuff?
oh so that person came out and apologized.
yeah ok like hes ever gonna see the light of day again.
this is soooooooo UNFAIR
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