quick update

hey every one~ i hope your all doing well!
i just wanna make a quick post about the movie i saw a couple hours ago
i will have one with pictures and about school in the next one so wait up for that~~
so anyways!
really an extraordinarilly fantastic movie. like WOW. the actors (well the main really) was phenomenal. the cinematography was really interesting. the writing was, simple and just perfect! oh my goodness when i watched the previews i wasnt really expecting anything. it seemed like that other alien movie with keeanu reeves. i didnt watch (hes such a hottie but he has the same face on 24/7.) the movie was actually totally different compaired to the previews in my oppinion. it totally blew me away! there are twists and turns every five minutes and you never know whats gonna happen.

so this movie is about these aliens whose motherboard ship appears above johannesburg, south africa one day. the doors to the ship stay shut for a long period of time so the humans decide to go up and smash their way in. to their surprise, they find millions of aliens who are malnourished, sick, and dying. the people of johannesburg decide to do the humane thing and help the aliens. they bring the aliens down to camps where they are treated. these camps are eventually turned into slumps in twenty years. the humans soon feel prejudice towards the aliens and they are treated much like non-white people were at first in america. the same signs in buildings and public bathrooms, etc. this leads to riots, injuries, and deaths making the people feel it is neccesary that the aliens should leave their planet or at least their city.
Multi-National United (MNU), a private company who is interested in the alien's weapons, decide to take over the situation. their plan is to evict all the aliens from their slums into worse camps. a MNU field operative named Wikus van der Merwe is in charge and when he investigates a slum for illegal objects, he picks up a strange cylinder that squirts black liquid at him. this liquid triggers a transformation and he slowly turns into an alien himself. he is now the most valuable object in the world because the alien weapons can only be operated by aliens. everyone is after his body and he runs away. he finds out that one alien will be able to turn him back into human if he helps it get the cylinder of liquid back.

this movie made me cry sooo much! especially the end. it reminded me of how cruel and selfish us humans are. i felt so bad for the aliens! they did nothing bad and they were persecuted because they were aliens. not only were they living in filth, killed in terrible ways, but they were also cruelly, secretly experimented on. the humans want them to leave but they arent helping any. sound familiar? and the aliens want to leave too! its not their fault their stuck on such a selfish planet! omg and wikus... oh my heart aches so much for him cause he loses everything. his job, his family, his rights. simply because every country wants to cut him up and use his body for experiments. bah.. humans need to change

i cant think straight or write right. im sorry for the crappy writing. ive been up since 6PM SATURDAY. im just not sleepy. but i guess im getting fuzzy headed XD
"Let it rain...let it rain...흐르는 빗물에 흘러내린 눈물에 너의 더러움 모두 씻어줄게" - 김종완 of Nell
(the dripping rain, the dripping tears will wash your filth away)
Let It Rain - Swan Songs