NEW LOOK FINALLY!!! & aan news

YAY!!! my blog is finally pretty!!!
a huge thanks and hug to MARK for making this for me!
he put up with my stupidity and did everything
i have great friends
so its the exact same thing as my livejournal so you can either follow me here or there, whichever is more comfortable.
the posts will be the same!

so on to other stuff.
have you noticed the guys voice on the the intro for aan news?
(you know about it if you live in illinois and watch the korean chanel)
God its so monotone and annoying and nasaly
its hilarious ><


  1. Hey,

    It's totally cool. Don't worry, I really don't mind it at all. I just got started with blogger so I'm not sure how to do the replying/commenting back thing. I was more into livejournal but I switched over because of my friend.

    The brand of the shirt is called COMME des GARCONS it's from the PLAY collection. The shirt is pretty sweet. I'm saving up to get the one with the red heart instead. Do you watch Korean Dramas? If so, Lee Seung Gi wore one in the drama series Brilliant Legacy.

    To tell you the truth, you're only required to take one biology class. And there are a bunch of different kind of field that you can go into within psychology. Psychology is probably the easiest major to get and it's one of the field that many college students minor in. I'm actually going into nursing now, but I only need a few classes to finish up that Psy. major so I'm just going to go for that too. So yeah, most schools only require one biology class and it's not General Biology too. It's Biology And Society where all you're doing is getting the gist of the course and not going to deep into the subject.

    Thanks for replying on my page though. Oh, and my name is Mallory but you can call me Mal. =)

  2. You'd better enjoy the template/layout! >=D