another super long post: evas birthday & hell

im sorry im sorry im sorry you guys
i know i havent updated with a real post in a while
so here i finally am with one!

this was sooooooo long ago >< (sorry eva) but i still wanna blog about it :D

so on september 18th, it was evas birthday. so janet planned a surprise party for her...but she wasnt surprised ><
but it was still fun nonetheless! on to pic chas!! (by the way these arent my pictures. i forgot my camera!! can you say STUPID?)

mommy sandy cutting cake

le cake! cherry yogurt something. the holes are from the candles

the chocolate around the cake. we had to take it off cause it was too hard to cut

aint so pretty no more. doesnt it look like someone had their period all over the cake? lulz

eva opening her presents. that boy is me :D

so after we ate we played mafia for 43209 hours

yay my legs on the very left

lulz melina

but then we got bored of mafia and moved onto twister

lulz charisse workin out

when people dwindled down, we moved to another room and talked and played chubby bunny. i got 5!


eva wearing my gifts

soo~ ive been super lazy. blame hell school. ive been super unhappy since the 25th T__T

i only took pictures of classes that i like
3rd period lunch:

devon: "wtf is this..?"

lulz. the sandwhich coming out of gregs mouth

supa quick candid. jesse and april wouldnt let me take photos of them!!

mergens jaw is about to pop out

even devon is impressed he fit all that in

has anyone ever heard of 10 minute homeroom?? such a waste of my life -_-

my homeroom teacher. mr heinz ketchup. sweaty pits!!

OH NEIN! OH NEIN! OH NEIN!^ take german! XD

6th period college prep (english)

dang john kim why is your head so big!??

the teacher. mr.conroy

THURSDAY the 10thlunchhh

aww they even blink at the same time XD


charles: "what just happened to my ass?"

FRIDAY the 11th
so this year i end after 7th period but janet, sandy, and eva dont. because it was friday, i had to wait 2 whole periods for them. it was a nice day so i waited outside

aww amber is so pretty

so you see that girl in the back? OMG she is SOOO NICE!! this stupid vending machine wasnt taking any of my dollars and i needed 35 cents more and this girl saw me struggling and gave me the change i needed! and she didnt want it back! so nice! i was so thankful i teared T__T thank you kind samaritan! <3

so i got really frikin bored so i started taking pictures of boring things

omg SO MANY kids bike to school

so people finally finished school and we went to old orchard. (its a mall type thing)
at barnes and noble

everyone whipped out their cameras. and then we got in trouble. why cant we take pictures in barnes and nobles?

we got hungry so we went to cheesecake factory

my peach smoothie



dang so much al-kee-hol

i like their ceiling. so pretty!

so i was the only one disappointed with their own order. the soup of the day was clam chowder so i was like "OMG!! CLAM CHOWDA!" and got the soup salad lunch special. the salad was so plain and the chowder had this like, tangy-ish taste which explains its orange color. i also felt like i had all the clams from all seven oceans in my chowder. i also felt like i was responsible for a potato famine.

evas four cheese pasta

sandys hibachi steak. its super good! like a better version of kalbi. it would be perfect with chili sauce! the waitress was totally amazing the whole time and she introduced us to this!

not pictured: kirans macaroni with some chicken thing. was also really good! janets chicken pecan thing. kirans chocolate cake thing with coffee ice cream! they were too far and i was too lazy to move to take photos XD

why is it that i always get janet when she looks like a fatty? ahahaha XD

in le bathroom

lulz we are so lame. we were doing this for so long. how is it that no one walked into the bathroom on us?

sandy is the lamest. she wouldnt stop!!

oh and i know i said i would be posting what i wore on a day but i havent been doing so. im sorry!! no one takes a photo for me and ive been lazy to set up the tripod + i have terrible lighting at home. but i got one for you guys here! yay~ not a good picture but oh wells~

shirt: h&m
vest: forever21
skirt: target
oxfords: payless
frilly bag: urban outfitters

jesus christos i look sooooo fucking short. why am i so damn terrible at self cam??

so after eating, kiran ditched us (that bitch) and we went to forever21 so i could fill out an application. i couldnt turn it in right there cause im not 18 and need my moms signature! then we went into zara so janet could look around. and then we watched...

it was soooo adorable!! i really liked it but it is definitely not miyazakis best. it was too.. simple? like there was no conflict really and the ending was too predictable. there was no lesson to be learned XD but still really love it
oh and i found a good cosplay of ponyo here:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/birdsfoto/ theres really nice photography there too

SATURDAY the 12th
so i only see cardigan on weekends now since he got his new job. we did the same exact thing as the day before! lulz!

went to forever21 to hand in my application and i FINALLY bought a leather jacket! yay~! sorry, no pic though

ate at cheesecake factory (i really wanted the hibachi steak!! i took half home and ate it with chili sauce the next day. it was superb!!)

dang i totally forgot how overly sweet their lemonade is and got it again ><


omg i am sooo addicted to cheesecake these days ><
sorry the lighting is bad. we were seated under a flickering light! waitress was eh too ><

after food, we watched...

oh my gosh i waited soooooooooo long for this movie and i was sooooooooo excited. unfortunately it wasnt worth the wait :( the director is a bad writer. like, it was just.. i dunno, cool animation and action (i did enjoy that). there was no depth. i did tear up but the ending was very predictable as well. the critics were spot on. its not a movie for kids but adults shouldnt waste their time. i still enjoyed it very much though. the sound track is love and, elijah wood!! hes not THAT great looking  but theres something incredibly attractive about him.

went to outdoor cafe after. sigh havent been there since i moved. i miss chicago!!!! i miss just walking down a street to enjoy some nice dessert T__T

his mint chocolate mocha latte thing

rasberry mocha with some sips taken

then we went home

so i just had some self cams. these are actually from the 4th but i didnt want to start a post with my pictures and make people shut their computers off and burn em

i do wear circle lens. ive been wearing dali browns for a bit cause my nudys werent comfortable yet. but it was time for some change! here are my nudy grays

a better view

why wont my hair grow!!!!

ok im going to have to stop with the EPIK HIGH quotes. its getting really hard to find one that really fits > <
so unless theres one thats super fitting or if im not lazy, ill not be putting any at the ends of posts.
not like anyone really read them, no?