My Brand New-Not So Fantastic-Blog and Mozzie Bites!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the opening of my first ever official blog! Applause!
How exciting!
Let me introduce myself:
This is me.
My name is Jin and I am 17 years old.
This isn't the most recent picture of me, but then it is. That totally didn't make sense...;;
It's from last year(?) and I don't look like that anymore. Shame

Well I just finished adjusting the layout and such. Hrm.. it's a bit off to the side..
I will have another layout made! Give me time! ><
Unfortunately, my blog won't be so interesting for awhile. I don't have a camera! D:
But I will eventually get it and much more interesting posts will be posted!
Just wait fellow readers!

Onto my first blog!:
I counted all the mosquito bites I got and they totalled to 112!!!
How did I get so many you ask?
From tying water balloons in my friend's backyard!
I've never gotten bitten by mozzies before and the first time I do, I get 112 of them!
I am officially traumitized.
There are 27 on my neck alone. -______-
It looks like herpes of the neck or something.
I went shopping the day after I got the bites and the cashiers kept staring while I looked down to find my money. The scarf I wore didn't help at all!
I did learn something from it though.
Advice to you readers!:
1. Drench a towel in scalding hot water. (Not hot enough to burn skin)
2. Apply the towel to your bites until the towel cools.
It will stop the itching for a couple hours and it feels quite good. Like a spa treatment!

Well that's all for now~!
Until next time!

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