i was too lazy to post on the 17th but i did take pictures and do want to share. i also went out today and i want to share todays pictures as well! so this will be a super duper long post with lots of pictures! dont say i didnt warn you!
FRIDAY, JULY 17THbreakfast at:

well, lunch really cause it took eva an awful long time to get to sandys house ><

we had to wait, i think, 25 minutes? it was jam packed! and there were a couple other groups waiting to get in as well! so we busied ourselves with:

eva with her new camera! meet felipe jr.!

random kids across the street. theyre standing in front of a future jamaican restaurant. cant wait!!!

sandys got paparazzi chasing after her. oh dang. miss popular

crummy weather. i hate it when temps drop suddenly from 80s to high 60s and low 70s. summer should just be 80s!
i almost got hit by a car taking this. this granny was a really bad driver. she parked like ten feet away from the yellow brick! i forgot to take a picture! i can tell you it was hilarious though!

a little girl came up to me and asked me "why do you have a camera?" and i was really taken by surprise so i stuttered "...because i take pictures...?" ah lame.

so we were finally called in and shown to our seats!

warm bread!! well not the poppy one.

sandy enjoying her bread. sigh getting tired of her profile..... arent you? she wont take a damn picture!! >:O

2 pineapple juices, 1 orange juice. my orange juice looks like mango juice! can you believe that my juice is a large??? -__- and they totally didnt lie about it being freshly squeezed. it was freshly squeezed from the juicebox!

evas chocolate chip pancakes! they were huge!! like two times the size of our faces! and there were four of them!

sandys strawberry french toast! the strawberries were so fresh, they werent sweet at all~!

my combo! they didnt have tobasco sauce for my eggs T_T

and how did they look when we were done??

eva cheated! she put one on my plate!

one more bite!

and done!!! shes the skinniest one out of all of us yet she was the only one who finished her plate!

eva only scraped the chocolate off that pancake before she put it on my plate

babys all done!

after that huge meal, we went back to my place and finally watched little miss sunshine! it was absolutely, positively, GREAT!
then janet came, we watched stuff on youtube and then sandy went to work and eva and janet left around 8.

SATURDAY, JULY 18THdidnt do much. just bummed. and then got up and took this picture outside my front door:

sooo~~ what did i do today?
i watched:

it was hilarious! but it was more disturbing that borat. a looooooot more. if you plan to watch, let me warn you, theres a minute of spinning dick so watch out! i cant believe its real though. like, sascha baran cohen could have really gotten hurt. he actually went to a terrorist leader!

whilst waiting in the car while cardigan went to check movie times. turned out that it started ten minutes ago and we had to run in. i missed a bit of the beginning. grr!

after the movie, cardigan and i went to walmart cause he had some things he had to buy.

hello! ack my legs look so short and chunky ><

these were my favorite out of all the flowers!

oh! i found a huuuuuuuuuge bottle of my favorite lemonade! so i was super happy! it was only 2 bucks! the small ones are a dollar something so it was a huge deal! immediately got one! will take a picture later!

and oh!! check these out!:

arent they uber pretty! theyre bottles of pepsi! i want all four just for the color! but no moneys D: i guess a picture will have to do this time >__<

after that, cardigan and i went to eat at pita inn. no pictures of the food cause i literally wolfed it down. i am the slowest eater ever and i finished before cardigan today! so yeahs. there are pictures of the stuff around the place:

i never saw a live duck trail until today! it was so cute!

i dont know why i take so many pictures of the sky. but pretty, no? bah but the cars ruin it :(

hrms.... i think my pictures are a bit too big...... i just solved why they were so small (thanks to mark) and made them show up in their original size but... its a bit big, dont you think? ima make them a little smaller starting next time!

kay! so i decided to name my camera....*drumroll*
i know your going "what the f-" right now but listen!
its the names of the epik high members names combined! tablo, dj tukutz, and mithra jin!
takutz jin!
its epik highs and my baby!

tablo & mithra: another one????

"아빠, 사랑해" - Tablo's Nephew
(dad, i love you)
당신의 조각들 (pieces of you) - pieces, part one